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  1. Very good book that I read in the local Library - The Life & Death of Planet Earth by Don Brownlee & Peter Ward. Went into great detail as to the likely events to our world as our dying sun gets bigger and bigger.
  2. Due to the terrible weather down here in Devon yesterday, i was stuck indoors and bored. A few months back i had recorded the film 'KNOWING' with Nicholas Cage. Thought why not and gave it a go. Not a bad movie(apart from Aliens at the end), but when it came to a large CME that wiped off life on planet earth it got me thinking - could that happen for real in the future or has it happened in the past? Modern thinking has it that large meteorite's probably did in for dinosaurs, but could it have been a CME on a scale not yet witnessed by man. Does the sun have it in it to produce something like that or has it settled down now that it is half way through it's life expectancy?
  3. The UHC filter permits superb views of objects like the Orion, Lagoon, Swan and other extended nebulae. It performs well in smaller aperture instruments owing to its greater light transmission than the O-III, yet still suppresses light pollution well. The UHC filter is the best all-round dark-sky nebula filter. This i took from First Light Optics website. Oh how i miss California, you are so lucky to be living in that part of the world. My ex-wife lived in Diamond Bar which was about an hour inland from LA. Would love to go back there, but this time as an Astronomer, you do have so many nights of clear sky. Jealous from freezing UK.
  4. This was the present i asked my sister for at Christmas, and yep i was a happy man when it came to unwrapping it. Well i have enjoyed looking at it in the comfort of my house, but have yet to use it for my hobby in a practial sense with the poor weather being the main reason for that. I just have one question - can the book be taken outside - is it dew proof or do you need to keep it under cover? I would hate to take it out and then all the pages ruined by damp. Thanks Chris
  5. Thanks all, i have ordered one now. Been waiting ages(well it seems ages) for these to come back into stock.
  6. Back in stock as per emails from both FLO & Harrison Telescopes. Just a quick question as i know they are a fair size, will they be ok on my 200p Dob? Will they be to heavy and if so will i need to counter balance? Thanks Chris.
  7. Just read the posts above and i have a question regarding which size filter to get. Currently have a 200p dob and my first decent eyepiece was a Skywatcher Panaview 32mm which is 2". When they are in stock will look to purchase Baader Hyperion MkIII Zoom which will be 1.25". Is it better to get just a 2" filter or the 1.25" or will i need both? Thanks Chris.
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