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  1. Thanks everybody, @laser_jock99 Well I am impressed with its performance, however there is some false colour at the edges. It is not a very expensive lens, but you can take care of that in PS. I would recommend to stop it down 1 or 2 stops, because otherwise the outer stars look like comets. I actually did try to make a movie from it, but I still have to find a suitable codec. I have used the programs Starstax and Timelapse to make this small movie: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/startrails2011/timelapse.avi @mftoet Thanks, I have started the other processing aswell, but something must have gone wrong with my flats. But I am working on it, will keep you updated... Best regards, Pieter
  2. Hi all, When I was visiting Provence last week to do some deepsky imaging, I also wanted to try something else. I have made these 3 startrail images over 3 nights under the magnificent dark skies down there. I have used my nikon D90 dslr equiped with a 8mm Samyang fisheye lens. Lens was stopped down 2 stops, iso at 800. White balance of the camera was set at 3450K, as this showed the most natural starcolours. The camera was mounted on a tripod and the acquisition of the frames was done with an old laptop. Each shot took about 7 hours (from dusk till dawn) to make in 30sec bursts. The sky was a bit hazy during the first image , but transparancy was superb for the last two. Hope you like these! regards, Pieter http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/startrails2011/Startrails1_med.jpg http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/startrails2011/Startrails2_med.jpg http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/startrails2011/Startrails3_med.jpg
  3. Anna, Very, very nice!!! How did you assemble the mosaic? Did you puzzle it manually? kind regards, Pieter
  4. Outstanding! Great processing too, very smooth and natural. regards, Pieter
  5. Hello everyone, I forgot I had these on my drive from early June. This is NGC6914 in Cygnus. Exposure was 4 hrs (16x900s) through a 7nm h-alpha filter. Scope: TV np101is; CCD: st8300 med resolution here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/ngc%206914med.jpg Comments welcome and thx for watching! Pieter
  6. Very interesting thread... To my opinion listening to critisim is the only way you can grow as an imager. The manner how this is interpreted by the imager is an other matter. Some people see this as encouragement, some as a personal attack. You will be able to distinguish constructive criticism easily, just forget the rest. This is a fact in everyday life aswell, I believe. You will always find negative people if you look close enough. Fact is that astrophotography is a very complex form of photography, and there is not a "dummy guide book" describing how to do it in all its aspects. Forums like this offer a unique portal among imagers, and only with the remarks/critique we can grow and become better. On forums like this the very best imagers are right next to the absolute beginners, the way it should be. I am also on some forums regarding conventional photography, and there the atmosphere is totally different. There is a lot of jealousy and beginners are often torn to shreds there. I have rarely experienced this in AP. AP is not at all a contest to get the best image, but it is all about how you feel about your work. To me every one of my images is special, and my very first (crappy ones) are the ones I cherish the most. It is only through encouragement from others that I am still persisting. just my 2 cents... Pieter
  7. Thanks so much! I was using my TeleVue np101is for these. Great alround scope. regards, Pieter
  8. Hi everybody, Last night was partly cloudy, but I still went outside to photograph the lunar eclipse. It started out cloudy, but suddenly there was a clear sky for 5 minutes. Shortly after, everything clouded up and it started raining. I had to run for cover with the scope. But I am still glad I got these, the clouds give it a special touch. Shot with a nikon D90, hope you like them! regards, Pieter
  9. Hi everybody, I've tried imaging the elusive soap bubble nebula without much succes last year, but this year I HAD to get it. Last 3 nights were clear (last night a bit hazy), so I managed to get 10 hours in 15 min subs on this extremely dim object. It is visible in the lower center of the picture. Scope: np101is; Camera: st8300. med sized version here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/soap%20bubble%20med.jpg Hope you guys like it! regards, Pieter
  10. THAT... IS... TOTALY... AWESOME!!!! Pieter
  11. Thanks everyone, now only need like 20 more clear nights to finish it up! Regards, Pieter
  12. Hi everybody, After a 2 months without any astro activity, friday night was looking clear. Although transparency wasn't very good... I have made another panel for my cygnus mosaic which I started last year. This is IC5068 in cygnus, a very nice region underneath the pelican nebula. The gas looks like the strokes of a paintbrush. I imaged from dusk till dawn on this (16 x 900s), so 4 hrs though a baader 7nm HA filter. Scope was my trusty np101. Comments / remarks are very welcome! Med res: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/ic5068med.jpg Many regards, Pieter
  13. Thanks for the comments! I have adjusted the image, with a little less sharpening now. regards, Pieter
  14. Hello everybody, Here is my latest effort: M13. Most of the data is from April 2010. But I reshot the colour last week, and did it unbinned this time. This really helped to get good colours in the stars. Seeing was very good on both occasions. Lum: 1.5h Colour: 2h Scope: np101is ccd: st-8300. med resolution http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/M13_med.jpg Full resolution http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky/M13.jpg Hope you like it! Many regards, Pieter
  15. Aha the infamous ngc2170! A very hard one this, but you have done it justice, great colours. I did this one too this February but called it quits after 15 hours, was getting obsessed by it... Here is my effort: Reflection nebula in Monoceros I have pushed the reds a bit further than yours. Again great image Harel. many regards, Pieter
  16. Wow thanks for all these nice comments! Jannis, stacking raws would be the best. But then you would need some kind of Nasa supercomputer. I have used jpegs, which still made the computer rattle for half an hour. many regards, Pieter
  17. Yours is very good! The colour on the right hand side is good, but a little oversaturated on the left hand side. You could fix this easily in PS I guess. regards, Pieter
  18. Hi everyone, Here is my attempt at shooting the super moon yesterday. It has been more than 2 years since I made a lunar image. 200 shots with a nikon D90 pulled through registax, touch ups in PS CS5. Telescope was a TeleVue Np101 @ f/16.2. I have tried to proces the colours to show the different rock sediments on the surface. med sized resolution here: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/moon/super%20moon.jpg Hope you like it! Many regards, Pieter
  19. Thanks for the kind words everybody! Pieter
  20. Yves, Very nice, huge FOV! btw:very nice setup too, happy with the IEQ-45? Pieter
  21. Thanks for the nice comments everyone! regards, pieter
  22. Cracking shot Olly, just keep on going with the luminance. (you can never have enough of that) Not trying to kill you but... Some long H-alpha exposures would really complement the galaxies in this. regards, Pieter
  23. Hello everyone, I have been hoping to do a deep h-alpha around the horsehead for some time, and last week had 4 clear nights (very unusual here). This fine patch of the sky is only visible about 2 hours from my location, but 4 times 2 makes 8! So 8 hours through a baader 7 nm, scope np101is, st8300. I could have stretched it a lot further, but I don't like that hard look on this object. Hope you like it! regards, Pieter medium resolution: http://www.astronomie.be/pieter.vandevelde/deepsky%5CIC434Horsehead%20in%20H-alpha.jpg
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