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  1. Great images! Really like the composition of the first one. Regards, Pieter
  2. Florent, Great image! I really like the rework on the imaging train of the TeleVue, looks rock solid. I used the np101is some years ago and it is optically superb. Regards Pieter
  3. Kaliska, Sounds familiar, I too seem to be having some halos around bright stars with my asi1600. The halos were not an issue with my previous camera (an old sbig st8300). I am using an Astrodon 5nm HA filter. Ever since I made the switch from the 8300 CCD to the asi, it started. There are not that huge, but quite annoying. I read somewhere it has to do with the cover or sensor glass in front of the CMOS that is not AR coated, but I cannot recollect all the details. Pieter
  4. Maurice, looks fantastic. Always great to see new objects like this (and so nicely executed). You have captured such intricate details in the nebulosity and those razorsharp diffraction spikes are icing on the cake! Pieter
  5. Harry, I am using the automatic mount flip with SGP and PHD. This is how I have it set up (apologies for the bad image quality). You cannot reverse the guiding direction in both the Mesu setup and PHD after a mount flip, because 2x reverse is nothing at all... Regards, Pieter
  6. Looks amazing, such an interesting area. Well done! Pieter
  7. Looks great, well done! Cygnus is such a great constellation. Pieter
  8. Hi all, This weekend I made my first solar image of 2018. I used my 150mm f/10 pst mod, the scope was recently rebuilt to a carbon fibre truss to reduce internal tube currents. Still some fine tuning to do, but it's heading in the right direction. This a 4 pane mosaic taken with a DMK31. Thanks for checking it out. Regards, Pieter
  9. Excellent, both on capture and processing. I'm amazed how deep this goes for only 3hours of luminance. It seems you know what you are doing... Pieter
  10. Thanks all for your generous comments, very much appreciated! Pieter
  11. Hello all, While prospecting some potential faint targets in Monoceros I came accros Supernova remnant g206.9 in monoceros. I only found one other amateur image of it. There is an article about this object here with some images taken with a 2.2m professional instrument: http://www.astroscu.unam.mx/rmaa/RMxAA..50-2/PDF/RMxAA..50-2_sambrocio.pdf This sure is one extremely faint object, thougest one for me by far. It took over 30 hours of data to come to this bit of organized noise. So no clear, fluffy and colourfull image here, but data pulled and twisted to the max to show something. The data had to be inverted to clearly show the object. I think I need to take a picture of the Rosette Nebula after this to remind myself how to process a normal image... Higher res version here: https://pietervandevelde.smugmug.com/Pics/Deepsky-1/i-C4ktWQB/A Imaging details: 10" f/3.8 homemade Newtonian astrograph ASI 1600 MM Cool using an Astrodon 5nm h-alpha filter Mesu 200 mount 2 pane mosaic, totaling 30 hours. Thanks for checking it out, Regards, Pieter
  12. Thanks! Always interesting to image something else than M42 and the Rosette Nebula in the wintertime I reckon, haha.
  13. Hello, After 4 months the clouds have finally parted this week! To get back into the saddle,I tried my luck on Barnard 39 in Monoceros. A faint area often neglected next to the cone nebula complex, with some nice contrasting dark filaments. SGP was used for image capture, all processing was done with APP (first time using this program / I am an instant fan). Scope: 10" f/3.8 Homemade Newton on Mesu 200 mount Sensor: ASI1600MM-Cool cmos camera Exposures: 8.5 hrs in 300s frames (unity gain setting) / captured over 2 nights. Larger version here: https://pietervandevelde.smugmug.com/Pics/Deepsky-1/i-QL5jKRM/X4 Thanks for checking it out, Regards, Pieter
  14. Very good! Such a great target, black and white suits it so well... Pieter
  15. Great result! Indeed a mask over the main mirror retention clips will fix the inverse lighthouse beacons. This is how I made mine: The bolts and nuts have been painted black after this photo was made. I had it milled out of 2 mm thick pertinax plate by Dieter Martini, cost about 15 euro to make. Regards, Pieter
  16. Peter, Congrats on your first light. Scope looks fantastic! Would be great to see some pictures of the building phase. Pieter
  17. Great image, you captured some faint signal in the outer arms! I also like the horizontal stretched format. As a big fan of B&W imaging, this is right up my alley. Regards, Pieter
  18. Hello Jens, Great shot! Just wondering, does your Epsilon have a baffle to mask the main mirror clips like the 180mm Epsilon? You can clearly see the 3 120° "shadowbeams" of the primary mirror retention clips on the bright stars. Or is something else protruding in the lightpath that causes this? Regards, Pieter
  19. Very nice! Looks like it came straight from Barnard's Milky way atlas. Pieter
  20. Superb result!? Also one of the best subjects for an ha/O3 bicolour. This object alone justifies the purchase of an O3 filter. Regards, Pieter
  21. Very nice Olly! On the first version the blue stars don't look right, but I see you corrected it already. What resolution do you get with this combo? Below 1arc sec? Pieter
  22. Very good, perfectly balanced! This is a very difficult object, so job very well done! Pieter
  23. Thank you all for the generous comments! A large aperture solarscope can only truly deliver when the seeing is perfect. But when seeing is good, some very small details can be resolved. I could push the focal length to 2700mm. Thanks! Also for your great ImPPG software! Pieter
  24. Very nice! Great composition too! Perhaps you could add some more data so you could hold back a tad with the noise reduction? The focus temperature instability is indeed a weak spot (the only?) in the fsq-106ED. I've owned a TeleVue np101is petzval telescope (you could call it the American fsq) and it had the same issue. I heard the older blue fsq models are much less critical to temperature focus shift. Pieter
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