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  1. Looks great Maurice! Very nice composition, and the new observatory looks very nice! Pieter
  2. Great capture! Too bad about the lost 2 hours, but 7 hours is still very decent. Looks great in this wide field view. Pieter
  3. Thanks all for the nice comments! Thank you! The scope is based on a 250 mm f/4 premium grade mirror, all other components are custom designed/made parts. I have been very happy with it! There are some pictures of the design and build here: https://pietervandevelde.smugmug.com/Pics/Deepsky-Equipment/
  4. Hi all, Last week I've put together some of my data made the last couple of months to compose this bi-colour image of M27. Quite tricky to proces due to the high dynamic range of the object, quite a pain to tease out the faint outer details without making the image look to forced. I started the processing job from scratch a couple of times, but settled with this version for now. The h-alpha data was acquired from my heavily light polluted backyard, the o3 data I acquired during an astro holiday in Southern France (Provence) under pitch black skies late August. Thanks for checking them out. Regards, Pieter Some details of my gear: Scope: 10" f/3.8 homebuilt Astrograph with 3" Wynne corrector CMOS: ASI-1600 MM Cool (-10°C) Filter: Astrodon 5nm h-alpha / Baader 4,5nm o3 Exposure: 24 hours in 5min subframes (15 hrs h-alpha / 9 hours o3) Mount: Mesu200
  5. Very nice! The joys of working remote, spending hours and hours on these faint fuzzies.
  6. Great stuff Maurice, those are indeed a lot of stars... . Impressive also the speed of this setup, to go so deep after 6 hours... And you even took 2 panels in that time. Pieter
  7. Very nice Olly. Always interesting to go after these unusual faint fuzzies... Pieter
  8. Indeed, you read my mind. The region next to this was imaged by Lorenzo Comolli and there are extremely faint traces O3 present in the whole area. http://www.astrosurf.com/comolli/d207.htm He focused on the G82.2+5.3 supernova remnant in DWB145 just besides my frame. I suspect there is something very interesting to see in O3 in the bottom left part of my picture. Something to try my 4.5nm O3 baader filter on. Pieter
  9. Great! Very nice and subtle. Pieter
  10. Thanks. You are forgiven. That does not go for the senior citizen who ran me off the road.
  11. Thank you! LeDu2 is right here; it is not very obvious in Aladin, this is the outline of my image. Regards, Pieter
  12. Hello all, Finally found some time to make another astrophoto (was 5 months ago...). I sustained a pretty bad cycling accident in February and was only able to carry my equipment outside again about 3 weeks ago. Great to be able to make an image again. This one was on my bucket list for several years and I have spent 20 hours on it the last couple of days. It's a 2 panel mosaic of a very faint and rarely imaged patch of nebulosity next to DWB145 in Cygnus. Thanks to Nicolas Outters for the inspiration! Scope: 10" f/3.8 homebuilt Astrograph with 3" Wynne corrector CMOS: ASI-1600 MM Cool (-15°C) Filter: Astrodon 5nm h-alpha Exposure: 20 hours in 5min subframes (2 panel mosaic) Mount: Mesu200 Thanks for checking it out, Pieter
  13. Always great to see nice B/W images like this. This is a very handy reference image to pick some potential new targets from! Pieter
  14. Very nice, I really like b/w images like this. Pieter
  15. Very nice, I'm impressed you got so many in a single night! Pieter
  16. Very nice! Was there any sign of the nebulosity in the lum channel? Pieter
  17. If you pan around in the Simbad sky survey catalogue around Eta Carina, should not be so hard to find I reckon? Can't help you with the exact coordinates. To be honest, I was never a fan of this Hubble picture. To my feel it is overprocessed. Looks like to much deconvolution was done on the nebula. Maybe it's just me...
  18. Very nice! This an often neglected area in Orion. I tried this myself last year but gave up due to poor weather. Pieter
  19. Looks amazing Tom! Such a wealth of details, could look for hours at this. Hats off for your persistence and patience to produce such a huge image! On to Cygnus now! Pieter
  20. Thanks all for taking the time to look and comment! Pieter
  21. Hi all, Making a deep Abell1656 has been on my bucket list for some years; and now I finally made an attempt at it. I escaped the fuss of Christmas and New Year's celebrations to enjoy a great week in Southern France Provence for imaging. The weather was great with 4 out of 6 crystal clear 12 hour long nights. This is the first result; a long haul in Luminance on this impressive Galaxy Cluster. I did not bother with colour as I feel it does not add much. Equipment: Homebuilt 10" f/3.8 Astrograph with Wynne corrector on a Mesu200 mount Sensor: ASI-1600MM-Cool cmos -20°C Exposure: 10 hrs (5 min subs) Filter: Baader Luminance Capture and Calibration: Sequence Generator Pro and Astro Pixel Processor Thanks for checking it out, Regards, Pieter
  22. Great pic! I really like how you hunt down all these faint nebulae. You put in a lot of hours, but the results are clearly showing and bring something off the beaten track. Exactly what I would (try to) do if I had a remote observatory! Regards, Pieter
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