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  1. Thanks John, Its a huge price difference for something that isn't a big improvement, I will go with the SLV, many thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply, very good reviews, your right the luminos dont do a 5mm, The SLV looks tempting and the price wont break the bank, in your opinion is the extra cost of the SSW worth it?
  3. I am using Celestron x cel and luninos Eps but I am wondering would I be better with a 5mm Vixen SLV or SSW will Vixen be better choice for the 5mm or would the celestron luminos do the same job
  4. I am thinking of buying the 104 myself, but I would love to see some feedback first,
  5. which straight through finder scope will fit to the 104mm scope?
  6. Thanks, I will order tonight, probably better just do it now as Il more than likely want to go fiddling with it at some point, Clear skies
  7. Collination was only very slightly out, so of coarse I had to go at it, after the screw driver spun on two of the screws, collination ended up haywire, then I ended up haywire, and on top of all this the rain came pouring down, what a night, any way I struggled with the screws but got back to very close perfection, I think, so my question is this, if I install the knobs FLO has will the collination be way off and will it be a nightmare to collimate the scope after? or should i leave well enough alone, its 925 sct Thanks Derek
  8. Thanks for the replys everyone, I will play with the distance between the reducer and chip and see what happens
  9. im imaging with a celestron 925 and a Canon 6D, im getting really bad vignetting when using the Celestron focal reducer, I thought it maybe the full frame camera causing it, but I tried a crop sensor lastnight and Im getting the same result, It seems fine when I remove the reducer, so does anyone know is their something I can use to fix this, a different reducer of something else that will correct it, and let me still use the reducer Thanks Derek
  10. does anyone know if a 2" filter will thread into a celestron 6.3 reducer/corrector ? cheers
  11. thanks, I have the instructions,, but still no good,
  12. I got it in November, only a few months ago, tis a disaster, ill got it from FLO, ill ask them what they thing, a long shot id say, ill probably contact starlight and see
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