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  1. I saw the StellaMira shown off at IAS, and it's incredibly exciting. They're a bit a lot out of budget for me so I'm thinking I may save for one of them in the future. Wondering if any owners of the 85 or 104 have had any hands on time with one yet? Just to wet the whistle. I wonder how they'll compare against the Esprit 80 or 100? I put it on Twitter and got a few comments about how it'll have to out-perform the Sky-Watcher.
  2. Hey there welcome to SGL. I'm a fellow Northamptonshire based Astrophotographer iaudrop hit it on the nose about the finder scope and main imaging telescope, once you've done it s few times it'll be a piece of cake. As for the telescope/mount recommendation yes a picture will help, and do you want to look, or take photos? And if you want to take photos then what of? clear skies
  3. Absolutely beautiful telescopes, saw these at IAS and immediately fell in love. Will be saving my pennies for the 104!
  4. Hello all, So I routinely have issues with guiding. Last night, I was getting some solid sub exposures of 5 minutes on the Flaming Star Nebula. When it got to about 15-20minutes of the meridian, I began getting trails on my stars. Then after the flip, I was still getting trails despite PHD reporting all's well. I moved over to the Horsehead Nebula and tried 5 minutes there, and it behaved itself. Then I tested it on the Jellyfish Nebula and it also behaved (just about - minor trails). But it just did not want to dig it with the Flaming Star Nebula, which was practically near the zenith (about 2:30am 30/11/19). I tried recalibrating PHD (I use Pulseguide so the scope knew where it was). I then also recalibrated PHD at Alnitak so it was near the celestial equator (as the PHD best practices recommend). I even checked my Polar Alignment (done with a Polemaster), which was fine. I couldn't find anything wrong. The guide scope was slightly off alignment with the main OTA, but that wasn't making any differences before the Meridian. I did find the helical focuser of the Starwave 50mm guide scope I was using to have some movement in it again when I manipulated the guide camera. So that's something I need to look into. But before I start throwing money at this issue, I see the terms "flexure" and "differential flexure" coming up. Can anyone shed light on what this means please? I tried manipulating the OTA in its tube rings, that didn't yield any movement either. The piggyback scope is secure, the g/scope is secure in its rings as well, there's no movement in the OTA focus rack and the cameras are secure in their tubes. I do have my guide rings quite far back on the body of the telescope to assist with fitting the guide scope piggyback. Video of g/scope play: Flaming Star Nebula. 5 minute sub, post Meridian Flip, about 2:50am (30/11/19). Note the plate solve compass in the top left. Drift appears to be in S/W direction. Position of tube rings (they're now at the focus end). I think I am leaning towards needing to move my tube rings (once I remember to get the tools from work). Equipment: (brand new) Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro, SW Evostar Pro 80ED, Altair 0.8x R/F, Canon 600D, Altair Starwave 50mm Guide Scope, Altair AR130 Mono Guide Cam.
  5. Hey all, I'm having extreme issues with my HEQ5 Pro mount. It's an old model and I've put the belt mod on myself, and I even replaced the gears myself. I tightened all the tolerances up and yet I still have major troubles with tracking and guiding accuracy. There's only so much I can pin on software. I use anti vibration pads and set up on concrete and PA using a polemaster. Even my calibrations are very good in PHD2 except it's just wildly all over the place. So I'm now thinking of throwing it at someone who knows what they're doing to look at it and see if there's any mechanical faults with it. To that end do you know of any companies that set up and tune/rebuild/fix second hand HEQ5s? Thanks, Ruzeen
  6. No, not this year. I was meant to be elsewhere but I may be having to pull out of that as well. I hope to make a Kelling Heath star party sometime!
  7. £150 + P&P Selling my Altair Astro Triband filter. This is a triple narrowband filter that allows through Hydrogen Alpha, Oxygen III and Hydrogen Beta. This is one of the first models released to get some in the wild before the filter ring was finalized. As such it is in a Skytech L-Pro Max filter ring - but it is a Triband Filter. I reviewed this filter here. I am selling it on now to fund other items to use and review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHo6CncgwS8&t=504s NINASetupBundle_1.9.0.9001.zip NA-NebulaDSS.tif Editing-workflow (1).odt Editing-workflow.odt NA NebulaDSS.TIF googlec78c2055e9f914fc.html google0e6c19e8eb0c872b (1).html google0e6c19e8eb0c872b.html StarSpikes_Plugin_PC_Installer.exe
  8. Hey there I have just listed a full SHO+C set of standard Baader narrowband filters 1.25" I also have the 3.5nm Baader Ha filter for sale also 1.25"
  9. In great condition. Complete in the box, T2 adaptors included and a short USB lead also included. the T2-T2 adaptor is scratched from where I tried to remove it from the camera (not included). Otherwise it's all fine and doesn't affect performance. Filters not included. Can be added for £200 (Baader SHO+C 1.25")
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