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  1. For sale is my beloved but now superfluous to requirements HEQ5 Pro for £700 It's in a used condition as you would imagine. I've had it for about 4 years and found great success with this mount. Ideal for those beginning astrophotography and also good for visual users. I'm calling it "deluxe" due to the upgrades I've had done. - It's belt modified - It's had brand new bearings and grease - The backlash has been expertly setup - It has the latest polar scope - The power port has been replaced with an aviation style port which is a lot more secure It'll come with the hand controller and at least 1 counterweight (if I can find the second it'll come with both). The polar scope cover has been lost. The counterweight is rusty as always. There is some marring on the counterweight bar housing as shown in the photos. It also will come with the modified power cable required also. Note: the power LED sometimes doesn't illuminate but the mount is still powered (please see the photo with the hand controller). Collection or local delivery within Northampton
  2. I've had the StellaLyra 6" and 8" f12 models for a bit now. Been thoroughly enjoying the 8" for Mars and the Moon. It's a bit of a beefy scope, and I'm playing with the 6" as well now. Really well made, gorgeous baffles and great for Lunar observations. Reviews coming soon, but yeah. Lovely telescopes.
  3. Part of the reason why I save to pc and card when I can. When I'm fully remote though I'll just have to rely on the card's not corrupting haha
  4. I'm wary with really big capacity cards and old cameras. I used to use a 450D which couldn't even recognize a 32gb card if I recall correctly. 32 should be plenty in a 600D for Astro, especially if you're offloading the pictures every session
  5. You can. So I use APT to control my imaging sessions and on there you can set it to card only, PC + card or pc only if I was going card only I'd probably get a 32gb SanDisk Extreme (the silver one) just for a larger capacity and a slightly quicker write speed
  6. SanDisk 16gb with my 600D. But I have my images copy to card and laptop.
  7. Was considering that today that it might've been the filter. Just would've thought if it was the filter, then there wouldn't be the donut in it. But won't hurt to try without it anyway
  8. Hey everyone I've got a 8" f12 classic cassegrain telescope at the moment and before I began using it in any serious capacity I thought I'd check collimation The diffraction pattern seems pretty good, pretty centered etc But upon focusing and taking a test shot (30" ISO12800) I'm greeted by this horrendous halo around the star that seems to me to be a collimating issue Camera was a stock 80D with an IDAS D2 clip in filter and I was pointed at Arcturus I'm not sure where else to go. Adjusting the primary didn't seem to change anything and the secondary seemed in the middle already. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Ruzeen
  9. Hello everyone. Here's a quick tutorial for the GIMP users. Reducing star sizes is an immediate way of adding real punch to your image. By reducing overall luminosity of the image and (arguably) distracting points of lights that are the stars. You can make the DSO pop out. It also is a great way of enhancing star colours too. If you want a step-by-step written tutorial you can read it on https://www.astrofarsography.com/star-sizes-gimp Or I have a video tutorial also on my YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/0h7gAwrHLco I hope this is useful for you. More GIMP tutorials coming soon. Just need to record them.
  10. Just testing the waters as I might dabble back to a reflector. But is anybody selling Sky-Watcher Explorer "P-DS" newts? I think I'm looking at the 200pds but most considered Cheers Ruzeen
  11. Hello from a fellow Northamptinian welcome to SGL
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