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  1. I'd find giving a talk about something fun Just gotta figure out what
  2. Hi all, Decided to sell my Polemaster as I don't use it anymore Item is used of course with a couple of marks to the case but functionally perfect Comes with original tin and EQ6-R Pro adaptor as well as usb cable and Allen key Looking for £225 with the adaptor or at a push I'll sell it separately for £200 Also factor in £11 for royal mail special delivery Many thanks
  3. Thanks Martin that's fine. Hmm so by the sounds of it then with the ASI183 being what I guess is a relatively modern-ish camera then it falls under the diminishing returns category then as you say, it's less relevant these days. So maybe I will just keep it 1x1 and not have to worry about loss of resolution. I intend on possibly printing anyway so I want all the resolution I can really. Bloating stars is always an aggrievance. I know how to deal with it, but prevention is better than cure after all. Many thanks! Yeah I've heard that being thrown around. I'm not sure eith
  4. Awesome. My plan is to use the ASI 183mm Pro on the Evostar 80ED (possibly without the reducer) on M81 & M82. Was going to bin my RGB and not the lum data to try and get a nice image from it. I thought about how you'd bin narrowband also but I guess that makes a lot of sense since emissions are mostly Ha so using Ha as the lum certainly makes a great deal of sense. I'll go forward with this suggestion I think! Certainly makes mono that much more appealing and/or justified with our British skies Thank you
  5. Thank you. I thought I was being clever, but it turns out it's quite tricky to pronounce for a lot of people
  6. Excellent. So then I gather aside from the image resizing. If I bin 2x2 RGB I get a greater SnR (at the expense of resolution), and then putting a 1x1 Lum layer over the top to actually bring out the details is the correct way to go? Thanks. I feel more informed going into this evening now
  7. Ah right so they will be 2748 x 1836 pixels then? Makes sense I suppose pixels twice the size, half the resolution then. I'll probably be drizzling them 2x with DeepSkyStacker, although I have access to AstroPixel Processor as well as PixInsight which I have a trial for and no idea how to really use
  8. Hey all, So tonight I might try binning my mono camera for the first time. Since I have extremely limited time. From what I understand, people bin their RGB channels as it's just the colour data that's needed. Then add a 1x1 image of the Lum channel over it to create the actual detail. Hence the entire point of using a lum filter. So from what I can gather the 2x2 RGB images (even though they're slightly undersampled) won't be too bad as I just want as much signal as I can get and they'll still be native resolution of 5496*3672 with the ASI 183mm Pro. They'll just be 4.2um pixels in
  9. AstroRuz

    Wanted ZWO EAF

    Hi all, Currently trying to find a ZWO EAF if anyone is selling. Must have the latest firmware updated though. Many thanks Ruzeen
  10. Hey all, Recently I've had to go back to using my Windows 10 Laptop and recently my Polemaster software has begun totally freezing and crashing on this laptop. IT works absolutely fine on my other laptop (which has since broken unfortunately) so I'm 99% sure the Polemaster itself is fine. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this? It doesn't matter if the PM is plugged directly into the laptop or into a USB hub or what. And when the PM software crashes it takes Astrophotography Tool down with it and such. Even if I run PM on its own and just use SynScan for mount control it crash
  11. Hi all, Title says it all really I think. I'm wondering if anyone is willing to swap their 2" IDAS D2 filter for my IDAS NGS1 2" filter. The NGS1 is akin to an L-Pro filter. Let's a wider bandpass in and is great for night scapes. The NGS1 helps remove glow from the sky but I need something a little stronger for my skies. Many thanks Ruzeen
  12. It's been a while since I used GIMP but you should be able to select the mask layer itself (by clicking the thumbnail if it's there). Then take a black paint brush and paint on the mask where you want to hide. Paint white to show, paint gray for translucent
  13. A lot of people suggested just using WiFi routers and boosters, like a box that bounces the signal further. I find it good. It's not the best thing since sliced bread as there's several features I would like to see added but apparently they're always updating it. It certainly does streamline using ZWO equipment though and everything is all on board so no need to run about looking for other softwares which is definitely convenient and can power lots of devices so again, it has that added benefit
  14. Through 2019 I measured and logged any night that was clear for over 2 hours a night. I had 69 nights through the entire year. I didn't do that during 2020 but it didn't feel much better. So far in January 2021 I've had 3 nights
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