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  1. If I remember correctly I read in one of my sky at night magazines that there are features on the limb (not terminator) only visible at certain times. We often only consider the terminator to vary in appearance during phase's but the limb also changes ever so slightly. My guess Pig is that you were one of the lucky ones who inadvertantly stumbled across this more rare feature. They are though I believe cataloged in the lunar 100 so you could look it up. I cannot remember if this happens at a particular phase or a time of year etc. I know the terminator X / Y are only visible at certain times although these dates and times are cataloged so I assume it's the same for limb features.
  2. but that's what the OP is choosing between. Most likely based on budget I would assume from the opening post. I agree a comparison review between the two eyepieces would be unfair and your comments totally valid but this is as far as I'm aware not a review and is simply, 'which is better for the money?' I assume if eye relief is a possible issue the OP would have already mentioned they wear spectacles? The OP wants to know if the extra £10-20 in the ES82° is going to offer value over the cheaper Hyperions. In this case if you have a scope faster than f/6 there is a high probability a Hyperion is going to show noticeable aberrations over the ES82°.
  3. ES every day! I've had hyperions and liked them but only because I found astigmatism less intrusive than coma. The ES on the other hand cope well with coma and show very little astigmatism. My only critique is the do show some lateral colour on outermost bright stars but the fov is so much larger it isn't in anyway distracting. For the money though ES 82° & 100° are the best your going to get before you move up in budget to Televue and then again Pentax.
  4. Next will come all the rats scurrying around and blue bottles everywhere. Probably not going to be the most pleasant of astro seasons for us in the west midlands. I don't fancy sitting there at night and feeling whiskers tickling my ankles.
  5. I'm not being funny but if I could get under anything like the skies your describing I would get the largest scope I could afford / store / move. I've had 6" scopes under dark UK skies and yes they perform well but nothing like the marvels a 12" will show.
  6. I have an ED120 mate. I admit I'm after an achro but for a solar mod so already know which I want due to the specific focal length. This thread was more for interest (and to hopefully help those in the market) not to say I wouldn't be interested if I ever came across the crown jewel in achros if there was one??
  7. Gutted!!! Nothing but rain and cloud here
  8. I think someone on the lounge has had a poor first experience with the bresser 102/1000. I think it was poor build quality why they felt the need to return the scope. I'm not sure if they did an optical review or not?
  9. I should have pointed out I'm not in the market for one. It's more a curiosity thing given most ED refractors are out of financial reach of many. I just wondered if there was one that really shone. Thinking about it now the Tal should have sprung to mind as I was typing the title. I've had an AR127L and I agree they are a very nice scope around if not a little on the heavy side.
  10. I was just thinking, as you do. Is there a highly praised achromatic refractor out there ? With ED and APO refractors so far out the reach of the modest earning folk I would have thought there must be one high spec achromatic refractor that gives as good as it gets ? Or does the result of all that refinement to make an achromat well corrected and tolerant of CA end up with a cheap ED refractor like Celestron's C100ED. I like the look of the Altair 152 but at £800+ again your getting very close to Chinese ED budget. I appreciate your not going to get the same aperture in an ED as you can a well corrected achromat but even so good glass does seem to compete very well often giving equal if not better planetary views than a larger achro. From what I gather acromats can be just as good as ED refractors but at the expense of rather long focal lengths? I'm sure even if you could pick up a long frak at a fair price it would still end up fringing on Chinese ED due to mounting issues occurring from wielding such long refractors ??
  11. I totally agree with Jules regards smaller scopes can cut through seeing. I think I am in a part of the country where seeing is particularly poor. I don't think the industry around here helps much either. I do get those nights of superb seeing from time to time and having more aperture comes in to it's own but for the most part my collection of scopes are now mostly sub 5" as I get to see more, more often than I would often see using a larger scope. I know there are members more than happy using larger scopes and getting fleeting glimpses of good seeing but for me this strains my eyes and gives me a headache. I'd rather less resolution with slightly higher magnification / contrast that doesn't seem so effected by the poor seeing conditions I sit under.
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sky-Watcher-Alt-Azimuth-Tripod-Mount-SW20216-with-Stainless-Steel-legs/382212119758?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160727114228%26meid%3D46fe30e501c14e059fdc3f35ef6febea%26pid%3D100290%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D131778987304&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507 Not mine btw
  13. WL for me, especially when you get sunspots like we have on the sun at present. It is worth noting 2" wedges do eat up more inward travel than a 2" astro diagonal as I unfortunately found out recently. A quick comparison showed an additional 14mm of back focus was required in the coolceramic over my SW/WO diagonal. I have the Lunt 1.25" which tbh I have always been happy with but the Baader does seem to offer up marginally better contrast and, I want to say deals with seeing better but in truth I think this is probably more a matter of the coolceramic dealing with the heat better both through design and the larger heat sink. The 1.25" Lunt is no slouch though and is far better than solar film. I enjoy Ha and I do get those wow moments when considering just how massive some of those proms can get but more often than not my eye is all over the place and not really settling in on one feature making the best of it. When you do get real-time activity like lift offs and flares Ha really comes in to it's own though. It's moments like these when a PST mod of 4"+ really shines.
  14. @Mattwaters just a few questions which may help give a better idea as to what to recommend. 1) what is your current scope and mount. ? 2) what eyepieces do you have ? 3) are you comfortable with collimating scopes and is the one you currently own collimated ? 4) you say higher magnification and you have one in mind, what would that be ? 5) what do you expect to gain from that magnification ? 6) do you want a tracking or manual mount and if a manual mount how good are you tracking objects at high magnifications ?? 7) what night sky objects do you want to observe in particular ? 8) do you have easy access to a garden as scopes get big in more ways than aperture ?
  15. Ahhh I get what you mean. So newts are off the hook then, but there is still no excuse for fraks !!
  16. I agree with Charl. I'd get out as the larger AR are well worth it even through thin cloud.
  17. I agree that maks and sct are probably best suited to BV but as pointed out so would probably everything else for the sake of 10mm off the end of the OTA (and maybe a slightly larger or shorter focus tube in faster fraks). Just seems daft when there is so little in it to resolve the issue. It would surly benefit more than it would hinder.
  18. The only critique I would have is that it's better than my first attempt
  19. Just been out with the eclipse glasses and it is possible to just make out naked eye the separation between the two large AR's. Great show all-round even for those with out expensive kit.
  20. Too good if you ask me. I have a sore eye now from the lack of blinking while staring at these colossal beauties. Great images as always Charl !!
  21. I'm in a very similar boat to you John. Only problem is our friends the other side of the pond have established the Chinese 120mm f/5 fraks clip aperture when using some 2" diagonals anyway. This means for certain you also going to have to shorten the drawtube if you shorten the ota or your going to be no better off having the ST120 over the ST102. That is if the ST102 doesn't suffer the same issues, although I haven't heard of it. With heavy ep or cameras you always have the option of fashioning some sort of bracing for the drawtube or upgrading the focuser to deal with sag where as you have no other option than to get the hacksaw out on longer OTA. It just seems that more people complain about lacking inward travel over outward. I'm sure there would be more benefit to synta to shorten ota as they would probably sell more BV's for one. I personally really liked the views through my WO BV's but all the hassle reaching focus and having to use barlows resulting in high mags put me right off.
  22. Time after time you hear that BV users, imagers or 2" diagonal owners struggle with achieving enough inward travel to focus on objects yet manufacturers continue to make ota's that tad bit too long. Often we are only talking mm but the hassle it can bring to the user is huge. More often than not there is plenty of travel in a focuser draw tube to compensate for a shorter ota and even if it was an issue it is easy enough to employ extensions. Surely it wouldn't make that much difference if they were to start shortening ota by 10mm or so. They claim they do so on the PDS range of newts to allow easier camera focusing. So am I missing something? I get the whole focal length of a scope and that if your not careful a racked in drawtube could clip aperture but Helios /early SW (both from syntax) used to do slightly oversize drawtubes on their Newtonians (not sure about their fraks) so this would surly elevate any problems. I just feel it would be so much more user friendly to make an ota a tad shorter allowing the use of extensions if there were any problems than to make an ota the length they do where tube chops of barlowing seem the only option.
  23. Is there a pitch guide yet Grant? Just wondering who's going.
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