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    Visual astronomy; double stars, solar, planets, comets. Photography, esp. macro. Reading SF, cryptic crosswords, woodworking, trains esp. large American steam locos, the natural world and climate change, hillwalking and mountains, border collies
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  1. Yes, I watched the video, that's what interested me. I'll just keep trying. Thanks all.
  2. No, it's a G11, and the Losmandy page on their site is blank; I just would like some basic info.
  3. I've left email requests, phone messages and FB messages - no answers to any of them...
  4. Hi, does anyone know if Dark Frame Optics are still on the go? I've been trying to get in touch with them since the New Year without success. Thank you.
  5. Yes so did I, esp. as a tin of paint is better value than a spray can Thnx again, D
  6. Yes, I'd read the can labels, and am aware of the geometry, but firstly, I was gong to follow Astrobaby's recommendation of 3 coats of Rustoleum white on the main tube and finder, and 5 coats of the Hammerite black on the mount (and possibly the 3 legs, although she didn't specifically mention those (yet?)), and secondly the manufacturer's estimates, assuming they haven't been exaggerated, would probably not allow for the following. A relatively small curved object like a tube is going to have continuous overspray compared to a flat surface like a car door, and a small complex shape such as th
  7. I recently unearthed my first scope, a Tal-1 (serial no. 0011, almost a prototype!) which I couldn't bear to part with despite ending up now with a lovely Tak 130. After sitting for years in my damp garage, it's in need of much tlc. Inspired by Astrobaby's excellent step-by-step guide like many others it seems, I've just started to follow her lead and do a complete overhaul. The most obvious thing I have to attend to is the paint, with Hammerite Satin Black Spray and Rustoleum Appliance Spray, which are relatively expensive items. I don't want to waste any, but also don't want to be caugh
  8. Hi Leo, thank you for the suggestion, and yes, Kalmbach was going to be my last resort, although at $4-5 each it would be pricey enough. Anyway, I'd prefer to spend locally, and wherever possible I do like being able to read, scan and instantly flick through a book or magazine. Cheers, D
  9. Hi, I'm looking for any or all of the following 20 issues out of the 46-issue run of "Telescope Making" magazine: 1-5, 13, 14, 22-24, 27, 30, 32, 39-41, 43-46 If you have a full set but don't want to split, I'd be happy to discuss taking them all. Thanks, Danny
  10. Success! Just got registered with a variation of answers to the verification questions I must have missed before. Gamma Ray, if you still can't register, first day of the week is yesterday with a capital letter, and don't use the prefix for the Messier number. Thanks again Ron and Ant, Danny
  11. Hi Ron, Ant, Thanks for the replies, I had the right answers and double-checked evrthing else, still no joy. No apparent way of contacting anyone, or getting help unless your're logged on! I'l leave it 24 hours and try again. Regards, astrodan
  12. Hi, does anyone else have problems trying to register with this site. I tried to register earlier today, but it keeps telling me I have got one of the two verifiction questions wrong. I have tried every possible combination of the two possible answers, but get nowhere. Thanks, Astrodan
  13. Hi there, I would very much like to emulate your lapping work, great pictures by the way. Would you mind saying where you got the various grades of grit? Thanks, and keep up the good work, Regards, Danny
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