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  1. Hi Whipdry I'm a recent new owner of a mesu mk1 and loving my test doddle so far! Untill now been using indi drivers on kstars and Ekos but rig up this mount with point xp and NINA. I thought there was no indi drivers available for sitech, do you know of anyone who confirms these indi drivers work? Another question, can anyone send links to a good sitech controller 2 guide cable to usb I can use in the future for PhD 2? (or similar) TIA! (now back to the R. O. R Build!)
  2. Wow good luck with the little newt! How have you been getting on with the mount? Curious to see what your long clamp screws look like and how your ROR works. Im thinking about adapting a standard pent roof shed to roll off (and hopefully roll back again) Wayne
  3. Waynescave


    Yes, it's awesome! Don't regret changing from my zwo mono. Now paired with the apex 0.65 reducer I am able to finish more target projects! With half decent results in small amounts of exposure time... πŸ“ΆπŸ‘
  4. Waynescave


    Cmos OSC
  5. Ah I see.. I'll have to help my dad get that sorted.. He'll fall in love with it all again then! πŸ˜„
  6. Hi Tony.. This interests me as my dad has a newt and his bad stars have put him off imaging all together at the minute... Would the pizza base method need cutting down to a ring to cover the clamps? Then how is it held in front in position? Many thanks Wayne
  7. Thanks Steve, I sunk most of "orions" time into M78 to try and get as much signal collected as poss with the clear nights we had! πŸ“ΆπŸ‘
  8. Love and clear skies - is all one needs πŸ˜‹

  9. Broadband LRGB done over 2.5 nights. 5. 5 hrs total Luminance int. Time (2.5mins each) 5hrs total RGB int. Time. (5.mins each) Esprit120ed scope SW Eq6r pro mount 1.25" zwo filters Zwo 1600mm Pro mono camera

    © @waynescave

  10. Waynescave

    Zwo 1600mm pro

    Broadband filterset and Ha
  11. Waynescave

    Zwo 1600mm pro

    Hey Tony, much too late reply I know! Didn't see this on here.. Still getting used to the site and its layout! Nice shot of M33 with just 40x5 min subs! A few more subs and pumping the colour saturation I tiny bit more will give you some better colour rendering I recon? Tough times for all at the minute and do hope you are well.. Wayne
  12. Really useful review, thanks... I too need to cut down on cables and sort out spaghetti junction! Worried my hungry 4amp qhy camera, mount and dew heaters and 3amp raspberry pi might be a bit much for the ppb?? πŸ€”πŸ‘€
  13. Hi guys Can anyone identify which control box this is? Is it focusmaster? And does it run off robofocus driver in Indi lib as I cannot get a successful connection (in indi within ekos) I bought a robofocus motor with this control box second hand. I have faith with seller that hardware works as should. I've tried other cables and USB ports too. The software (k stars) I use does do port search when connecting equipment.. Any help appreciated Wayne
  14. Thank you James ill see if I can sort something out like that πŸ‘
  15. Hey guys.. Is a HFR of(minus) - 1.000 possible? As this is what my image statistics say on my k stars software It also says my SNR is varying 0.682 - 1.5? Any interpretations are welcomed? Cheers guys
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