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  1. They are offering a course on Moons as well. Starting 2nd Feb 2015.
  2. Hi Ash, I have used the Skywatcher Skyhawk for about 4 years now and have found it to be a very reliable steady scope that gives great views of everthing I want to look at. And all for under £125
  3. Alternative wife hey mmmm I wonder. Seriously though I have come up with some plans for a pole that goes into the hole and has 3 or 4 legs extending from it that sit on the surface with rubber feet attached, will see if I can get that to work.
  4. Unfortunately a permenant solution isn't possible either. I will have to look at a different way of approaching the idea. Cheers guys Clear skies.
  5. Thanks for the detail John unfotunately drilling holes is not an option as she who must be obeyed has put her foot down. I will have to think of something else I suppose or just not observe when the wind is up. Unfortunately not enough funds to upgrade to a scope with a stronger mount.
  6. Morning all, My scope has the standard eq1 tripod, which is unstable in the wind, limiting my observing. In my garden I have a stone circle the centre of which has hole for the rotary washing line. My plan is to build telescopic post that I can then Tracy my mount to. Has anyone tried this, will it work?
  7. Yeah Stu TLAO is a fantastic book I will look into the others that you suggest.
  8. Yes Big_Daz you're correct it is an amazing post and I can't wait for more from Qualia.
  9. Does any body know if there is a book available that gives realistic images as seen through a smaller scope?
  10. Absolutely, hope you're up and about and ennjoying the stars soon!! Clear skies David
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