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  1. Sometimes the OTA gets caught on the slow motion controls, is this the cause of your problem?
  2. Good advice everyone, thanks Just had a couple of hours outside, started with M45, beautiful as always, then spent ages looking for M31 really struggled with it being almost overhead, couldn't get the right angle to be able to see the circles in my Rival Quickfinder. Found it eventually and watched it for a good 30 minutes trying to see as much as possible. Then went to M42 which is always impressive. So as advised starting again with brighter objects and thoroughly enjoying it.
  3. Gottzi

    Hello :-)

    Greetings from Essex.
  4. Evening all, according to apps I have bortle 5 sky and moderate light pollution from where I view in my garden in North Colchester, Essex. Realistically what should I be able to see with my set up? What's the minimum magnitude I should expect to see. Trying to maximise my limited viewing opportunities. Thanks in advance.
  5. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://carolrpt.com/ChartsOnly.PDF&ved=2ahUKEwjN5IWMp4PmAhWOXsAKHdaaAzoQFjAEegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw2wjclKtONukSORtkNrVyhx&cshid=1574614241873 is a link to a PDF of star maps.
  6. Hi Neil welcome to SGL. Skymaps.com is a good place to start and definitely Stellarium for a tablet or PC helps.
  7. I was wondering if others do that, sometimes I prefer stumbling on things whilst wandering through the constellations. In fact 90% of my viewing is done like that.
  8. Gottzi

    Hello from Wales

    Hi welcome to SGL, that's a difficult career path, good luck to you
  9. Welcome to SGL, lots of helpful lads and lasses on here
  10. I don't doubt it Marvin, Is it global warming that is causing the extra cloud cover, after all more warmth means more water vapour.
  11. No Marvin I 100% agree, even compared to a couple of years ago there appears to be more cloudy nights. I have never kept a record but I'm sure this is the case. Now I wish I had records to look back on. What about our more experienced colleagues, want do you think?
  12. Totally agree, no point in worrying about light pollution if you can't see the sky in the first place.
  13. Thanks, never used this. Currently using the Clear outside app, but not convinced it's that accurate.
  14. I know I've been away from the hobby for a while but I seriously cannot remember there being so much cloud before. Is the general consensus that the nights with cloud are more than they used to be. Really starting to get me down just wanna get out there but once I'm out give it 15 minutes and there's nothing to see.
  15. Rigel Quickfinder and Telrad come with double sided sticky pads so easily fitted to any OTA.
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