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  1. Thank you for the encouragement ! I had imagined specialist tools needed and maybe an optical bench, but you are so right, two small screwdrivers and it was all undone. I was a bit foxed at the start when I didnt find any screws down the side of the barrel, but the secret turned out to be two tiny black holes in the black front cover Now to wait for some proper fluid to arrive,
  2. Perhaps tonight (12Oct), this was what I saw in my aurora-watching page a couple hrs ago, looking more intense (at the mo.) than last night.
  3. and I did mean grim grime ! I wonder what the seal is like between the glass and the body, would it leak if I were to put some detergent soln. in there to give it a good soak ? Probably ! Perhaps suspend it upsidedown and squirt detergent up at it and let soak awhile ? Gotta do something, no good as it is and was free, so nothing to lose Any other bright ideas ?? Anyone used one of these, quality worth it or chuck it !!
  4. I have been given a box of vintage fSLRs ! One of them, a Zenit with a Helios 2/58 lens, looks like it has not had a lens cap on it since Methuselah was a lad and is covered in dust/grime. How best to clean the lens ? to give it a try on my dslr. (I have an eos<>m42 converter)
  5. Good explanation in The Daily Record https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/potential-ufo-sighting-in-scotland-25086889 Not a fuel dump, not a reentry burn-up, brief quotes : "space technology engineer, Dr Malcolm Macdonald said: "Yesterday evening an Atlas V rocket Centaur upper stage The exhaust gases from this manoeuvre was illuminated by the Sun" end quotes. I was out observing at the time but didnt see anything, Reason :- thanks to @jiberjaber video locating it in a star field, - way too low in trees on the northern horizon for me
  6. KentOnline are suggesting it was the Landsat9 Atlas V rocket re-entry burn. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/thanet/news/bizarre-ufo-spotted-in-night-sky-254720/ Other reports are suggesting a fuel dump [the video of the fan looks like a dump, not a re-entry burn, imho) from the Centaur upper stage of Landsat9 launch vehicle. In my day an upper stage rocket - that injects the satellite/payload into orbit - continues in a similar orbit. So is it new practice these days ( space junk minimization ?) to de-orbit the redundant rocket stage along with a (prior?) fuel dump ??
  7. Yes, very faint, almost beyond my capability with a 50mm lens on a tripod. Yesterday 20Sep, a race between dusk and it going behind a tree not helped by some thin haze and drifting thin clouds, surprised I got anything! A quick 40x2sec, DSS + a lot of stretch in Gimp but no added saturation, still a nice ruby red.
  8. Bingo! or eureka My offending trees are now clearly visible and, by making the landscape partly transparent, I can see obscured things that will become visible if I walk a few hundred yards down my lane where I can gain a clear south horizon .
  9. Is there a way to partially illuminate a landscape in Stellarium ? ie. to give it some ambient light, to make it more prominent when there is no moon or twilight. -------------------Edit -------------------- Some googling later :- I have found minimal_brightness= used in landscape.ini and flag_minimal_brightness= (&another) minimal_brightness= used in config.ini all I have to do now is to sort out true/false and value directions !
  10. Excellent typo ! That would certainly happen if one were to use the wrong-handed scissors mistakenly.
  11. Especially if the photons are collected by a Newt, they should then be expressed as Reflected Binary Code (aka Gray Code) ? !
  12. There are some double and triple satellite close formations, Ive not viewed them myself, but could they swap places as they come in and out of view, perhaps glinting/flashing differently ? NOSS is one set to google but there are several others. (eg. the Chinese Yogan/JianBing)
  13. Sadly awol this night (11-12Aug) due to cloud&rain. So I amused myself with a search of my recent archives and, oh so close, I was in the region chasing asteroids and have this "pre" from 20June2021 where (with a bit of a stretch and imagination) in the noise lurks RS at about 10.5-10.8 ish ! [mags from Stellarium,] Stack of 100x1sec iso6400, fixed tripod, vastly pixel cropped out of a 50mm f2.8 canon aps frame Not a vastly significant obs in the grand scheme of things, but it amused me to find it
  14. Y Oph is also a variable, so perhaps not the best ref ! bit of a sporadic history on AAVSO, currently estimated visual between 5.8 and ~6.4, most clustering near 6.4
  15. Well, that was fun, thank you Jeremy, , , and for his next trick he is going to magic-up a supernova for us Yes I agree with @Muc I couldnt decide between it, zeta Ser, and mu Oph by my aged eyes. So I had a look at my pics with an unmod Canon, stack of 9x 2sec @6400iso (ancient fslr50mm f2.5 lens) and got this via DSS, Gimp>grey-scaled (yes, it is very yellow/orange) & Fiji mags are from Stellarium. 21:50utc Aug2021. My Fiji peak values are 204.9, 235.9, 231.4, 234.4 if anyone is good at log mag scales
  16. Thank you once again @JeremyS for the heads-up. Clouds briefly parted for me 11pmBST last night and I was able to get a few 2" exposures of it for my diary
  17. I may be mis-remembering but I think it was made a legal requirement in the UK that when selling goods to the public ( I forget the terminology, ie excluding business sales) that VAT must be included in the advertised/listed price ?? Did a quick google but not found a ref. yet
  18. Great work ! Superb, thank you. A small thing : am I being old fashioned when I think of RA in hours and minutes, more than degrees ?
  19. Thanks @JeremyS for the updates, It does indeed continue! I had not been paying attention,, AAVSO now has it in the region of mag 10.5, which should be just about in range of my fixed camera+lens stacks. AAVSO Viz & V
  20. ! I am also thinking "need psu, will travel", so I noted your post pop up into my awareness Went to uk sites , oh ! then to your eu link , oh dear oh ! It does annoy me that I google on things and continually waste time with, for example Amazon, " we dont know when .." blah blah, so take the stupid page down, dont waste my time if they have nothing to sell ! end hissy fit Hence my signal to you, just in case
  21. Later ! :- The clouds parted again so I was able to play with my dslr with 50mm lens the crop , arrow = n Cas, comparisons are marked with lines, see below crop seleted comparison stars and import to ImageJ , do profile yep, mag 7 or a bit less [magnitudes quoted from Stellarium]
  22. Just in from a brief cloud-terminated viewing, my first for quite a while, of nova Cas and I think I have missed its latest outburst because I have it similar to HIP 115198 (HD 220057) mag6.9(-Stellarium) ?
  23. But Delivery acc. to manufacturer: 15.01.2022 (171 days) Anlieferung laut Hersteller: 15.01.2022 (171 Tage)
  24. That is interesting thanks, a note to be memorized for when my thoughts will in the future turn to proper astro cams, "watch out for reports of amp glow." I think I would need a cooled one that can have a library of darks, It would grieve me to spend our few nights of stars doing ambient darks
  25. And worth every cent Being new to the camera - at first I just did lights to find out what all the modes were, find my way round the stars, see what exposure duration/startrail was acceptable, how to drive DSS and a host of other things to learn (like, my old fslr 50mm lens isnt much good ) ( and like, dont walk away from the camera with the intervalometer in pocket but still attached, if you do, be ready to catch the camera+tripod as they fall over ! Phew, I did, but it was a near thing !!) Then dutifully I moved on to darks, as the tutes said to do, yep good. Then, whats this bias stuff all about ,, that is when the head-scratching started, Thought at first that I wasnt understanding bias and/or DSS. Thanks for all your thoughts everyone.
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