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  1. A Tak and Tele Vue tag team tonight (how's that for alliteration!).
  2. I once explored doing this with my 500mm F4 for Nikon F. Nikon used to make a dedicated adapter comprising a prism and a fixed 10mm eyepiece but it is discontinued and it may not have worked with my 'G' or 'E' lenses which don't have a manual aperture ring (unless I could have somehow prevented the lens from from stopping down to the smallest aperture). I'm not sure if Canon made something similar. There is a third party Kenko adapter though: Kenko LENS2SCOPE Adapter for Canon EF/EF-S Mount, Angled View K-LS10-CEAB (adorama.com) There are also adapters for converting M42 lenses into
  3. Thanks. The scope is phenomenal and it's a joy to use with that mount/tripod combination - lightweight yet sturdy.
  4. The newest addition to the fold, my Tak FC-76DCU.
  5. A Tak FC-76DCU. It arrived this afternoon and at the moment the sky is clear...
  6. @Stu I hope to one day as I'm sure it would be a wonderful pairing and I feel almost duty bound to make it happen. The 34mm and 40mm Maxvisions are doing sterling service in the meantime. The ES92 17mm and NP101 is a special pairing too. Certainly enough to keep me out of the clutches of the Ethos range, for now at least. And here's one of the 90s ads with images similar to those I found so enticing: https://televue.com/televueopticstalk/wp-content/uploads/ST_1995DEC_p2_GenesisSDF_RenaissanceSDF_Pronto.jpg
  7. In my early teens I used to dream of owning a Genesis SDF. I must have sent countless stamped self-addressed envelopes out to the astronomy retailers of the day to receive the various brochures and advertisements they held for the scope manufacturers of the time. I seem to remember a TeleVue advert with a photo of the Renaissance and Genesis (and possibly a Pronto) on Gibraltar mounts together. They looked stunning to my eyes. Well the marketing, kind of, worked as almost 30 years later I acquired an NP101. It was worth the wait. Those low power, wide field views were exactly as described
  8. I try to pretend the Delos range doesn't exist as the temptation is strong with those ones! I love the ES92s but alas they are heavy beasts and those Delos would complement them nicely! I've all the Maxvisions except the 24mm as I have the 24mm pan. So for lightweight travel with the 76DCU I'll likely go with the 24mm Pan, 16mm MV, 9mm Nagler and my Ultima barlow... And then I'll doubt my decision and end up bringing so many additional eyepieces I'll end up paying excess baggage!
  9. Very useful and timely information this as my 76DCU should arrive tomorrow. Sadly it does suggest I'll be unable to use my ES92 17mm with the scope without a counterweight though as it weighs more than the 21mm Ethos. Still I bought the scope for travel and I don't plan to be taking the ES92s with me on my trips. It may be time to decloak my 34mm and 40mm Maxvisions though...
  10. Az Synscan mount still available.
  11. 6mm TMB now sold AZ Synscan, 12mm and 18mm BST Starguiders still available.
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