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  1. Whilst it has a focal length significantly longer than 40mm, the Tele Vue 55mm plossl would give a comparable TFOV to a 40mm /68 Deg eyepiece - albeit with a lower magnification. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/tele-vue-eyepieces/tele-vue-plssls-50-eyepieces.html
  2. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Maybe save the caves for a cloudy day as they're like a subterranean planetarium!
  3. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks Ron - I am already
  4. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks Noddy! Cheers Dave!
  5. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks Mike. Funnily enough I think I passed through Te Kuiti some years ago when I was doing a bit of back packing - I had just visited Waitomo Caves and was heading to Taupo. Details are a little hazy due to the time elapsed and, likely, a few too many handles of Monteith's !
  6. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks Chris - they really are. We're very fortunate to have such a resource of knowledgeable and enthusiastic folk.
  7. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks Gordon – it is always good to hear from someone with first hand experience of the gear in question so your thoughts on the Panoptic are much appreciated. It all helps me work through the analysis paralysis! Sam
  8. The AZ100 certainly looks a great mount. Had I not acquired a Losmandy AZ8 in 2018 I would have been strongly tempted by the Rowan mount. One of the reasons why I purchased the AZ8 was so I could connect Astro Device’s Nexus DSC system to it - though I use the encoders with the ‘Nexus II’ wi-fi unit (in conjunction with Sky Safari on my phone) rather than the Nexus DSC ‘computer’. I can attest to the excellence and usefulness of the Nexus DSCs. Once aligned pointing accuracy is excellent even when I’m using my C9.25. It certainly saves me a lot of time and frustration trying to locate DSO
  9. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks - it' great to be here!
  10. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks John - you certainly do! I'd love to get down south again sometime - I have some unfinished business with the LMC and SMC amongst other targets in your skies!
  11. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thanks Peter! And that's great work you've got in your gallery. I mean to try some planetary imaging - I figure Mars will present a good opportunity for this later in the year.
  12. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Hi Gordon, I just noticed your signature (I was viewing on mobile last night) and I see you own the 24mm Panoptic with your Televue scopes. I've recently acquired a, new to me, NP-101 and I'm after a 24mm 68 degree 1.25 inch EP . I've a 28mm Maxvision (as well as the 40mm Maxvision) but found the NP101 ruthlessly highlights the slight field curvature in the outer edge of the 28mm. Not a huge problem but it has made me want to locate a truly flat field, low power EP. How do you find the 24mm Panoptic? It has a great reputation and understand that it should not introduce any field curvatu
  13. Arneb

    Hi everybody...

    Thank you - I'm sure I will. Certainly lots of varied discussions to explore - I just need to stay away from the temptation lurking in the classifieds section!
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