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  1. Thanks John. I need to expand on the eyepiece collection. I was going to treat myself to perhaps one good new eyepiece on this current spending spree. Then perhaps look out for some good used EP's over the next few months. So was thinking of ordering the 24mm Panoptic. I am guessing that this will offer a far superior experience (with wider FOV) compared to the 24mm setting on the Baader zoom I purchased. And I am not simply wasting my money buying an EP with a focal length already covered with the Baader zoom?
  2. Took it out last night and WOW. Looked at Orion nebula, double cluster in Hercules, Pleiades, Andromeda (M31) & Mars with the kids. I think I was most impressed (blown away) with the star clusters & the Orion nebula. It was great to have the kids out and very excited about looking through the scope. My son seemed to really like being able to see M31 knowing it is 2.5 million light years away - even though it only appeared as a fuzzy flattened patch. I have to admit though, I was a little disappointed with Mars. I could see a bright pinkish clear disc shape with a 5mm BST (see
  3. It's been a few weeks since I last posted about the intended purchase. I have been extremely busy with work over the last couple of weeks. Plus I was really struggling to come to a decision over the 76DCU or 100DC, so as a result the scope I ordered stayed boxed up for a few weeks!!! After the discussions on here I thought I was going for the 100DC, then a week later my mind switched back to the 76DCU and I had discussed with the supplier the possibility of returning and swapping the scope for the cheaper option. But shortly after that, a lot of potential work came in, and at the last min
  4. Yes that was the thought Jeremy. If the FC-100 with cheap EP's will still be better than 76DCU with Televue's...then get a small set of these BST eyepieces to keep me going - then keep a good eye out for decent used EP's along the way....or buy new decent ones as and when I feel more relaxed about finances. And also when I have had a chance to see how much I am using the scope and how I get on with certain mags/FOV etc.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion KP82. I hadn't even looked at those EP's. That would bring the package price down to £3300. Sounds much better. So the question is now...would something like FC-100DC + BST Starguiders still give superior performance over the 76DCU + Televue EP's?
  6. Haven't opened the box yet Jeremy! That was my thought a short while ago David - what could I do in the short term to keep the eyepiece costs down - then acquire decent used ones as and when they come along? The latest plan was to go with; 24mm Panoptic ~£306 4mm or 5mm Delite £243 11mm or 15mm Delite ~£243 But I think the above is keeping my EP selection fairly limited. And don't see much scope for trimming costs out short term.
  7. Well I just opened the Scopetech Mount - and it does look very nice! Feels nice and rigid in the hand.
  8. Another video from the same guy shows side-by-side images. But I suspect these are stacked images maybe - and therefore appear a little clearer than you would expect to see directly through the scope? If I did see images like either of these though (for 100 & 76) - I would be happy enough!
  9. Yes I have ordered the FC-100. I had asked the supplier to hold it until I got back to them regarding eyepieces etc (as in I had stuff to add to order which could have been shipped together). But their shipping department is obviously super efficient - and the scope arrived yesterday! To be fair to them they have been really good and very tolerant to my many technical questions. However, I am scared to open it! After re-evaluating my eyepiece selection etc...the price has gone up a fair bit, so although I am desperate to have the better views of the larger scope - feeling a little n
  10. One thing I meant to ask the other day, when trying to determine what the views might be like for both the FC100DC and FC76DCU, I came across a couple of videos which seem to show views of Saturn through both scopes; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOHHUxZWT4U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A7MHrd5ppk The first video is using the FC-76DCU and live view of Saturn is shown from around 5:15 minutes into the video. Second video is using a FC-100DF, and live view of Saturn about 2:15 into the video. For those of you who have used both 76DCU and FC-100, is this a fair comp
  11. Ok - that's interesting Jeremy. I perhaps thought that it would be common to try an lift these sort of set-ups out in one go. You are saying you wouldn't even lift the 76DCU out whilst mounted. Sad that I am, I have got the tripod from my old cheap 90's Tasco reflector out and loaded it up with some weight to approximate the weight of both scopes mounted on a tripod. Even with the approx. mounted weight of the 76DCU (around 9kg with tripod and mount), although it feels OK to carry about laterally on a level floor indoors, it is still weighty enough to make me feel that if I was to try and
  12. Since I am looking to have only one scope, interchangeability between scopes and mounts wasn't really a worry for me - hence I thought I could do away with the dovetail bar and just use the Tak clamp itself for de-mounting and balance adjustment. I was also originally thinking of keeping the scope and mount/tripod set-up at all times, and just lifting the entire set-up though our dining room doors onto the garden patio as and when necessary. However, with the FC100-DC costing £2k I am wondering if I should be thinking of actually carrying tripod and scope separately...especially as there
  13. Thankyou again for your responses over the weekend. Going to see what eyepieces I can find in stock today. Deadlake - just re-reading your comments above regarding maybe requiring a different mount for the 100DC at high powers. I guess this was part of the difficulty I was having between the choice of 76DCU & 100DC originally. I wondered if, in reality I would not be able to take advantage of the 'really high powers' that the 100DC can potentially offer on the lightweight Scopetech mount (I have heard 200x plus is fairly common). And therefore it may have been better to stick to
  14. Thanks everybody. Seems like the general view is I should ditch the Ortho eyepieces. I appreciate what you are saying Jeremy about a narrow field of view being irritating with an undriven mount being. I guess at higher mags, images will soon drift across the view. I was keen on the Televue 24mm Panoptic as the low power EP (can't remember exactly why that stood out as a good choice though). Unless there is an equally good alternative to the Panoptic, then the undercuts on that eyepiece will probably steer me towards the more expensive Baader diagonal I guess - which is unfortunate as
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