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  1. Where has the nice weather gone?

  2. What a lovely day! Im stuck in my broom cupboard of an office, looking through my pigeon hole window.... Hmmmm

    1. Mr TamiyaCowboy

      Mr TamiyaCowboy

      PST would make for a nice model to stand in said window, maybe add a lock to door stop one being disturbed while admiring said PST at window lol

  3. Probably the last sunny day for atleast the next 10 years .... According to scientists

    1. foundaplanet
    2. crashtestdummy


      They cant get tomorrows weather right so i dount a 10year forecast would be accurate

    3. ronin


      Wrong, every wedding anniversary night will be clear, and god help you if you even think of going out imaging.

  4. It's a new dawn, It'a a new day, Its a new Life, It's a new life for me.... And im feeling good

    1. Qualia


      Da. Da-da. Da-da. Da-da...ooo, fish in the sea, you know how I feel :-)

    2. Keiran
    3. gazza63


      River running free,

      you know how I feel.....

  5. Can't wait to get home and pull and nice double Espresso..... Hmmmm

  6. I need COFFEE.... NOW!!!

    1. emadmoussa


      Oops...I'm making some at the moment. Care for one? :)

    2. Keiran


      Please :)

  7. 7 and a half hours until the weekend :)

    1. emadmoussa


      Does your weekend start on Friday?!!

    2. Qualia


      It's been 7 1/2 hours for ages, now. Hope no one is trapped in some time-fixed loop or what have you.

  8. 2 days 7 hours until the weekend :)

  9. Ahhhh... Virgin Media!!! Been down all weekedn, no TV, no internet...

  10. If its not one thing, its another.... Bye bye Ka exhaust... Ahhhhh

  11. I spent last night running around trying to buy a roof box.... A Corsa is very small compared to a BMW Touring

  12. One more week and i will be pitched at Lucksall :-D

    1. nightfisher


      wish i was going, but not possible this year

    2. Keiran


      A real shame Jules.... hopefully next year you can

  13. Just bought myself a Corsa 1.3CDTI as the 320D went bang :( Lasted me well though...

    1. Coco


      Dont blame you ... zillion MPG :)

    2. nightfisher
    3. Keiran


      They are the 2 reasons why i did.

  14. I said, Boom Boom Boom, now let me hear you say Wayo!

    1. Coco


      You still drunk?

    2. Ant


      I'll have some of whatever you've got lol

    3. Keiran


      :D All i will say is it was a very long day at work

  15. Keiran


    From the album: Non-Astro

  16. Back to work tomorrow :( Up at 5am.... What an F1 race :)

  17. Off for 5 days unless i have to work friday :D

    1. Ganymede12


      That's 5 days of cloud then!

  18. Argh.... Overtime! I should be sleeping :)

  19. Keiran


  20. Keiran

    Me and Charlotte

    From the album: Others

  21. Anyone remember Sharky and George? What a classic!

    1. bullettooth


      what? the crime busters of the sea? who could forget haha.

    2. absy


      OMG! yes! What a show :D

    3. Keiran


      Sharky and George clear up any mystery....

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FkI69t9eIY :)

  22. Wheres the sun gone ?

  23. 15.5 Mile ride yesterday, whats the chances i can be bothered to do it again today?

  24. I think I saw BIGFOOT !!!

    1. Ant


      Can he swim?

    2. Keiran


      Only doggy paddle :)

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