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  1. This has to be one of my fav DSO, and the first i imaged. Great shot
  2. Keiran


    From the album: Non-Astro

  3. Keiran


    From the album: Non-Astro

  4. Keiran

    beach tree

    From the album: Non-Astro

  5. Cheers steve, thats a very long way... when you write it like that you start to realise the size of that place
  6. Thanks mate, not sure ... I see M81 and M82 :) one below, and one top right...
  7. Keiran

    Butser Hill Pano

    Thanks Guys :) It was a lovely day up there other than the visability being rubbish. Shaun... ill have to have a look for that place.
  8. Keiran

    Stepover HDR

    From the album: Non-Astro

  9. Keiran

    A man and his dog

    From the album: Non-Astro

  10. Keiran

    All abit wonky

    From the album: Non-Astro

  11. Keiran

    startrail butser

    From the album: Nights Out

  12. Thats a really nice image shaun. Its a real shame about the blue halos :) love the deatil in M51 its not as bad as i thought it would be, it think it has come out really well. I think you should keep adding to this, it would be good if you could get abit more detail in the little sat galexy. Very nice indeed.
  13. Keiran


    From the album: Nights Out

  14. Keiran


    From the album: Nights Out

  15. Keiran


    what an image, very sharp
  16. Nice one Martyn, I was going to pop out last night, but didnt bother.... Was it even clear??
  17. Keiran


    now that is an amazing image
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