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  1. I was thinking that when i took this.... I wondered how much i would get, so i moved on...
  2. I love this, and maybe ill do this next time properly
  3. Quite a shame that i didnt start imaging earlier. I only got 20mins of data, I feel i wasted an opportunity :)
  4. You like pretty in tht dress steve :) Great shot, Ursa major looks good...
  5. Keiran

    Tower 05/08/2011

    From the album: Nights Out

  6. Yeah, you can see why you need a really dark site... Thanks Mate :)
  7. Thanks Shaun... Flattener is working well, well worth its money. And i did a 15 min sub last night... I was taken too early, so it was too bright, but it worked :)
  8. Keiran

    NGC7000 ha

    Very nice indeed mate, same as Russnot a fan of B&W, but this is nice, great detail and framed.
  9. Keiran

    Vulcan 1

    From the album: GoodWood 2011

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