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  1. Excuse me for bumping this. I have a skymax 127 on my AZ-GTi and FLO have recommended the C6. I am wondering what will the C6 do that the 127 cannot?
  2. I've been reading about the NASA Artemis program, the first woman and next man will step foot on the moon before 2023. Exciting stuff. Having been born after the moon landings, I had resigned myself to perhaps never seeing this kind of exploration in my lifetime. NASA still need Billions of $$ to make it happen. Do you think we will see a manned mission to the moon in the next 3 years?
  3. -philip-

    EQ5 mount wanted

    Ideally with goto. Looking for my first EQ mount, never used one before! I'm in Devon, happy to travel an hour or so.
  4. I’ve just heard about the Skytee 2 dual mount!
  5. Morning! I recently bought my first refractor, the Altair Ascent 102ED, a very good telescope. I bought it because it will fit onto my AZ-GTi mount and complement the 127 Mak I use on it, however I realise I would like to have them both set up at the same time, changing the OTA on the mount in the dark sounds like a recipe for disaster. so wondering whether to get another AZ-GTi Mount, or dip my toes into the world of EQ mounts. I’ve never used one before and to be honest, being the clumsy oaf I am, it looks like something I would hurt myself on. would welcome advice. Purely for observing, I don’t AP, I come on here to see amazing pictures!
  6. It is their very well practiced "We have very important dog bums to sniff in the park, so whenever you're ready" stare.
  7. Of course he does, we all do. However throwing your toys out of your pram because 1 edition doesn't have photo's which are from the UK is ludicrous.
  8. Subscribed to Astronomy Now, the first one came today! I had better take the dogs out before I start reading it
  9. I had a very good experience with a neighbour, a GP surgery who had a light on until late, I called and asked them if they would switch it off after 6pm, they changed it to a PIR light and it very rarely activates, and when it does it's for 20 seconds or so.
  10. That looks like it would do the trick.
  11. Have spent a while searching for a carry bag for my brand spanky new refractor, which is about 80cm long. Can anyone recommend anything?
  12. My first refractor, a bit scared of it at the moment! Altair Ascent 102ED F7, using it on the AZ-GTi for observing (not AP).
  13. Looking forward to getting it out, clouds seem to be forecast for at least the next week of course! I also got this from the Birthday pixies, it and the OTA both from recommendations on here
  14. I’ve got the original LP my dad bought me in the 80s. Managed to see it live in Cardiff about 18 months ago. Incredible!!
  15. Thanks all. Appreciate your guidance, I am thinking of doing something very silly, and getting both an 80ED (have found a second hand one at a good price) and also the Bresser 102s. Both together will cost about the same as a brand new 80ED.
  16. Thanks. a lot to think about. I like the look of that Altair one but like many at the moment it's out of stock. I wonder, is this an improvement on the 120ST? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-ar-102s-600-refractor-ota.html According to reviews, the focuser is better
  17. I've upgraded to the more robust Stainless steel tripod, bought on classified section on here in fact.
  18. Thanks Steve, Just what I needed to know thank you. I will hold out for an 80 ED, yes they seem as rare as hens teeth at the moment! If anyone is selling a used one please point them in my direction.
  19. Hi, I have a AZ-GTi mount and going around in circles trying to find something to use on it for wider field observing, I have the 127 Skymax which is great, but I want a new telescope for the mount. I have heard good things about the StarTravel 102 which seems very cheap @ £165 on FLO, however the Evostar 80ED is affordable at £499. I just don't really understand the difference between the two. Can someone help and advise which is the better investment, mainly for observing, I don't own a camera but may get a zwo in the future. thanks!
  20. looking for one of these to use on my az-gti mount. ideally south west uk but will travel for the right scope.
  21. What do you use the 102 for? DSO? Thanks for your reply, decided against the 120.
  22. I struggle, whatever my intentions I find myself falling asleep at 9 and missing out. Sometimes I find myself awake really early, 4 am ish and will set up in my garden, otherwise it's a Friday or Saturday night and I have to force myself to stay awake.
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