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  1. Pixinsight analogy for me is akin to driving the car knobs, levers, buttons and things all over the place to get it working- but I'm confident they work for me so how they work I'm curious of but much of it I'll never understand lift the car bonnet up have a look then put it straight back down ~ anyway stop the waffle - I took notes on Sunday and actually followed them on Monday worked really well... a zoomed screen shot from Sunday night 10 X 360 S.Xpress 25C CCD / Tak, FSQDX 85
  2. absolutlety marvellous... although just as you think you've cracked it along comes Gary P. with a few golden PI nuggets that will enhance things further... more homework though... hardly touched the Guitar too busy making notes - lol.
  3. Sky @Night Magazine can forget any future subscriptions.. pointed out to me quite a while back the lack of .. this month "NO UK IMAGES" in the readers Gallery ~ we're not good enough for a UK "BBC" magazine ... they'll take yer money though ~ no more they won't.
  4. does sound cool I'll have a chat with my alter ego make sure he turns up.
  5. just in case here's the video link I mentioned of Wednesday referencing creating your own "manual" camera rotator ~ 


  6. many thanks for all your help..


    1. emadmoussa


      Shouldn't this be in a private message?

    2. bonzodog


      thanks apoligise

  7. the focusing solution is to get a C mount 0.5 focal reducer - actually managed some Moon images..
  8. absolutely spot on - it's hit and miss.. if you can recommend a particular one let me know..
  9. just ordered a 1.25 .5 focal reducer with C mount so i'll give that a go.. flipping shame cause tis a brilliant camera - determined to crack it.
  10. Hi anyone using a phil dyer video camera on a sky watcher 200p.. how do you get it to focus.. HELP!
  11. ARGH - forget all that.. the dual Power/Video cable supplied was Faulty - just bought a replacement 10m BNC DC cable.. wallah focused puurfect.. - I could almost cry - months and months - all those clear sky sessions wasted trying to get an image on screen - all those various length focal adapters - all those un-answered support emails to Phil Dyer - whatever moving on..
  12. Hi.. I bought a PD Video Camera Dec. last year - to use on my SW 200p reflector - I would like some advise on how to achieve focus - from someone who has succeeded on the SW 200p. i.e. what do I need to place in the eyepiece to get the correct back-focus. I've tried loads of combinations to no avail.. even a sipmle pic. diagram - doing me head in. kind regards.
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