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  1. So good, soooo good, so good in Ha alone already. I do prefer the one with stars though.
  2. Thanks I didn’t notice the green until you say so, I think my pc monitor has a slight different tonne to my iPad screen.
  3. Processed data acquired from March. 1hr integration with Canon 550d + CLS filter & SW250Quattro, not started guiding/dithering a year ago but had the polemaster for bang on polar alignment, so it wasn’t too bad for 12x5min subs Very useful masks made utilising Starnet++ in PixInsight, which helped isolating stars and structures for more aggressive background noise reduction to clean up the noisy canon550d at iso3200.
  4. Last of the few targets i shot with the canon550d-modded back in Mar/Apr. although have now moved onto a cooled OSC, I still won’t part with my modded DSLR, they are still great in my humble opinion 24x180s exposures on SW250F4
  5. Awesome shots, people often overlook what conventional camera lenses can achieve, I think a quality lens is every bit as good as a quality scope
  6. 32x300s exposure, asi294mc-pro+NBX filter on sw 10” quattro as you can see, it’s shaped not too far off the real thing! really happy the filaments are quite well captured, though wish I have a x-ray scope as this object is even better in x-ray (i heard)!
  7. wonderful image! more I look more appealing it becomes How did you combine the 3 different exposures into 1? Did you simply chuck them all into the stacker? Or stacked separately first, then combined, if so which software did you use for the final integration? thanks
  8. Love it with the stars removed (via StarNet in Pixinsight) 1hr (12x5min) + Canon300mm + ASI294mc + IDAS NBX Filter
  9. AR2781 in white light , finally some cool solar activities
  10. Hi wondering if anyone can help. Can light frames in .fits format be stacked with master dark/flat/bias frames in .tiff? when stacking light frames in .fits format, with each of master calibration frames in .tiff, really bad final picture comes out but if I chose all the .fits darks/flats/bias (the individual frames that make up the master), for stacking with the .fits light frames, the stacking Result is fine Do master Calibration frames need to be in same format as the light frames? you can see the picture on the right is the bad one. Both had a simple stretc
  11. Yes I am still interested. Thanks for the pictures pm’d you
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