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  1. Well worth getting up to the mountains at 3am on a ski trip! Skiing in Sauze D’oulx, Italy
  2. Need some help on PST for imaging i can’t gain focus with my zwo camera on the PST , tried a Barlow but no good. Can you advise if you manage to do imaging with a PST? Great if you have a pic of your setup! thanks
  3. I am thinking of getting a EQ3-2 Mount for quick set-up for my solar scope and small refractor As I also need more counterweights for my NEQ6, does anyone know if the weights that come with the EQ3-2 would fit the NEQ6 counterweight bar? thanks!
  4. 130pds on planetary. I love this scope (sometime I do hug and kiss it), proper solid partner earlier for the total lunar eclipse. 10s shot at iso340 from canon 6d
  5. Finally the sky had played nice, cleared the sky just when the eclipse had begun, literally crisp clear sky. Thank god I kept faith and had the rig set up just in case the clouds were to clear. It was well worth getting my fingers numb it was -4’c taken with 130pds on NEQ6 with canon 6d, 10s shot
  6. In my experience not possible, unless you want to turn against the motor. But I suppose the purpose of the auto focuser is to provide handsoff micro-fine focusing without introducing any vibrations (great for visual). So somewhat makes the ds focuser redundant
  7. I watched this video when I got mine(also came with clouds), very comprehensive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpIteLt3xcw&feature=share
  8. 14mm Lens on Canon 6d. 4x20s stacked with 4 darks. Stretched in Pixinsight.
  9. Night of the weekend 17/18 Nov was crystal clear, and I just happened to have two new toys to play with!! newly modded Canon 550d and the Helios 135mm f2.8 lens Pointed the camera towards Pleiades then thought why not try California Nebula! Never shot this target before. Am quite pleased with what 30x120s lights can deliver, I think modding my camera was a great move. Totally forgot taking dark and bias but hey-ho, can’t have it all , and it was 330am bed was much needed!
  10. Hi, anyone here used the little ZWO asi120mc on a Coronadon PST? would like to know if anyone here has actually got this set up and tried. I researched and found mixed reviews, some say its not possible, some say it is possible with 2xBarlow, some say they butchered their PST to make it work. Thanks!
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