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  1. Think the 4 element cc is same as sw’s own apalanatic cc, at least similar. Bit pricier but really great results. I got mine for the f4 imaging Newtonian, thought why not try it on the 130pds and am very happy I tested it
  2. what size newtonian is the kit for? thanks
  3. Hi, is the celestron eyepiece still for sale thank you Angelo

    1. lnlarxg


      Hi Angelo yes it is available

    2. Angelo1


      Hi, how do I arrange with you , sorry , I'm new, I'm looking to build up my 2 inch eyepieces

    3. lnlarxg


      Hi Angelo, you can pay me via PayPal, and once payment received I will send the eyepiece out ASAP . Postage to UK only

      does this work for you? 

  4. Putting on sale my Celestron Ultima-lx 32mm 2”, with both caps. £59 posted, UK only 70deg wide field of view, very good condition. Quality optics, with its wide view its like peering through a spacecraft widow. I used it a few times, loved the view, but realised am not really into 32mm eyepiece so haven’t used it for least a year (in fact I only do imaging now) The front eye cap is tapped up as it had a split, of course it has nothing to do with the glass/optics which are in great condition and quality
  5. Hope you all got your frames with great good signal. Lovely night bye for now ZZzzzzz
  6. How inspiring so many imagers pushing on tonight! Was going to ditch the dark frame effort but going to push on for another half hr to get the darks
  7. Stunning! was tempted to do the same tonight
  8. Good eve fellow gazers, what a clear evening good to see so many of us playing tonigh 50mm widefield play tonight with the Adventurer. Single 5min frame already looking strong. North America and Gamma Cygni in frame, also seeing handful f the left over Lyrid meteors in some frames
  9. Revisited this data last week, lockdown boredom, was a 5hr shot taken in summer 2019 but I abandoned it as I didn’t know how to process it. Still bit rough but much better than last year’s effort last year’s
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