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  1. I got a SW motorised kit for my 12inch dob which already has a DS focuser. i am very happy as when viewing I m totally hands off the scope, it is a joy when doing ultra fine focus with no vibration in the view
  2. lnlarxg

    1st full moon picture

    Didn’t even notice! Gave it a little tweak in lightroom to get the white back more
  3. lnlarxg

    1st full moon picture

    Taken during full moon in Oct. Just had time to process it and wanted to share it
  4. lnlarxg

    Astro mod DSLR

    I have received my 550d modded by Juan on the 5th Nov. The whole transaction took no more than 6days seamless and no hassles. Camera working as it should, received back well packaged and he put the removed filter in a little zip bag. can’t wait to try out my first modded DSLR session!
  5. lnlarxg

    Thoughts on the Startravel 102

    thanks great review
  6. lnlarxg

    Astro mod DSLR

    I have just sent my 550d to Juan yesterday, glad to hear his reputation is excellent and have many happy customers.
  7. lnlarxg

    Skywatcher Reflectors - 130p and 200pds

    Pm’d re 200pds
  8. lnlarxg

    Imaging with the 130pds

    Which cam do you use Roland? Wonderful photos already
  9. Yeah, I think the Lynx astro c adapter will do the job, since FLO is selling the bundle with this adapter included. sounds like a go-ahead for me. I just wanted to see if finder scope is ok for guiding as it just sounded bit too easy and cost effective (cost effective and astro-imaging don’t go hand in hand )
  10. I am a SW130pds fan boy so focal length is merely 650mm, on an NEQ6pro so sounds like t should be ok am looking out for a 200pds so sounds like it is quite future prove
  11. If you do decide to split please put me down for the ZWOasi120
  12. Hi, anyone using the SW9x50 finder scope as a guide scope? does it work ok? I am looking to start autoguiding, and saw that the ZWO ASI120 can be used on the SW9x50, and i want to avoid buying a guide scope if possible. Any reviews/feedbacks will be great!!!
  13. lnlarxg


    What target is this? My starscape knowledge is still pretty rubbish I agree the 6d is fab, I had two crop sensor canons before both are very good but 6d is just that much every bit better, shame 6d has no flip screen This was taken with my 6d at 20s with 14mm Rokinon f2.8
  14. lnlarxg

    My first telescope...

    Dobsonians are great to start with as they are relatively cheaper and can gather a lot of light and therefore let you see more, 200mm diameter is a good start. Skywatcher 200p dobsonian (already mentioned here) is superb.

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