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  1. Hi wondering if anyone can help. Can light frames in .fits format be stacked with master dark/flat/bias frames in .tiff? when stacking light frames in .fits format, with each of master calibration frames in .tiff, really bad final picture comes out but if I chose all the .fits darks/flats/bias (the individual frames that make up the master), for stacking with the .fits light frames, the stacking Result is fine Do master Calibration frames need to be in same format as the light frames? you can see the picture on the right is the bad one. Both had a simple stretch in PIxinsight
  2. Yes I am still interested. Thanks for the pictures pm’d you
  3. But if your st80 comes with the little finderscope I would take that, very handy them
  4. Haha that’s nice suggestions from you for the ad on astrobuysell, unfortunately I missed it, went like hot potato. and I actually don’t need tube rings (if that makes it easier for you to post?) I already have the mountings, just can’t be bothered to swap out my st80 from one scope to the other
  5. That’s great. Would be great if you don’t mind sending me a few pics of the scope before you start wrapping. Once confirmed I can PayPal you £50, then another PayPal transfer for your postage. Hope it works for you
  6. That sounds like it would do, bubble wrap n a box, m willing to take the risk if you accept my offer?
  7. Could you post? As am in Essex. Offer £50+postage?
  8. I would buy the focuser by itself for £130. Would you consider splitting?
  9. Hi Peter, I was hoping to find them for £100.
  10. I think it’s pretty good. Not a planet killer due to short focal length, but still offers great planetary viewing, you can make out Jupiter’s bands and the division on Saturn’s ring. Moon looks very very good for shy of 200£ you get quite good aperture, you can see brighter Nebula but they will be fuzzy, bearing in mind even through a 12” dob the deep sky objects are still dim and fuzzy but for astrophotography, wow it is brilliant, good aperture and quite wide so I think it is a good visual scope for beginner to keen hobbyists, but pretty intermediate to advance for astrophotographers
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