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  1. Yes I have done a little of this. Mostly stacked shortish exposures of 10 to 30 seconds but I am wanting to try the lucky imaging technique with video files.
  2. Beautiful image but the nebula on the right is Hubble's Variable Nebula I think.
  3. Lovely picture Peter and featured in January 2020’s Astronomy Now too I noticed.
  4. You need to find something to fill in the time on a cloudy night at Calvert Peter. Do you remember Don Smith and Jack Newton’s mandolin and banjo duet?!
  5. V nice! I love the break in the dust lane near the core.
  6. I used to use the Astronomik UHC with my old Canon DSLR prior to having it modded. I found the results too red after I had my camera modded and switched to a CLS which gave much more balanced colours.
  7. I was wondering if anyone had used one of these for imaging? They seem very reasonably priced. Worth a punt or should I save a bit longer for the Astronomik one?
  8. I’ve tried to get this but everything I’ve tried wouldn’t work. From the file numbers however I suspect it’s around 11,000.
  9. Having recently purchased a cooled ZWO camera, I am looking for a new home for my Canon 600d. This was Astro modified by Astronomiser and I have owned the camera from new. In very good condition, this comes in original box with charger and two batteries, an Astronomik CLS clip filter, T ring and a programmable remote. Good intro to imaging for someone. £225 plus postage.
  10. Bulgaria for me. Little remote village on Black Sea coast with an international group from the IMO who were doing a joint eclipse/Perseids trip. Lovely clear skies. Took my ETX90 with me and an Olympus OM1 camera loaded with Fujichrome 200 film.
  11. Hi Iain, I remember scanning this region with a friend and his 8 inch Dob about 15 years ago from Millshield, Derwent Res. We could make it out. I must try for it again with the refractor at low power. My 34mm eyepiece gives me about 29x and nearly a 2.5 deg field of view.
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