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  1. I used to use the Astronomik UHC with my old Canon DSLR prior to having it modded. I found the results too red after I had my camera modded and switched to a CLS which gave much more balanced colours.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had used one of these for imaging? They seem very reasonably priced. Worth a punt or should I save a bit longer for the Astronomik one?
  3. I’ve tried to get this but everything I’ve tried wouldn’t work. From the file numbers however I suspect it’s around 11,000.
  4. Having recently purchased a cooled ZWO camera, I am looking for a new home for my Canon 600d. This was Astro modified by Astronomiser and I have owned the camera from new. In very good condition, this comes in original box with charger and two batteries, an Astronomik CLS clip filter, T ring and a programmable remote. Good intro to imaging for someone. £225 plus postage.
  5. Bulgaria for me. Little remote village on Black Sea coast with an international group from the IMO who were doing a joint eclipse/Perseids trip. Lovely clear skies. Took my ETX90 with me and an Olympus OM1 camera loaded with Fujichrome 200 film.
  6. Hi Iain, I remember scanning this region with a friend and his 8 inch Dob about 15 years ago from Millshield, Derwent Res. We could make it out. I must try for it again with the refractor at low power. My 34mm eyepiece gives me about 29x and nearly a 2.5 deg field of view.
  7. Here's a picture of mine. Measured 127cm from the front of the dew shield to the back of my camera with the focused fully racked out. That isn't of course the focus position for this camera (DSLR).
  8. It's a 102 in the pictures rather than a 101 as in the add title. The 102 is an f8.6 doublet and the 101 is an f5.4 petzval I think so they are different beasts. You might want to change the title of the add to avoid confusion.
  9. It's always difficult as a newcomer to get to grips with what is right for you. If you get the chance to go to a star party or a local astronomical society observing meet-up do it. You will get a chance to see all kinds of different instruments in the flesh. Only then will you get an idea of how they perform, how much effort is involved in set up and how easy they are to transport and store. I see that you are in Liverpool. The Liverpool Astronomical Society would be worth contacting if you haven't already. Great bunch of guys.
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