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  1. Axminster Tools looks like Hobby Craft for MEN (and Ladies)
  2. One web site has them out of stock but the price is $2,199.00 That's Dollars not good old UK Pounds
  3. Thanks Flo Love This App, Love the ISS times
  4. Just great Starmap 2 has now come out but can't install it as my PC doesn't like IOS 9.
  5. That looks very neat and compact. The only worry i would have (being so clumsy) is knocking the toggle switches.
  6. That's funny ebay sent refund then today the camera came i'll now have to send him payment if it works.
  7. Just to let you Know Ebay gave me a full refund. Haven't had any emails from the seller just the one for the £4.30 return postage. Cheers Darren aka Seme
  8. It's strange has he seems to have sold them all. I've also opened a case. Today i had my return postage paid back. The one he sent i had to sign for so he must be able to track them. I wonder if he got sent to him a bad batch.
  9. Alkrith How are you getting on did you get the camera. I'm still waiting for my replacement he's trying to tell me i sent him the wrong one back?.
  10. Alkrith did you get your camera OK.
  11. They replyed and i'm just sending it back. blumming ebay i have to pay the return post great.(so it said on his page) So i looks like i might of had a duff one.
  12. Johnno Yes i did yesterday have a little look and there is a 2amp fuse on the power board that has been blown up and it's the plastic lid that's shaking ab
  13. I always look at peoples feedback and he has sold more so i might just have a bad one but i wish they would just get in touch. You will have a good one i bet i'm covered by paypal so not to worried yet. Just a reply from them would have been nice they do package them well.
  14. I hope you never got it from these talit123 mine came but rattles and don't work. Been waiting 3 days for them to reply. Sometimes thing are to good to be true. Seme
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