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  1. Just a little Nudge i must look at retail
  2. Up just in case before i look at retail .
  3. Small Bump if anyone has them.
  4. Hi I'm after if any body has the below Baader 36mm Unmounted Filters. Ha 7nm O-III S-II Please let me know if you have any and how much Many Thanks Darren
  5. Many Thanks for the fast postage all came today safe and sound Cheers Darren
  6. Hi I would like the Trius SX-825 Please Cheers Darren
  7. Hi I would like the :- 1. SX Lodestar X2 - polished finish - works perfectly - £260 If you Split please Cheers Darren
  8. Hi Just a Little moan about old and new scopes ETC. My Wife brought me a Starsense to go with my old Celestron Advanced CG-5 GT Mount and 80ED Scope. Then i payed out for the Cable. All excited to fit the lot together only to find it won't fit the good old 80ED. So Back to FLO (Not there fault i'm not blaming them there really great) Do you sell a finder holder to fit the scope. No Sorry But you could buy a finder shoe base and double side to the scope. A So i the mean time I'm also talking to Celestron who say if it falls of it's not covered and warranty Hahaha. But the Manager said "That he used to own this exact scope and he used a metal file on the finderscope based to make it accept the standard size. If you would prefer not to do this, then you will need a side-by-side plate and a dovetail base like the Orion 7214 or 7215." I also asked why the Handset won't fit in the Holder and why they never stuck a new one with the Handset. No Answer to that. Moan over Cheers Seme
  9. Axminster Tools looks like Hobby Craft for MEN (and Ladies)
  10. One web site has them out of stock but the price is $2,199.00 That's Dollars not good old UK Pounds
  11. Thanks Flo Love This App, Love the ISS times
  12. Just great Starmap 2 has now come out but can't install it as my PC doesn't like IOS 9.
  13. That looks very neat and compact. The only worry i would have (being so clumsy) is knocking the toggle switches.
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