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  1. Still interested in the Baader 36mm unmounted filters Ha, Oiii, Sii if you do decide to split. Cheers Darren
  2. Hi If you do decide to split could i put interest in your Baader 36mm unmounted filters Ha, Oiii, Sii Cheers Darran
  3. Same sort of thing shame there in china eBay item number: 133285967028
  4. At 12.00 theres a Celestron Cardboard box upside down i'm sure it is.
  5. This link has software and it works with most usb relay boards. USB Eight Channel Relay Board for Automation (denkovi.com)
  6. Hi Could i buy this Please PM sent. Cheers Darren
  7. Sorry I know just sitting hear Bored.
  8. These might help. Buy ADVENT The New Vlogger Bundle - Speakers, Gorillapod Starter Kit, Webcam & Microphone | Free Delivery | Currys
  9. Ordered one to. My Daughter has the same as Aston it's hard work sometimes.
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