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  1. "Awful seeing" - But at least you managed a beautiful image.
  2. GONG certainly suggests something brewing. Does any one have a filter to see through cloud and rain?! It's been a miserable few weeks one way or another with the weather conditions.
  3. "Replaced it for £30?" - On a Lunt ? If so it should be covered under warranty. :chinscratch:
  4. Nice capture! There was a promise this morning, but the cloud soon thickened up to prevent me having a look!
  5. I (coughs) quickly cleaned mine with some spectacle spray - so I have it as a back-up spare - to be fair there's a small amount of something stuck on the glass - but the worst of it cleaned off I guess sufficiently well for it to function as a spare.
  6. Just a quick comment to keep me subscribed to this topic! Am impressed with the work done on this, it seems to beat other software options. I'm going to stick my neck out and ask if anyone has been able to solve a conundrum of a spare NexImage 5 (that I have lying about) and a driver hack to get it to work! Otherwise it's back to the purse and a ZWO option from FLO! I've let Mike know on his site that I've had troubles, but someone - somewhere might have a solution
  7. oooh! SkyCam all sky software - Windows and compatible with Imaging Source cameras!
  8. The original OP's aim with this build was to use a NexImage 5 (NI5). Was there success using AllSkEye? I've discovered the software needs ascom drivers, and there aren't any for the NI5 (nor will there be according to Imaging Source). A 120MC is my next option, unless someone can persuade me there's an alternative software I intended to build something using a plastic food box and use it to monitor cloud buildup during the day when solar imaging; and then I thought - why not allsky 24/7 - I there an alternative for AllSkEye?
  9. Artists, putting our interpretation through use of appropriate tools in order to 'entertain' those who view the end results. Much as the Impressionists did with their interpretations of colour in the landscape. We have to remember the white Sun is rarely viewed by many people as being normal - hance the added colourations.
  10. A beautiful aubade....in picture.
  11. NOW you're talking!!!! Wouldn't that be amazing.
  12. Thanks Wim - nothing too drastic! I've dabbled in Linux in the past so it'll be 'interesting' to get back into the mode! Compatible cameras include the NexImage and ZWO range - so.....good!
  13. Verry niice. Can't remember the last time I saw anything but clouds and rain! Weirdly, though, we had an air frost Wednesday morning.
  14. I've come here two years late Having looked at a skycam set up and Raspberry Pi 3 available on Amazon. I'm sure I didn't see anything in the hardware mentioned in this otherwise excellent tutorial - what's the minimum required for remote telescope/camera control - at less than £30 on Amazon, i'd like some ideas on what to get before making my usual mistakes
  15. Believe me, retirement's not easy! It's difficult to fit everything in that you want to do.....
  16. Indeed, it's a two-in-one model. Most users of the daystar seem to suggest you only need the Chromo version - even that can see proms.... Shame it doesn't seem to offer a remote option.
  17. ....... http://www.daystarfilters.com/QuarkGemini.shtml
  18. Now, if only they could loan us one of these .....http://www.daystarfilters.com/QuarkGemini.shtml
  19. Now that's worth the experiment!
  20. FLO gave you one to try out! Generous of them... Nice image..
  21. Good one Alan. I'm still to check mine out the opportunities to see the sun have been limited. Perhaps today, after a frosty night - but who knows looking at the way the cloud is thickening up!
  22. Interesting. You did get the telegraph pole! I wonder if it would be possible to use an old digital camera, and record it that way?
  23. GONG suggests something brewing in the NE corner - can someone Please take my cloud!
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