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  1. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    they are great captures...I didn't even realise that we could capture images so beautifully with this gear .....I have a lot of work to do !!
  2. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    wow ! wow! wow!......this certainly gives me a standard to aim for !! outstanding images!......what programs are you using for stacking and processing? cheers, Andy
  3. Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    I agree with all of the sentiments listed above....its my favourite bit of gear....im still well and truly on the learning curve but here are my efforts on my star adventurer to date.
  4. that looks extremely comfy !!
  5. I have a star adventurer myself and you should be very pleased with your first attempt. I took a lot longer to get my PA right. Your alignment looks great on a long lens...obviously the only issue is focus. if you haven't already .....backyard EOS focusing on live view has really helped me with a sharp focus. cheers and all the best, Andy
  6. Zodiacal light

    We are still blessed with nice dark skies in rural nz. Do come and say hi πŸ‘πŸ‘
  7. My ongoing frustrations with polar alignment with the star adventurer seem to be receding with practice !! Funny that ! Despite my modded 40d running out of battery before I could get any decent shots (poor preparation on my part)......and backyard Eos deciding to shut down after only six of a planned 30 exposure run (any ideas why that could be?) ...it's brand new download and purchase as well πŸ˜•.......despite all of that, I'm pretty pleased with this..... canon 1000d, 70-300mm stock lens set at 100mm, iso1600, 6X120 seconds, 10Xdark, 30Xbias, stacked in dss and processed in gimp. all comment and criticism welcomed. cheers, Andy
  8. The zodiacal light is well placed at the moment for the post dusk sky in NewZealand. this is from my backyard in Hawke's bay last night (17/10/17) , 945pm canon 1000d, stock lens 18-50mm set at 18mm, iso1600, single shot 120 seconds (star adventurer mount) , processed in gimp. all comment and criticism welcomed. cheers, Andy
  9. Mojo!.....missing in action !

    Many thanks Iwols.....that is very reassuring πŸ‘
  10. Mojo!.....missing in action !

    Many thanks Knight, i didn't know about the thirds focussing trick but will certainly give it a go. We have rain forecast for the rest of the week,......so I am going to take a long deep breath and then go back to basics and reset .....as you suggested. Thanks for the blutack tip as well. cheers, andy
  11. I was doing so well.....some pleasing results..... All of a sudden the wheels just seem to have fallen off.......I am really struggling with southern polar alignment with my star adventurer, so my stars are elongated......my RA guiding (just learning the new toy) won't guide.....for the obvious reason that, try as hard as I might, my PA is off......and even with live view and what seems like a good focus, when I come to look at my results they are very soft. All in all, very frustrating. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!!......I feel better now πŸ‘ Im guessing this is a fairly common occurrence for newish imagers? If so, what are your tricks for getting out of this doldrum......I'm guessing that the best way is to put more hours into it ? .....it's sometimes tricky to get the mojo back when it's -3C in the backyard here !! All the best folks and clear skies......rant over πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  12. Thanks Paul.....I suspect as much but just thought I would throw this up here and take advantage of the knowledge of those that have already done this πŸ‘ I suspect that if it constantly had to be online, no one would buy it as it would be so limited.
  13. Greetings all, A quick question here......I am using the free trial version of backyard eos, which I really like and shall be purchasing this product. However, I set all the camera settings, timings etc on my laptop prior to my observing session. I then take my laptop to my photography setup at the dark bottom of my backyard (approximately 20 meters) and so between the house and observing site I lose Internet connectivity. So when I attempt to use it at my observing site it gives me a message about be signed out with my trial license number and won't work at all. Will the trial version only work as long as you are connected to the Internet? .....and is this a problem with the purchased version? I just imagined that you download and off you go? No need to be connected to the Internet? Any advice is gratefully received. Clear skies, Andy
  14. I do...And it is......and it works πŸ˜€ A happy camper here ! πŸ˜€πŸ‘ cheers and thanks !!
  15. Brilliant.....thanks πŸ˜€ Then all I have to do is work out how to guide my star adventurer in RA......it's all a big learning curve ......but fun though thanks again πŸ‘