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  1. IC2118 witches head nebula

    P.s I’m very happy to supply the stacked dss file if anyone wants to use their expertise on processing with it?
  2. Hi all, Here is my first go at the witches head nebula and I am searching for your expert advice and knowledge. This is a total of 80minutes of 3 minute exposures on my dslr and stacked in dss. I have stretched the bejeez out of this in gimp and I am quite frankly disappointed with the detail. I would have thought with an hour and a quarter of data that I would be able to tease something more impressive of the nebula? What do you think? Canon 40d modded 70-300 lens @ 70mm (image heavily cropped) 28X3minutes lights 20xdarks 30xbias No flats (hence the gradient I guess)IC2118 witches head nebulaCanon 40d modded,70-300 lens @ 80mm (image is cropped quite heavily) Iso160028X3min exposures stacked in dss and processed in gimp 28X3min exposures stacked in dss and processed in gimp
  3. Wow! What a steep learning curve photoshop is !? After an evening of hair tearing out.....I finally came up with this. It was taken from my backyard in the Hawke’s Bay NZ on the night/morning of the 31st/1st. Canon 1000d , 75/300 lens at 300mm, star adventurer Mount and various shutter speeds and iso to capture the different stages. Thanks for looking......my poor wife was wondering what all the muttering and swearing was as I explored my new territory of photoshop ! I have now returned to a state of zen 😇 Cheers, Andy
  4. Markarian's Chain

    a wonderful image !
  5. limit of dslr exposure times

    my 40d is modded.....unfortunately my 1000d is not. Im glad I asked the question because it has given forth some very valuable info......so thanks to you all for your knowledge and do keep it coming !!
  6. limit of dslr exposure times

    Hi Adam, Thanks for your information. So to recapitulate your main points here.....less subs in amount but longer subs and shot at a lower iso....this will give better results with the 1000d, yes? In that case, does the same apply for the 40d ?.....my other camera is a modified 40d. cheers and clear skies, Andy
  7. Full frame dslr -your opinion please

    Many thanks Olly, No flak coming from this quarter ! In fact quite the opposite..... You have just saved me a minimum of $1300 i guess as a newbie, things that may seem rather obvious do not necessarily occur to me . Skymap pro here we come.....and thanks heaps for the tips. cheers, Andy
  8. Greetings all, I am getting into all sorts of trouble miscalculating FOV with my cropped sensor dslr’s ...... So my question is the following. In your opinion, which is the best value for money and most suitable for Astro photography full frame dslr for a keen guy on a modest to medium budget. In fact, is there a favourite amongst you? A sort of standard go to camera with a full frame. I look forward to hearing from you, cheers, Andy
  9. limit of dslr exposure times

    Thanks for your interesting reply Nigel. i would be interested in a definitive answer on the iso performance of the 1000D ......anyone from Canon in here ? 👍
  10. limit of dslr exposure times

    My question seems to have elicited some interest......out of interest maybe some of you would like to post your longest single subs on DSLR?.....so that I can see what I can expect out of my camera? clears skies and thanks again to one and all
  11. limit of dslr exposure times

    Many thanks for your interesting answer Bob. I am really not up to speed with dithering at all.....I cant work out how I can move the mount manually in declination without spoiling my polar alignment? 10 minute subs sounds great ! cheers, Andy
  12. limit of dslr exposure times

    Hi Derek, thanks for your reply. It seems to me looking on here and Astrobin that with DSLR people seem to use not much more than 300 seconds (5 minutes) and the multiples of that stacked, maybe this is the optimum? Thanks for approaching the other important question that I forgot to ask, namely the optimum period of time to allow the sensor to cool....i'm afraid my knowledge of these electronics is lacking so all advice is welcomed. cheers, Andy
  13. limit of dslr exposure times

    Thanks Peter, I believe I can use dither with PHD and the star adventurer ? but its a new thing for me so its safe to say i'm on the beginning of the learning curve with dither !
  14. limit of dslr exposure times

    Thanks Adam......that is a concise answer to just what I was looking for . I am glad to see that in the 14C-21C range (my current night temps) that I can get 5 minutes I am very interested in your advice about not using 1600 iso for the 1000D...presumably the boost setting would increase noise for no benefits? anyhow, thanks heaps for your advice. cheers, andy
  15. Greetings all, A question for you all. I am wondering what is the longest useful time for DSLR exposure is before the sensor warms up and causes too much noise? I am using my DSLR (canon 1000D) on a star adventurer but the more I read, the more I realise that there must be an upper exposure time limit before either sensor noise or coma become issues. I usually use iso 800-1600 range and am currently in summertime and do not cool my DSLR. Also I use a stock 70-300 zoom lens (usually at 170 focal length) that has a reasonable high f stop. All thoughts and expertise are very welcomed. cheers, Andy