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  1. Totally agree.... I didn't get much sleep last night before a work day....but I dont care....I'm so happy ! You are right....its a wonderful feeling when the gremlins start to go away and things start going right ! Again, thanks for your help
  2. Hi guys ! Success !! Thankyou so much for your advice .... I love this forum because the advice is so freely given and is of top quality ! So, I didn’t have my spacing right, my measurements were out of whack.....I should have realised this a while ago. Im still not sure how back focus relates to the scope focus but I can now reach focus half way along the draw tube I used the moon as my focus aid I gave it a quick go last night. I’ve also had some issues with guiding but have ironed out some gremlins there as well. The upshot is that for the first time ever I was able to do a 300 second sub !....before the high cloud swept in. You will notice that the focus is a little soft but it’s very much in the ball park and will improve as soon as I attach my eaf. This is the 300 seconds on the Rosette through the Ha filter. Again , thanks so much
  3. Hi guys....a mixture of work and clouds have meant I haven't been able to test my gear out again....but I'm still on it ! Cheers, Andy
  4. Steve and Andy ..... Thankyou so much for this gold info I’m going to configure it as per your advice and see how I go later.... skies are looking good for tonight as well I will certainly let you know how I get on cheers and clear skies, Andy
  5. Hi Steve, many thanks for your reply. I am home now. So this is the configuration as I had it on the night. Focus tube fully extended and asi1600 spaced to the baader filter. I could only just get focus and no focus with the Ha and Oiii filters. Anything strike you as obvious ? thanks so much for your help so far. clear skies, Andy
  6. Thanks for your reply Steve, Im currently using a manual focus. i didn’t try any of the rgb filters .... that was a mistake. I was using 20 seconds at gain 139 for focussing images. Too short for Ha ? I was always under the impression (yep, I don’t really understand the subject of backfocus ) ....that backfocus will not affect focus via the drawtube ? If it’s just totally a matter of backfocus then it should be easily resolvable ! i know that I’ve inadvertently changed something while my setup was stripped down for repair....it’s just a matter of figuring out what ! cheers, Andy
  7. Hi there....and thanks for your reply i mean to say that the draw tube is maxed all the way out. i can’t send a pic of my image train at the moment as I’m away from home for work. i can send one on Friday my focus at the moment is a manual focus. with thanks, Andy
  8. Hi again team, im looking for advice on some focus issues I’m having at the moment. A while ago I had to repair my asi1600mm pro as I had fried the motherboard. I replaced the board and used it again the other evening. My image train is.... SW 150pds Newtonian , baader coma corrector Mark iii , zwo filter wheel, asi1600. I could only just get a focus on the L filter with the focus hub all the way out , something which I had never struck before. I could not get focus at all on the Ha or Oiii filters, just a blank image. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve set up my back focus spacing wrong ? I’m pretty sure I’ve got 55mm between the baader and the camera chip. Im totally at a loss to explain it ?! I have put a pic below of the image I got. This is 240x30second subs on what should be the L filter....it’s actually blank as I don’t have a filter, it’s just nothing in front of the sensor. Its 30 second subs as I am having a nightmare with guiding at the moment.....but that’s another story for later I think for nearly 2 hours of data in short subs I should have gotten something rather better than this. Any suggestions as to how to resolve this would be much appreciated as the whole subject of backfocus leaves me a jibbering wreck
  9. Again, apologies for the late reply. I bought them directly from ZWO who were timely, polite and very efficient.....and quite cheap
  10. Apologies for the VERY late reply ! i was using a powered USB hub and I plugged the wrong power cable into it. It was quite spectacular, with lots of white smoke etc. the upshot was that I toasted the tiny chip next to the USB plug in the camera. My electronics guy who took a look at said that he couldn’t guarantee that other parts of the circuit board downstream from this might be affected too, so I replaced the whole board. Its now working fine
  11. It’s a disconnection event. A change in the direction of the solar wind moves the apparent direction of the tail
  12. Captured 26/12/2021 from my house in New Zealand. This wonderful comet is still putting on quite a show ! canon 6d, canon 75-300mm stock zoom lens. widefield shot @ 135mm and closer shot is @ 300mm 10X 20 and 30 seconds respectively plus calibration frames, @ iso 6200 on a star adventurer Mount. I remain totally impressed with this mount. Clouds obscured sigma octans so I did a guestimate polar alignment and it tracked beautifully. Captured using backyard eos and processed in Pixinsight.
  13. Update !...... I bit the bullet and had a go.... It was a surprisingly simple job but a bit fiddley. My only mistake was overtightening the fan holder screws which meant the fan couldn’t run. A gentle loosening of the screws and a test run in Nina and all appears ticketyboo ! I’m quite chuffed having saved myself a lot of $$$ cheers, Andy
  14. Hi team, A while ago I managed to fry my asi1600mm pro due to over voltage. I have bought a replacement motherboard and fan from ZWO. Does anyone have any experience installing the motherboard into this camera ? I am not an electronics expert and I'm just looking for some emotional support and advice Thank you all in advance, Andy
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