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  1. Many thanks Peter. I think that this setup may have been upgraded to the EQ3.
  2. Hi guys and girls, I have found a good deal for this set up in NZ and am considering a purchase. My main interest is astrophotography but am very budget limited. What are your thoughts on this set up and also, am I correct in thinking that this mount is not fitted with an auto guide port? Thus limiting subs to 30 seconds unguided? I am wondering whether I should just keep filling the piggy bank and wait patiently for an EQ6? Thanks in advance, Andy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Hi there and greetings and welcome. I hope you are enjoying the Hutt. Plenty of clubs and observatories available to you from there. If you can get over the hill to carterton there is the Phoenix astronomical society and they have great meetings and weekends etc. Enjoy the lovely clear skies....I am in the central hawkes bay and love the clarity and seeing. Cheers for now, Andy.
  4. Hi Craig, yes, all of the subs were slightly tracking issues I think. DSS was kind enough to stack them for me anyway and I am happy with the loop but 'must do better' with the pin point stars ๐Ÿ˜€
  5. There is so much wrong with this image that I am hesitant to share it but its an interesting and challenging learning curve! I am very happy with my first capture of at least some of Barnards loop. I was surprised at small the FOV was. Im not sure whether the focus is soft or if it is coma?.....and I need to work on my tracking skills. Barn door tracker. Canon 40D (modded). 50mm prime lens. ISO 800. 60X1min lights, 10X1 min darks. stacked in DSS and a quick process in photoshop. all critique is very welcomed.
  6. The skies have been pretty cloudy over the last few weeks in the central Hawke's bay but a few nights ago it relented just enough for me to sprint out to my backyard and try out my new diffusion filter. I love the way the different star colours show up with this filter. Canon 1000D, 18-50mm stock lens, 6X30 seconds (X2 with diffusion filter), 3X darks, ISO 1600, stacked in DSS and tweaked in photoshop and cropped. comments and criticism welcomed. cheers, Andy
  7. Don't give up the great Boethius said....."and this, too, shall pass"
  8. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice so far .....I will post my efforts in the near future (when i get a good night to image !)
  9. Thanks HJ.....if I could produce something as colourful and rich as that I would be a happy man ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. Thanks John, I will try bracketing with different f stops and see what I get. I didn't realise that I might have to stop it down that much. cheers, Andy
  11. I might add.....that I will be using my barn door tracker with it for timed exposures from 60-180 seconds.
  12. Greetings all, After saving a few pennies, I have invested in a nifty fifty canon 50mm f1.8 prime lens. I know that they need to be stopped back to f2-4 to avoid coma.......but do you all have any further tips with using these? and your favourite targets for the nifty fifty? Remembering of course that I am southern hemisphere based. I intend to use it widefield on my 1000D unmodded and my 40D modded dslr. I look forward to your expertise cheers, Andy
  13. hi Subdwarf.....yes its a replica of the Stonehenge....its open to the public and Richard Hall gives an excellent guided tour of it twice a day. it has a functioning obelisk with an analemma....the talk includes how the seasons work....the stars of the zodiac and constellations....some celestial navigation and also maori folklore and legends regarding astronomy and really is most excellent and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone in here that finds themselves on hols in NZ . it is in Carterton in the north island.
  14. Thanks Mike ๐Ÿ˜€ Must try harder next time to get the SCP in just the right spot ๐Ÿ‘
  15. I used to do film star trails back in the day and I still think that film gives a better result than digital? .......I had trouble with my intervalometer for my would default to an interval 1 second longer than the exposure! I had a 35 second gap between each exposure....hence the gaps in the trails.....and despite using the gap fill option on starstax, very frustrating. Anyhow, despite all that I'm rather pleased with the piccy of my house. Any comments or critical suggestions are most welcomed. Andy. Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 5/2/17 canon 1000D, 18-50mm stock lens @18 mm, f4.5, 32X30seconds stacked in starstax and processed in photoshop.