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  1. Holy moley! In many ways adding colour to the Ha ones seems to make them less dramatic. I need to try harder! Perhaps a move to Florida might help. Our skies have been very uncooperative this last 6 weeks.......
  2. Thanks Den, that's more or less what I expected - but as you say a little tedious. I had a quick look in Sharpcap to see how something similar would be done - but I chickened out as the seeing was rather poor this morning. Now if only AS3 could add colour at the end of the stacking stage!
  3. Nonetheless, very entertaining. As a matter of interest, how did you do this? I was looking at the proms this morning and was tempted to try an animation. Does one take a number snapshots, or bunch of frames?
  4. Good ones Dave - for me it was the other way around. Ca-K good, but by half-nine I was struggling with Ha - was only able to concentrate on the main spot.... No matter how hard I tried I couldn't see any proms - so well done on the Ca-K.....
  5. Struggling a little as turbulence increased. 'Just' the sunspot. Lunt LS60 ZWO ASI 174MM (cool) + 2.25 televue. AS3, imppg for Lucy, refined and coloured in Affinity Photo.
  6. From this morning. First real stab at Calcium-K. 5 piece mosaic. AS3, imppg for Lucy, Affinity-photo for finesse and colour. William Optics GT 102, Lunt 1.25 Ca-K module & Altair 178mm cam
  7. I'm just envious of all these folk who keep seeing the sun! That current bun keeps alluding me! Smashin' image, though. p.s.which cam?
  8. Still water cooling? I'm looking at an old peltier from a PC - though I can't get it to do much - probably kaput ( though the fan works! ).
  9. Is this project still working Gina?
  10. Here goes.... The pump and piping is inside a heavy steel(?) box attached to the base of the outer box. Blue is the pump. Green the rechargeable battery White is an air cyclinder The bit hanging out the top contains a valve that is primed by a spring - somehow. The 'leak' if I have one is within this area - Lunt say they've had 'problems' with the spring in the past - just stretch it [ but that didn't cure my particular issue ].
  11. I see you still have that box connected via USB, even given it's right beside you What pressure do you need to get details. I seem to vary between 12.5psi on one day and 18.3 another! My logs suggest I've used mine for around 25 hours over the last year and a bit, and it's leaking somewhere. Lunt are helping, but we're not getting anywhere with a solution. The inside of the box is enlightening - and I still don't know where the money goes - it's really 'just' a glorified car-tyre pump, and I have one of those for 50 quid or so.....(though you still need the extra bit to the etalon chamber). p.s. If you want to see what's inside, I can drop a photo or two....
  12. I seem to get one slight horizontal band, maybe equator area.
  13. Love the size comparisons .....
  14. The potential is there! You have, at least, a prom..... Have you tried flats to sort out Newton, and what cam is this?
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