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  1. Aye - but in the context of the cost of the telescope and the cameras and the tripod and the mount .....
  2. Interesting. I have a similarly noisy sensor on my 120MC. A recent image....A lot of my dots don't move :D. Even as low as 5 seconds I seem plagued with the little pests. Gain, I have as low as 20 to try and get rid of them... Many of my images have vertical lines, too. Perhaps I need to improve my focus, but I'm close to throwing this camera in the nearest bin! p.s. I'm also using AllSkEye software - but the bad pixel mapping is befuddling me!
  3. I invested in a Lunt PC Controller because I sit comfortably indoors while it all happens outside
  4. If it has clearance then should be ok. Otherwise it'll be a simple loosen of that clamshell and turn of the ota. Good luck - I'm still waiting on calmer weather, with a bit more warmth!
  5. There is a separate settings section in the list of adjustments in AllSkEye for both ZWO and Altair cameras. It's best to check with Mike, though, on his site.
  6. Is that the 'best' way round? It might be a bit awkward adjusting the tuner if it's facing downwards....
  7. Have you asked Mike at AllSkEye?
  8. email just dropped in my inbox.... With Lunt Solar Systems new Modular Telescope line up, versatility is the name of the game! Say Hello to the NEW LS60MT, LS80MT, LS100MT & LS130MT Truly an all in one telescope experience; each can easily be configured between Hydrogen Alpha, White Light, Calcium K, Night Time and Terrestrial Uses, in minutes!
  9. The things we do! Worth it though! Way too windy here now and unlikely to improve muchly next few days. Mind the BBC forecast promised tons of snow and wind, and we're still waiting....
  10. Rolls Royce quality! Or would that Pentax one be a Porsche
  11. Very fine stitching, can't see any
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