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  1. How do you fit an IR filter? The lens I use has a inner protuberance that almost touches the sensor. Indeed ZWO warn that their standard one has to be screwed in place carefully.
  2. Intriguing and surprising what one can pick up from the airwaves! I did wonder what you were doing with that antenna outside at night
  3. Lunt LS12CaKMDd2 Ca-K Module with B1200 Blocking Filter in Star Diagonal for 2" Focuser - I purchased it from 365 ( only place that had it in stock at the time! )
  4. Thanks Nigella - in the end I did get the module, but you've gotten some good results there.... p.s. at least you have some sun!
  5. I second solarchatforums for that kind of comparison. Interestingly, some prefer single rather than double, so it may also turn out to be a very personal choice. Not much good unless you can test yourself before purchase!
  6. Stunning image, and poem. Thank you for sharing.
  7. May I hijack this thread slightly for more on the sync issue. ( p.s. I found our yesterday that eqmod needs a check to save sync points, so they can be stored for the next session ). Does a set of star syncs still work during the daytime, for Solar work? - logically it should, but I would appreciate confirmation. Is there any point in syncing the Sun, or indeed the Planets? I use Sharpcap - the polar alignment procedure is brilliantly easy to use - and CDC.
  8. I have the 60, like yourself. In previous browsing I have often read that the increase to 80 is barely noticeable, whilst the increase to 100 would be. However that's without adding in the UK atmospheric conditions. Perhaps the folk on solarnut would be a better place for the question. I think more than a few on there use the larger version, and are located in the UK.
  9. I moved up from film to the lunt herschel - well worth it - plus I add a continuum to the camera. Everything goes up a few notches.....
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