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  1. At least you do have some sun! Good clean captures.....
  2. There's no harm in sending them the images, even if just to clarify whether it's OK. I'd try the main US contact.
  3. Alan, contact which is closer to you. Though Faye at Lunt USA may oblige. I'm told mine is on its way, from Germany - only taken 10 days since despatch to not yet appear! It must be a new stock they have, which is why I've been waiting ages
  4. Thanks chaz, I think my problem, though seemingly common, is slightly more nuanced in that its a material breakdown rather than some thing on the filter that can be cleaned.
  5. Interesting chaz, no one at Lunt, or at TH, have said anything to me other than to replace it. Mind if it isn't here by next week I might just give a polish option. btw, another day with almost wall to wall sunshine to compound my misery - on the bright side the weather forecast last night said it would be raining today!
  6. Just had confirmation that a filter departed Bresser on Friday. Ironically, or coincidence, the same day I gave TH a nudge asking for an update!
  7. You maybe right Dave. I'll learn the lesson to go direct the next time, though I understood TH were part of Bresser, and the UK point of contact for Lunt. I seem to have had more luck going via Faye in the States? Usually I find TH very good, but.....!
  8. After almost 3 years of frustration I discovered my green/blue filter was badly marked, no wonder I couldn't get any imaging done - blaming mostly myself and my camera. I'm waiting almost 4 weeks for a replacement from Bresser via TH, so far; so I mailed Lunt US on Monday and a replacement should be on its way - but the service so far has been sub-par for me!
  9. You are spoiling those of us under the clouds!
  10. Nice ones - I got a few shots yesterday in WL - but need to experiment more with my flats!
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