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  1. Best view of neptune was around 8 years ago with my CpC800 could just make out some small detail. I would like to do some imaging now I have an imaging setup.
  2. I took a few 2 minutes exposures of different evenings and can just see it moving against the stars in the background.
  3. Throught my CPC1100 its pretty small too at the moment, plenty of other stuff to see until Mars gets closer.
  4. Does it matter what compound of metal the bearing are made of? Different toughness etc?
  5. Glad you got it sorted so now just clear skys needed
  6. Hi I havent connected the mount up yet as I was going to polar align in sharpcap first.
  7. Hi guys thanks for the help. I managed to get this so far. so getting there.
  8. I just get a white screen like this.
  9. Hi I have tried the Altair on camera selection. Altair ascom and altair 2015/2016 drivers. Exposure is set to 2 seconds. Here is my camera settings. I hav
  10. Hi I just received mysetup yesterday a 107 triplet 6.5 and asi 1600mm pro all working first try last night. I have a Altair 60mm Guide Scope & GPCAM2 Mono Guide Camera Package. The guide camera is the Altair aor130 this is the problem setup. From here https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/altair-60mm-guide-scope-gpcam2-package.html#SID=1729 When in Smartcap i can focus on something in the daytime and see it. When I use PHD2 i don't see anything except a white screen. If i cover the end of the guide scope the screen goes black. I have tried altering the gain etc without luck 2nd day trying to get it to work in PHD2. Any tips? Regards David
  11. I will try and get some images of these at some point. Need some clear skies. Very interesting article and good read.
  12. Prolifics

    Dew Controller

    Looking for a dew controller 1 to 4 port.
  13. I am Bortle 5 here. Having light pollution filters help alot. Especially if in cities or urban areas.
  14. Thanks Jimothy for the good advice. I have been using Sharpcap for my Polar Align as I got a free license with my Altair Guide Cam. Maybe you could use teamviewer off of your pc to the tablet so that you can control the app via pc?
  15. Got the Nebula and stars perfect. Nice work!
  16. May take the C11 out before my AP setup arrives later this week. I think I picked a good time to do AP with Galaxy season upon us. Clear skies for all!
  17. I was going to go the HyperStar route with my C11 but I think I will wait and see what the Rasa 8 and 9.25 inch rate in the next few months before jumping in. I think the Rasa are excellent on the reviews I have seen so far as long as you only use it for Imaging.
  18. Thank You for the quick reply. I am glad I am heading in the right direction. I am trying my hand at Astro Imaging as I found taking a large heavy scope outside just for viewing a bit much after a while. I took a 6 year break and now just getting the bits togther. I should have my full setup here end of this week. Fingers crossed
  19. Prolifics


    I am going to give this one a try. If you have a unit and its not for you then please message me.
  20. Prolifics

    Save the Date

    I am hoping to make it. Just need to clear the diary
  21. Beautiful colours and stars. What did you use for post processing?
  22. Nice first try! Did you use dark, Bias and flat frames?
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