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  1. More blue less saturation.
  2. 60 x 60 seconds LUM 30 x 120 Seconds Red 30 x 120 Seconds Green 30 x 120 Seconds Blue 40 Darks 40 Flats 40 Dark/Flats Bortle 5/6
  3. I hope you don't mind i tried to get more information out of your image.
  4. First post process of this image. Hubble Pallette 60 x 2 minute HA 40 x 2minute S2 40 x 2 Minute O3 40 Darks 40 Flats 40 Dark Flats Bortle 5
  5. Hi Mark Yes that was the next thing I was going to try with Starnet++
  6. 1st try in processing. 2nd ever Narrowband. 40 x 2 minute HA 30 x 2 Minute S2 30 x 2 Minute O3 40 Darks 30 Flats 30 Dark Flats Critcism welcome.
  7. Think theres a little less noise and some more colour.
  8. My first ever Narrow band image. 30 Minutes each of 5 minute exposures HA, O3 & S2 using Hubble Palette in Pixinsight. Gain I made a mistake should have been 200 but used 75 as I reloaded Nina and forgot to change it back from defaults The 03 filter is giving me halo's on big stars. I need to find out how to fix this (Either by hardware or post processing). I have some elongated stars on 2 sides. Caused mainly by the 5 minute exposures. Tilt maybe an issue? Guiding was 0.53 RMS.
  9. Just added a lot more colour for the colour addicts. Neutralised background and done a colour correction.
  10. Thanks Mark its my 5th or 6th ever image I was just messing with my back focus and decided to take a short amount of exposures
  11. First time using pixinsight. Huge learning curve.
  12. Let us know what your tracking RMS is like. Hoping for around 0.8 RMS with good polar alignment.
  13. Just arrived 5 minutes ago and I looked at the forecast and got this
  14. I will take a look right now many thanks.
  15. Just had another play maybe too much but I think I have more colour
  16. Thanks for the info. I will try longer exposure again. Having huge problems with all these Elon Musk satellites wizzing across my frames so thats why I shortened them. I am wondering how to get more colour in photshop do I increase the saturation?
  17. Unforunately I don't have the expertise to post process. It a little dull. I think the data is ok though.
  18. Just a quick 20 minute post process in photshop. 50 x 45 second Lum 30 x 60 second Red 30 x 60 second Green 30 x 60 second Blue Gain 75 Offset 15
  19. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I shortened it by 0.5mm and it made it worse. I need to put that spacer back on and add another Thanks for the help.
  20. Hi here is an example of where my elongated stars are from the direction they are going can you tell if I need to shorten or lengthen the back space? Cheers David
  21. Yes I am hoping so. As soon as I get a few hours of clear skies I will restest with a short 20 second exposure to eliminate star trailing. Hopefully it will be better.
  22. Hi I have uploaded my highest scoring Lum file from a couple of nights ago. There is some funny star shaped in it especially around the edges. I am using A TS 107 Triplet with a 2 inch TS optics 0.79 focal reducer. EFW filterwheel and a Zwo asi1600mm pro Cmos camera. By using the the adapters and adding them all up I get 56mm backfocus. According to this chart from TS Optics I need an extra 1mm. Information from them here.... Back Focus - distances from the T2-thread to the camera sensor depends on the focal length of the telescope: ♦ Focal Length to 350 mm .... 70 mm ♦ Focal Length to 420 mm .... 65 mm ♦ Focal Length 450-500 mm ... 61 mm ♦ Focal Length 510-600 mm ... 58 mm ♦ Focal Length 610-700 mm ... 57 mm ♦ Focal Length 710-790 mm ... 56 mm ♦ Focal Length from 800 mm .. 55 mm My scope is 700mm So I am rigth on the end of one of those calculations. Today I stripped everything down and checked everythintg. I was using a 1.2mm washer to get the extra 1mm distance but the washer was a hard plastic type and when I measured the gap it was more than 2mm. I managed to find some soft type washers in my old ZWO box remove the old one and put a thinner one in which is giving me around 0.9mm gap. Giving me a total of 56.9mm. Instead of 58.1mm Do you think that should fix the problem? Can 1.2mm out make my stars look like this or have I got another problem. Not had chance to take the scope out to test the new configuration due to the usual clouds. Any help would be great. Single frame is of M3. Thank you for any help in advance. 2020-05-20_00-25-06_Lum_-20.00_60.00s_0018.fits
  23. It's all looking good! I appreciate the time you have put into this. Thank you for that. It was all about producing better and better images which has happened. But perfecting each thing you do is very time consuming This is why this hobby is so fantastic. I need to spend more time watching whats going on rather then spend lots of time setting up and then leaving it on a plan for several hours doing nothing. David
  24. At least we know they are not par focal all same manufacturer . Blue was taken last and would have been coldest part of the night probably 3c less than when Lum was taken. Order Lum R G B David
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