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  1. Hi Wim, I managed to do the darks same temperature gain offset and exposure time as my lights. I may have found something else I was doing wrong. I was using the same master flat frame for each colour. This time I done them all seperate. I have replaced the files and re-uploaded them. All with 30 frames of lights and 60 darks. I also saved them in 32 bit Tiff format as to not lose any data. Hopefully you will have time to look at these and see if its the darks not being added has caused this problem or something else I need to work on. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/skqoxrbe5huosg4/AAAdQ_UEP0XsX0S0b6oBPiiKa?dl=0 Kindest regards David
  2. Thank you for that. My flats are taken with APT with an ADU of 25000. Using a lit flat panel and a white T-shirt. I am not using a flattener yet. Any suggestions? I will take some darks tomorrow remake all the LRGB files again in Deepskystacker and see how that does. Then I will know for sure. Regards David
  3. Thats basically what I do when I stack. I don't use bias frames as apparently my Cmos camera dosn't need them. I have been doing 1 min exposures. I think it may be better aiming for 3 minute ones to bring in more stars. I still need to work with the gain and see whats best on certain objects.
  4. Wish I could afford that program My stars are not sharp and numerous like other pictures. I think it's more exposure time and gain settings that you were saying. Any good pointers would be appreciated but first I need to know if its my data or my post processing. I think its both Cheers for looking at it for me! Oh by the way there are no dark frames yet only flats. I still havent took them Kindest regards David
  5. Hi Wim, I think I am a little out of focus but here is a link to my stacked LRGB files it would be nice to see what you can get from it, to see if my data is any good. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/skqoxrbe5huosg4/AAAdQ_UEP0XsX0S0b6oBPiiKa?dl=0 Regards David
  6. Hi Win All my equpment is in my signature. It's not far different from yours except the smaller scope I only had half your data and don't think I autofocused before the session as I was just playing with my new hypertuned mount. HWFM and HDR normall around 1.3 when i focus. I'm using unity game on my ZWO asi1600mm pro. 139/50 the 50 is so it shift the histogram to the right slightly and dosnt crop it. I was using gain 75/15 but saw a youtube video and decided to give the new gain a go. Plus my post processing is just basics. Adjusting curves and levels. Removng noise and making an RGB layer and adding the Lum channel. Thats about all I can do sa far. This is my 4th ever image Regards David
  7. Thanks everyone! It worked and with my rubbish post processing I got this in 10 minutes with very limited data. This .jpg so very low detail. Iris Nebulae of course
  8. Thanks Wim I am going to try that shortly. I had already used a reference frame but one for each colour now I see the problem. I will let you know if it works for me. Kindest regards David
  9. Also using deepskystacker to register LRGB. darks and flats all togther as one lump works fine but not sure if I can work with that in photoshop. So if it can align is there an option to compare frames from each stacked colour? Cheers David
  10. Hi Sean Thanks for your reply. Each colour is stacked and aligned by itself. But each colour has drift like you said of a few millimeters. Isn't there a program that aligns your LRG and B data after they are stacked? For an example say I take 30 exposures of Lrgb 1 night then decide to finish it in 2 months time. They are going to be slightly different. Here are examples of my RGBL data as you can see the stars have rotated slightly. My mount has just been hyptertuned and was guiding at 0.40 average in PHD2. Polar aligned with Sharpcap to 00.08 on each or better. L 60x 1 Min R 30 x 1 Min G 30 x 1 Min B 30 x 1 Min 30 Flats of each 60 Darks Finally RGB when put in there channels without luminance. Now you can see the green and blue where we arent alligned with each other. Regards David
  11. Hi guys I am suffering to being able to understand something as a new imager. I imaged an object that went past meridian and my mount done a automatic meridian flip but from then on the pictures were upside down. Using APT I put them in deepsky stacker and made a reference frame for each of LRGB images and got them all to stack fine and saved them as L.tiff R.tiff G.tiff and B.tiff. Each colour are aligned fine. (now each colour are all the same way up) However when i put them in photoshop when I make an RGB channel and paste each one in I get red and green dots in the RGB master which shows although each colour are aligned they are not aligned with each other. So question is when I have stacked each LRGB although individiually they are stacked fine how do I get them to stack with each other. Stars are slightly missaligned in each colour to each other. Very hard to describe but hopefully you understand. Thanks in Advance David
  12. Hi yes i can deliver. I have plenty of shrink wrap at cost postal price
  13. Hi Michael Found 20 minutes of gaps between clouds tonight done all the things you mentioned and with hazy clouds was getting between 40 and 90 snr on quite small stars. Thats a big improvement and I think will solve the issue and be even higher without clouds. I also loaded up sharpcap and turned on polar align. I have never had more than 9 stars detected it was at 19 tonight Oh and that was on gain 1x using the ascom altair driver. Did not get chance to up the gain clouds rushed in fast! Thanks for all your help in this matter Regards David
  14. Starlight Xpress Lodestar USB 2.0 with original cable. New and unused. Bought several years ago but no need for it. £195 Free Shipping Link here http://www.iankingimaging.com/show_product.php?id=677 May swap for asiair or zwo asi 120mm guide camera.
  15. Just a note been looking through my last PHD2 logs and my HFD is beween 2.2 and 7 averaging 3.8 which i guess is not good?
  16. Many thanks that was the next question I have been focusing on objects about 40 m away and it works fine so not sure what the problem is. I am using the adapter that came with the guidecam so you can get focus.
  17. Hi thanks for the advice. My guide scope is listed in my signature. Only thing I havent tried is the HDR below 3 I will check it but cloudy skies here for a while and get back to you. Regards David
  18. Hi Michael I am struggling to get a snr of more than 15 mostly around 4 to 8. Guiding stars are sometimes lost. Regards David
  19. Paying fair price. Pleae send me a pm.
  20. Hi having a few issues with my guiding and focus. Just a couple of questions especially if you have one of these guiding scopes. 1) Which driver should I use Altair or ascom altair? I am using eqascom setup. 2) What gain should I use on the guide camera as a ballpark? Some say gain 1x (lowest) if you can set in ascom if using the Altair Ascom driver. Finally a link to my actual guidescope. I have also in phd2 software set the noise reduction to 2 x 2 mean as recommended by several people. https://www.altairastro.com/Altair-GPCAMv2-130-Mono-Guide-Imaging-Camera.html Many thanks
  21. MDS-C11- MDS Series Dovetail Bar for Celestron 11″ SCT Telescope https://www.admaccessories.com/product/mds-c11-mds-series-dovetail-bar-for-celestron-11-sct-telescope/ Fits all Celestron 11″ OTA’s including CPC and HD models. Curved radius blocks and mounting hardware include. Uses existing mounting holes in OTA. 18″ long, 1.5″ wide, .625″ thick, Wt.16 oz. R100- 100 mm Adjustable Rings with Delrin Tipped Thumb Screws https://www.admaccessories.com/product/r100-100-mm-adjustable-rings-delrin-tipped-thumb-screws/ £89 for both Collection Only.
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