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  1. Hi again Adrian No problem I do that a lot myself I think I got the PHD2 tracking great and the focus acceptable. Just need a clear night and try with flats and darks. A never ending learning process thats why I am enjoying it so much I usually stay up until i go unconscious Then I realise I need to bring the scope and mount in as well as all the wires. I need to organize myself and finish 45 minutes earlier so I can take the flats just before I fall to the ground Have a good sleep.
  2. Hi Adrian Thanks again for all your help. As I stated above there is no flats or darks in this image. I did not want to complicate matters and wanted to try and fix focus issues etc. Would you suggest next to use some flats and darks taken on the same evening as I take some exposures? I also am waiting on my light panel to arrive. So seeing there are no darks or flats in these stacked images I think they have turned out ok ish This is still my 2nd ever object I have imaged. Next to the flats and darks. My theory on Darks is to take: same length of Exposure as lights Same Gain and offset as Lights Complete darkness and temperature as of lights taken. Flats will need experimenting with via APT Flats maker and a suitable Light source. Also Using FWHM in Sharpcap making the square reitcle smaller over a star also brings down the Focus number Also PHD2 guiding on my gear modded eq6 pro was 0.51 over 1.5 hours. There was a time that for 35 minutes no corrections to the graphs were ever made. I though that this was an error but it was guiding at 0.23 (total error) then I run Phd2 guiding right out of the box as to say and don't even bother with the guiding assistant. Kindest regards David
  3. Hi Adrian Your right about moon and short time to aquire an image. I decided to take 20 x 1 minute exposures in LRGB I stacked them in DSS without dark or flats. I wanted to eliminate any problems. Link not M81 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/skqoxrbe5huosg4/AAAdQ_UEP0XsX0S0b6oBPiiKa?dl=0 Firstly I wanted to see if the focus was better and if I eliminated those red problems. Please give me your views if you have any time on your hands to download the new data of a new object. I noticed I have no claw marks now (probably caused by bad flats). But I still see what looks like coin size circles around SW of centre. Are these from the filter wheel or dirt? Scope is brand new nearly. When I load my masters into PS they are RGB/32 bit. I saved them in DSS as 16 bit not sure either why they are not greyscale when I load them in? Look forward to your honest opinions Kindest regards Davd
  4. Hi Adrian Out with the scope used Sharpcap and used the Bahtanov mask and focused exactly the middle spike to the centre. Then went to FWHM Measurement mode in Sharpcap showed as 5.6 I used the fine focuser and got the bars down to low yellow average 3.3. It won't go any lower than that. 3.3 Obviously an improvement over 5.6 whcih is where my setting were on my first upload. I also found huge movement in my EQ6 Pro mount on the dovetail head of over 6mm Tightened the 3 tap screws and re-aligned for home park position. So tonight I aim to do some 2 minute exposures. I will let you know how they turn out if they look OK i'll upload them so you can take a look. I think I am heading in the right direction Thank you for all your valuable help! Kindest regards David
  5. I have Sharpcap as it comes free with my Altair GPcam2 aor130 but I first started using SGP for focus with the mask by right clicking picture and using the HDR option on the menu. Not sure how to do that with Sharpcap will take a look later. But if i change camera it will de-license itself as its only a full version with the Guidecam above selected. I use Sharpcap for my Polar Alignment. I will investigate in a better light source for my flats some sort of evenly lit panel that has different brightness options and try the flats again. I will stop the bias frames from now on. I will also investigate options in DSS so they don't save as RGB and ssave as Greyscale. After that lot is sorted I may see some of the problems go away
  6. Thanks for the constuctive criticism. For the Lum i stacked dark flat and bias with the lum only data. I used HDR to 1.6 on SGP and APT. I will need a routine to improve my focus Flats do have a problem I need to get a better light source.
  7. Hi Adrian Thank you for taking the time to do that. I focused with a Bahtonov Mask checked it in APT HDR was around 1.6. I took my flats by placing a white t-shirt over the lens in a near dusk scenario. I used APT to help me set up the flats with a 16000 ADU. 20 flats, 20 darks and 20 bias. There was approx 17 frames of each at 3m exposures LRGB totaling around 3h 45 minutes in total. I did have some problems in PHD2 at some point. The graph went AWOL! Guiding was averaging 0.72 in general. I inspected each frame. Not sure what to do about the RGB stacked images I just saved each stacked colour as .tiff. Should I be saving them as greyscale? Loaded up each colour seperately in DSS and flats, dark and bias. Stacked good pictures as saved. Used options from many Youtube tutorials. Also to the left of centre mainly looks like my cat got her paws on the canvas Not sure what caused this maybe Dew drips? Regards David
  8. Hi I got my first ever data on M81 been trying to post process this data. Learning but not really getting anything. I just wanted to see if the data was any good. Files are LRGB master .tiff files. I have stacked them with Flat, Darks and Bias. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/skqoxrbe5huosg4/AAAdQ_UEP0XsX0S0b6oBPiiKa?dl=0 If you feel like playing to show me if my data is viable or not would be appreciated. Regards David
  9. Williams Optics Megrez 72 FD (Unused) I bought this as part of my astro imaging setup but never did get it up and running. Brand new, never used, mint condition. Collection Only so you can inspect at your leisure. £325
  10. I easily manged 5 minute expsures last night but decided to collect 3 minute data. Had a problem with snagging on the leg adjusted on the tripod of the EQ6 pro. Got my Guiding to 00.68 averaged over 2 hours. That should be good enough without further fine tuning. I bought Annies Plugin but you have to first convert your stacked images to 16 bit before you load them or all her scripts pop up with errors. Not sure what order you need to do these scripts in as I cant find a video on LRGB using her actions. There is one on youtube but its for HA and O3 staring with colour image. Another clear sky tonight. I guess I will grab some more data on M81 Clear Skies.
  11. Thanks for that. I play if a band too if thats what you do I will try that tomorrow. I have clear skies here and telescope is already out. Going to test some longer exposure times and try to get my phd2 guiding down even more.
  12. Thanks again for you quick replay and advice. I have used Deep sky stacker loaded in Lum pics x 10 and added bias and darks (no flats yet) and created a master tiff file. Done the same as we are speaking for RGB. Whats next on the menu? So just to reiterate I have 4 master tiff files LRGB.
  13. Thank you for that. I am in the very beginning early days. You need the data to be able to produce something. I am gathering data and trying to improve on that so the data is good. I am only on my 4th night out so plenty of time to learn post processing. I have Lightroom and Photoshop. I won't be purchasing Pix Insight which is well outside my buying range as an amateur. I have watched a lot of post processing video's and many do things from many different angles. I suppose it's whatever works for you and whatever you are happy with. Next I am going to experiment in raising exposures to 3 minutes. Just wandering if I use 3 minute exposures for RGB should the Lum be less? or is 3 minutes ok?
  14. This is just raw LRGB data no darks flats or bias. I just loaded them all into deepsky stacker and stacked them all.
  15. Just stacked 10 x 1 min of LRGB in deep sky stacker. Still black and white though not sure why. Forgive me I am a complete beginner. No post processing yet This was really a test to check out my setup and guiding etc. Need to work out best exposure times and make some darks, flats and bias. Using asi1600mm pro gain 76 offset 15 -20c. Any advice would be a god send
  16. Thanks for confirming that. OK i loaded up all my programs in a different order with phd2 last and it now has connected Took a few combinations and tries. Still have issues. Everything connects until I connect phd2 and then it disconnects all my other programs.
  17. Hi yes com3 as it always is just checked it in device manager too. I take it i don't need the telephone connection to by autoguider port anymore as my guide camera is piggy backed to my main cmos camera?
  18. OK i tried that it says does not support st4 so I canged that back to ascom pulsing now eqmod loads and says this.. Com port is not being used by anything else i am running it alone.
  19. I just ran PHD2 as admin and now i get all these options Think it's fixed... Which one should i be using? Heq5/6 as in the rest of my programs?
  20. I'm using version 2.6.6 and mount control is fine,
  21. Yes all installed everything working fine except ths problem. Stellarium scope stellarium APT SGP all running at the same time without faults.
  22. I have connected the telephone type socket cable for st4 guiding between the altair Gpcam and the mount autoguider port. PHD2 now allows me to connect to the ON-Camera option. I hope this will work. I have also configured my eqmod driver to ST4 guiding instead of Ascom Pulseguiding. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards
  23. Hi wondered if anyone could help. I have an old EQ6 Pro mount. There is no ascom driver or sywatcher eq6 mount in the selection in phd2. I have downloaded the skywatcher eq6 drivers from ascom for telescopes and mounts but it just tries to uninstall drivers when I run the setup program everytime i run it. I tried rebooting the pc between installations. These are the only options I get in the mount selection only the Gpint options connect. Everything else works fine via eqmod and all my other software. I have disconnected all my connectons in all software and tried PHD2 on its own. Here is the install screen of the skywatcher eq6 driver from ascom. Even after a computer restart it will do the same thing if I trya nd reinstall again.
  24. Ok the ASPS Plate solving is now working had to sepend the whole day reinstalling windows 10 and setting everything up again Something to do with permissions which i couldnt fix. Partly to do with a corrupted file system. Thanks for all the help guys!
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