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  1. Thanks again for you quick replay and advice. I have used Deep sky stacker loaded in Lum pics x 10 and added bias and darks (no flats yet) and created a master tiff file. Done the same as we are speaking for RGB. Whats next on the menu? So just to reiterate I have 4 master tiff files LRGB.
  2. Thank you for that. I am in the very beginning early days. You need the data to be able to produce something. I am gathering data and trying to improve on that so the data is good. I am only on my 4th night out so plenty of time to learn post processing. I have Lightroom and Photoshop. I won't be purchasing Pix Insight which is well outside my buying range as an amateur. I have watched a lot of post processing video's and many do things from many different angles. I suppose it's whatever works for you and whatever you are happy with. Next I am going to experiment in raising exposures to 3 minutes. Just wandering if I use 3 minute exposures for RGB should the Lum be less? or is 3 minutes ok?
  3. This is just raw LRGB data no darks flats or bias. I just loaded them all into deepsky stacker and stacked them all.
  4. Just stacked 10 x 1 min of LRGB in deep sky stacker. Still black and white though not sure why. Forgive me I am a complete beginner. No post processing yet This was really a test to check out my setup and guiding etc. Need to work out best exposure times and make some darks, flats and bias. Using asi1600mm pro gain 76 offset 15 -20c. Any advice would be a god send
  5. Thanks for confirming that. OK i loaded up all my programs in a different order with phd2 last and it now has connected Took a few combinations and tries. Still have issues. Everything connects until I connect phd2 and then it disconnects all my other programs.
  6. Hi yes com3 as it always is just checked it in device manager too. I take it i don't need the telephone connection to by autoguider port anymore as my guide camera is piggy backed to my main cmos camera?
  7. OK i tried that it says does not support st4 so I canged that back to ascom pulsing now eqmod loads and says this.. Com port is not being used by anything else i am running it alone.
  8. I just ran PHD2 as admin and now i get all these options Think it's fixed... Which one should i be using? Heq5/6 as in the rest of my programs?
  9. I'm using version 2.6.6 and mount control is fine,
  10. Yes all installed everything working fine except ths problem. Stellarium scope stellarium APT SGP all running at the same time without faults.
  11. I have connected the telephone type socket cable for st4 guiding between the altair Gpcam and the mount autoguider port. PHD2 now allows me to connect to the ON-Camera option. I hope this will work. I have also configured my eqmod driver to ST4 guiding instead of Ascom Pulseguiding. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards
  12. Hi wondered if anyone could help. I have an old EQ6 Pro mount. There is no ascom driver or sywatcher eq6 mount in the selection in phd2. I have downloaded the skywatcher eq6 drivers from ascom for telescopes and mounts but it just tries to uninstall drivers when I run the setup program everytime i run it. I tried rebooting the pc between installations. These are the only options I get in the mount selection only the Gpint options connect. Everything else works fine via eqmod and all my other software. I have disconnected all my connectons in all software and tried PHD2 on its own. Here is the install screen of the skywatcher eq6 driver from ascom. Even after a computer restart it will do the same thing if I trya nd reinstall again.
  13. Ok the ASPS Plate solving is now working had to sepend the whole day reinstalling windows 10 and setting everything up again Something to do with permissions which i couldnt fix. Partly to do with a corrupted file system. Thanks for all the help guys!
  14. I do have this file. Just one file in the temp dir called Stars.fit. I opened it with notepad++ and screen captured it below. ASPS works on my laptop with the same images i am using here as I am sharing folders from my main pc to laptop. Problem is I want to do all my imaging via PC. Thank you for all the suggestions and help.
  15. Thanks for that but search on my ? drive comes up with over 8000 results shall I sort by date and scroll backwards from newest?
  16. Hi thanks for the help I changed it to bulb and it does the same thing. Heres the screenshot. Problem still not solved.
  17. Hi when using aim on an object i keep getting this error. It dosn't matter what I put in for the bulb time error keeps coming up. Is there a setting I am overlooking? Here is the screen error.
  18. Hi I already posted above the same error screenshot I was getting. I have looked int he platesolv directory and appdata directory and not found any .log files. I don't think it's creating one thats part of the problem unless you know where I can find it Here is a screenshot of the error again run as admininistrator.
  19. Thanks for the advice but already tried that.
  20. I just uninstalled deleted all files from locations and cleaned registry. Reinstalled it. Waited 2 minutes then started it up and it asked me to build an index file which it didnt before. However still dosnt work
  21. Hi no 2nd part. I just ran it on my laptop and it runs fine Problem seems to be in the installation prcoess on the PC.
  22. Hi yes I have time and location set correctly. If I run ASPS alone it says unable to create log file error box. ASPS is installed to default location program files (x86) I have also tried installing it elsewhere. However when i first run it after installation it reports error that file needs to be elevated error. Picture here.. Regards David
  23. I have also on top of this added SGP and that indeed connects to scope fine Problems I have still. 1) Slew in APT using arrow keys is super slow not usable even if i change slew settings or even comes up with slew error! I don't really need this as I can use the ascom arrow keys on mode 4 which is set to 800 and works fine. However if I use goto in APT to a set location, Object or coordinate it slews perfect 2) Blind plate solve will not work for me in APT (ASPS) but platesolve 2 does but needs rough coordinates to be able to solve. The are three ways I found around this. 2a) Take RA and Dec off of Stellarium from target if synched. 2b) upload a shoot picture in APT and upload it to Astrometry.net and get the results and add them to APT. 3c) MY favourite way. Take a Capture of stars in APT open in SGP and blind solve (which works) and put coords in apt and normal solve. I have spent days trying to get ASPS working in APT. Extensive communication with author of program along with Admins on APT forums. They all gave up! I seem to have a .dll violation error that can't be fixed even by a reinstall. I have tried everything under the sun (forgive the pun) to get it to work. But open to suggestions. The actual error is log file can't be created.. Kindest regards David
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