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  1. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments! - I'm very happy you liked it
  2. Hey everyone, I decided to try getting an early look at the Pelican over a few nights earlier this week - in total I collected 9hrs of data on it in 10m exposures processed start to finish in PixInsight, and captured with a OSC camera and dual narrowband filter - ASI2600mc pro + Optolong L-extreme - shot through my Esprit 120 apo I recorded a video showing my final night of capture too I think this came out really well, and I think it might be one of, if not my best image to date. Thanks for looking! and here's the
  3. This one was a bit of a leap in the dark for me! - going in I had no prior knowledge about the target, other than I liked the way it looked and that it framed okay - so why not try it? well, as it turned out - with my bortle 7 sky, it's not an easy target!! this was the result of 10 hours basically, all 10 minute exposures. I'm really pleased with the end result, looking at the subs as they came in it was hard to see how anything would come of it, but in the end things went really well I think! captured with my Esprit 120 and ASI2600mc pro, no LP filters. - pr
  4. Here's my go, really nice data to work with! done in PixInsight
  5. @maw lod qan - Thank you! - That's one of my favorite things to look for when I view DSO images I love seeing the showcase targets, but I do find the background fuzzies in some way just as interesting!
  6. Thank you both very much, I'm really glad to have been able to share my shot with you
  7. Well, I actually had a go at this target about 6-ish weeks ago as part of a video on shooting under the full moon, It turned out alright - but I wasn't really happy and decided I should reshoot when viable. So, here we are! - this is 70x5m exposures with the 2600mc pro, on the Esprit 120 all shot from home in bortle 7 skies I won't say the night went without a hitch, because it didn't - but overall I'm happy regardless I'm much happier with this one now, the darker conditions made the difference! and the video - Thank you
  8. Very nice job! - well done on a great capture
  9. Congratulations to the winners!! - well done
  10. Really chuffed you guys have enjoyed it! - and thank you for the lovely comments regarding the video too, I have so much fun every time out with astronomy so sharing it in that way with others too is just fantastic! I really appreciate your time also @LuckieEddie - I just cropped NGC5474 for you here, I didn't know if to put more emphasis on this target during the video as it's quite important in the story of M101 itself and it's shape, such an interesting little section so I'm glad you picked it out!
  11. That looks lovely really moody appearance to it which I like!
  12. Thank you so much guys! super pleased you liked it - I'm sorry about the late reply I'm really happy with how it turned out - after many disappointing attempts in the past, it was a relief to not chalk up yet another failed attempt!
  13. Hey guys, I had a good bit of clear skies earlier this week and decided to really go for it on one of my nemesis targets, M101. It's long been a target that I'd struggled to get anything I actually liked from, results wise. - never had I really been happy with a photo I'd taken of it before! well, after a long (but successful) night under the stars, all that changed! now I finally have an m101 i'm proud of. In what's become now the norm for me, I recorded my session and turned it into a video to share my night with others captured in
  14. Lovely result! - and what a beautiful setup
  15. Hi everyone! I manged to get out and have a decent session of capture on m63, one of my all time fave targets! equipment used was the 2600mc pro camera, esprit 120apo, eq6 mount, all shot unfiltered from my bortle 7 skies. - 91x3m exposures. for anyone interested in seeing the night's events then here's the video I made to document my night - and here's the image itself - and a crop -
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