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  1. First crack at processing M31 using Pixinsight, I have HA data to add but it seems my flats didn't work well enough to remove vignetting/gradient (I'm assuming that's what it is or dew on the sensor). Can anyone recommend a Pixinsight process to remove this? I did use DBE, but maybe not well enough. Anyhow this was imaged back in September with about 35 x 60second subs each LRGB. Flats and dark flats used. Pixinsight is quite a programme. Any CC would be welcome Andy E2a: ASI1600mm, ZWO filters on a Sharpstar94 EDPH
  2. Hang on, how comes you have got a picture of my girlfriend
  3. Makes me glad I don’t have neighbours at the moment, only sheep.
  4. Great first attempt, way better than my first Astro image which was Andromeda too.
  5. Hi and welcome, best night skies I’ve ever seen whilst travelling around down under. I soon learnt the hard way not to walk under tress at night though.
  6. First clear night since middle of October last night, which is an improvement compared to last years 5 months of solid cloud cover. In fact I did actually take some night pics last year of the clouds out of desperation.
  7. I thoroughly recommend this tutorial for the initial arcsine stretch, there’s a couple of more tutorials on his channel worth looking at too hth Andy
  8. Hello and welcome, lovely dark skies, pity about the clouds though lol.
  9. I was in tears too, because of the cloud cover.
  10. I believe you’re correct regarding Tiff files. If you do stack images next time use Sequator (as suggested earlier it’s free) for Milky Way and nightscape images. Also another alternative to Lightroom/camera raw for editing images is Darktable, again another free bit of software that’s rather good. Loads of videos on YouTube regarding above software, nightscape images & Alyn Wallace are worth watching for imaging and editing tips. Good luck and look forward to seeing your next image, especially for bottle 3 skies.
  11. For Milkyway and nightscapes imaging I prefer to use Lightroom Classic/camera raw in photoshop, and have a play around with sliders to make it pop out. Definitely stack next time out thou E2a quick edit on my phone with Lightroom mobile.
  12. Works for me better than the LRC method, cheers
  13. Totally agree I’m hoping they’ll get a fix this week, If not then 1) I’ll give affinity another go(I purchased it last year when it was on offer) or 2) be brave, take the plunge and get pixinsight. That said I do use Lightroom for photography, so stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am right in thinking if you cancel the Adobe subscription you’re unable to use any of them, is that right?
  14. There seems to be a bug in PS, in you can, import the tiff file(s) into Lightroom Classic then export the file(s) as 16bit tiff files into a sub directory/ or rename. They should open ok then, same with starless Starnett files. I’m going to assume PS will find a fix soon. hth
  15. Seems to be DSS and/or starnett issue for Astrophotography, as the posters on the Adobe thread are all stating the same, there seems to be issues with other non Astro programmes too. It’s also not opening historical stacked TIFF files either. link to thread below if anyone interested https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop-ecosystem-bugs/p-photoshop-23-0-cannot-open-tif-files-generated-in-other-programs/idi-p/12476726#comments
  16. Yes starnett++ is affected too as I found out yesterday. However, on the Adobe thread I’ve been following a user has said if you import the TIFF file into Lightroom classic and then export it as a TIFF file from there, it should open ok. I’ve tried this on DSS files and it works, I will assume this will also work on starnett TIFF but I’ve not tried it yet. HTH Andy
  17. First thing I tried. I am however not alone with this issue. thanks
  18. Alas no same error message, I can open 16bit tif files that I’ve saved in photoshop ie starless images out of starnet++ and with the layers. I’ve found a thread on Adobe with users having the same problem after the update. Strange one this.
  19. Ah I thought dss only output in 32bit tif. I shall give it a try. thanks
  20. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with opening tiff files straight out of DSS since the update. I get a error message stating it’s unable to complete as incorrect file type. I’ve reverted back to previous version but alas I still have the same message appearing. this seems to affect all 32bit stacked files that I’ve created with DSS. I can open them in Lightroom but alas edit in photoshop option doesn’t work either Any ideas or suggestions Thanks Andy
  21. Andy R


    Hello and welcome, what great skies you have too.
  22. Well had a nightmare with the subs on this target, I had over 7 hours total of SHO. The see conditions were rather bad over a 3 night period which stretched over 3 weels. In the end i used to 20 subs 3 minutes per each channel as the subs were awful. Dithered with flats and dark flats. SharpStar 94 EDPH ASi1600mm, ZWO filters. Processed with DSS, Photoshop and Starnet++ Andy
  23. Hello and welcome from North Wales
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