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  1. Sadly with the crowd comes light pollution plus the inevitable rotten apple in the barrel
  2. When I saw the thread title I thought someone left a Citroën 2CV in your skip
  3. That'll be like asking which of your children would you keep in a like situation!
  4. I should hope not! I'd be gutted with the slightest flaw
  5. That reads like a full house on the euromillions lottery draw. Probably need one too to pay for that lot!
  6. Could that be a flock? Or is that just inside the tube?
  7. You do know that old saying don't you: Philately gets you nowhere!
  8. Perhaps they're in cahoots with FLO's round sticker labels. I tell ya it's a conspiracy!
  9. The absurdity would make this almost funny if you weren't suffering. I hope your replacement counterweight bar arrives quickly and you have lots of enjoyment with your scope
  10. Hi and welcome to SGL and back to stargazing
  11. This is an engrossing read Literally chronicling a labour of love Are you sure you weren't a watchmaker in a previous life? I think the only pieces of kit you're short of are a lathe and a laser-cutter to precision cut out things like the washers. It won't surprise me if you have a lathe though.
  12. I think you can do it. An equatorial is just an altazimuth with added tilt! Oh and a bit of balancing. I know I am oversimplify it but essentially that's all it is. My point is, I think you have the skills and experience to do it, even if you can't face it.
  13. I guess everyone must be bulk-buying from FLO; all these clouds and bad weather. Can't everyone time their purchases for full moons when I just don't give a damn!
  14. Hi Richard and welcome
  15. They're pretty good pictures! If you have a decent photo printer they're worth printing, even to A3 size if the resolution is there. I've barely dipped my toes into imaging and probably will mostly only do lunar and maybe attempt some planetary (deep sky is just too much work to me) When I have enough images under my belt (I never rush) I'll consider firing up the A3 photo printer, getting a couple of spare sets of black and grey ink cartridges and printing a few off. Before you ask ... for resolution of the print; as long as the image on the paper does not begin to go mushy or pixellate at intended viewing distance then it's all that is necessary. Examples: a billboard meant to be seen from hundreds of metres away might be bigger than your house but only have a 2 megapixel image on it. An A4 photo that is to be held and viewed might be 6 - 8 MPx. Your monitor screen might only be 72 lines per inch (roughly 3 pixels per mm) and look at how sharp and clear that looks.
  16. What equipment did you use for taking this image?
  17. Howdy from the UK
  18. Send me all your gear or she finds out
  19. Good question Stu! This is my first and only noctilucent cloud display, 7/7/2014 0123 to 0212UT. Friend of mine WhatsApp'd me to get me to look outside thinking it was an aurora. I gave up looking for noctilucent clouds yonks before due to bad northern horizon and light pollution. Pics were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S mk1, handheld.
  20. I sense a new challenge there. How cheap can you go ... Oh I think if the Astral 500 comes back to me, I qualify as free. It originally was my 16th birthday present, so either way I wouldn't have spent a jot!
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