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  1. As new Sky Watcher AZGTI head only. I brought it as something small to travel with but in all honesty I have hardly used it so it needs a new home. All info on FLO site. In its original box with packing. It costs me £260 but their price has dropped to £215 so I am asking a fair £160 as it is mint.
  2. Hi, I have a celestron 9.25 scope and a 6.3 reducer . Using my ZWO1600mm with a ZWO OAG what is the back space required as I can not get the OAG in focus an I have shadows on the corners of my images using the suggested distance of 105mm jay
  3. Hi gang out there. I have brought a S/H eq5 mount and connected to it using a synscan wifi dongle. It worked fine for over 2 weeks. Then with out warning the mount would start moving and the after it had stopped and I asked it to park or move else where it stopped and went no futher. If I use the up down left right commarns on the app it moves but nothimg else works. So having had enough of that I brought a lynx cable from FLO and thought that was the end of my troubles. NO , it connected the first time and then while I was waiting for the dark sky it disconnected and after that refused to connect again. All I get is it can not find it. It is using com port 5 and no matter which usb I use it is still com5 so the cable is working as it shold.. In hard ware device the com port and driver are working. I have the lastest driver. Now here is the silly bit. If I open eqmod and select com port 5 rather than letting it look for it. Then click ok and open ascom the window opens as it should and I am connected. So why cant if find the mount iis it say all is ok. Why did it disconnect. Its driving me mad. PS has anyone had wifi issuse with the synscan app?
  4. running on windows xp on one laptop an windows 10 on another both have same issue
  5. Hi gang. I have just brought a eq5 goto mount an have a wifi dongle that I want to use. I have downloaded the app and ascom driver to my laptop and the app works as it should. However when I connect it to SGP it connects and all seems ok but when you select a target an click slew to nothing happens. Unpark in SGP and try again it may work? Sometimes it slews and if you do slew to a target and then want to move to a new target it refuses. You can always press park in SGP and it works so have any of you got a dongle and had similar problems. I so want to use it through SGP as I plate solve and recentre quite a lot..
  6. Yes I have the scope to the left and locking knob on the top. I am using a iphone app. I have looked at the youtube video as above and carried out the north level alignment as well but I get the same result each time. I ask the scope to go to Arcturus and it moves to the right direction but is looking down at the ground. I move the scope miles to get it on the star and then ask it to go to vega only foir it to look at the zenith?? All I can say is its rubbish. It surely should go to the named star etc withing a close range of it. Should I face the locking knob at the bottom? Why o why dont sky watcher just tell us how to set the mount an scope position. It would be so easy to do so.
  7. I am standing behind the mount which is facing north. I 3 star align and the first star is arcturus. The mount moves round in the right direction BUT the scope points to the ground in what appears to 90 degrees out. What is going on? Ps the scope is on my left at the start
  8. Thanks for the swift reply. Will get back. Jay
  9. Hi I have just brought the SW AZ Gti and the intructions are not helpful at all. Can you tell me how I set the moun t up in the first place before I star align. Standing behind it do I have the scope on the right or the left? DO I set it up facing north? When aligning to 2 bright stars I am asked to manually align to the first star. So do I loosen the clutches an move it myself or use the motors to move it? At the moment if I have the scope on my right and ask it to go to venus it points down to the ground ? very frustrating that for any amount of money no intructions tell you how to start???? A little help would be much appreciated. jay
  10. Sorry for the delay in responding to your helpful replies. I did what Alan showed and on my Beelink it suddenly went searching for a driver which it appeared to find and bingo. I think I did not download the serial driver??? . Anyway I now have it working as it should but have missed the clear weather and now we have snow etc. It must get better so will be hoping to get down to some imaging soon. Jay
  11. Good reply but I am not that computor good so assigning ports is not a strong point. I am using the latest FTDI cable from FLO. The beelink looks to be a good machine so disappointed with the linkup so far but I am sure I will get there if my frustration holds out. Jay
  12. I have shut it all down but will address it again when I calm down??? thanks fpor replies and I will check port and driver versions
  13. HELP, I have no hair left to pull out. I have been trying for weeks to get my pier connected to my laptop by a single cable. I have brought a mini beelink pc and downloaded all software needed. I have downloaded ascom platform/ ascom telescope driver and eqmod. I have a NEQ6 mount with the latest eqmod cable. All this works on my laptop BUT will it work on the Mini pc OF COURSE NOT. EQMOD will not connect to the mount. I have tried different cables and the hand control but still no good. I have reinstalled ascom etc again and used different usb ports but no. Now my laptop is having trouble finding the mount and the download speed of images is shocking. When you try to do a loop to focus the image does not change as you adjust you just sit waiting.. Any ideas as to what is going on would help. Up to know I have never had any problem with eqmod on the laptop and downloads have been fine. I have set up a pc from scratch more than once and had no problems before so I remain baffled as to what I have done wrong??? The Mini pc is connected to the laptop by cat6 cable and running teamviewer on a lan line.
  14. Another question, My pier mount is polar aligned. Now when I set up all I need is to align to one star an all should be going. If I start SGP and slew to say vega it will not be in view most times and as the scope is not close by I need to move the mount to see the star in order to focus the camera. If I unlock and move the mount (old NEQ6) I will be able to see the star and focus but when I then ask SGP to slew to and centre it will go back to the place I started where the star is no to be seen. In other words I have not syned it like in CDC. I know that if the camera has been focused the plate solve should be able to sort it but this is not happening? Is there a method when using SGP to centre a star or to plate solve the image of the star you have focused on.I am trying to do this using a ZWO120mm with a ED80mm. jay
  15. Sorry for delay in answering. I brought a kit from Amazon (image ) I have since change to a cat6 cable but on using it the other night I had downloads from my camera but they were very slow. Your kit was £150 mine was £50 so there must be a difference but I can not see it?
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