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  1. Hi all out there. Has anyone got a celestron 9.25 and a celestron auto focus unit fitted. Also running SGP software. I have just fitted mine but up to now have not succeeded in getting sgp auto focus to run. There is obviously alot of back lash in the scope due to the mirror and that has a big effect on the auto focus settings. If you run one with SGP could you please pass on your back lash setting number and your focus step size number as that would help a great deal in getting me back on track. Gratefull to all in advance. jay
  2. Hi to you out there. I have a celestron 9.25 scope and a matched reducer. However I am confused by the back space for the reducer. If you google it you are informed that the distance is 104mm . Look further and I read an article from an informed source that its 85mm? SO JUST WHAT IS IT? as at times my images look like I an staring down a tunnel. Jay
  3. Ok I own up. After much changing of cables and usb leads FLO suggested that most asiair issues come down to power. I found the cable feeding the mount had a break in it which was making and breaking as I moved it about and when the mount moved. New stronger cable made and problem ceased . Thanks for you input but sorry I was so dumb.
  4. No nothing happens and yes I have used all the usb ports too. Power supply bang on too. Will investigate youtube group. Thanks.
  5. I am using an ipad to control the asiair. So yesterday I unpluged all power cables and usb's from the asiair and started from scratch. I plugged in the unit power supply an switched on.Then pluged in the mount eqmod cable. Then the camera bits. Connected to the ipad. All was working. I sent it to a target and the mount responded. No platesolving as it was daylight. I manuallymoved the mount an it all worked and the parked. I repeated this serveral times and no problem. Night time arrived and I switched on. It went to M97 amd centered and I started imaging. a while later the clouds rolled in so I decided to pack up[ and park the scope. OH DEAR no. No mount control at all and back to square one. I have no idea what is going on. The old asiair never gave me this trouble an I used the same eqmod cable.
  6. I can do but is this against the whole reason I brought it to be wifi and not cabled?
  7. I am going mad at present after recieving my ASIAIR PRO. Lovely unit but hell it has a mind of its own. I am using a eq5 mount with an eqmod cable. This cable was used to connect it to my laptop so I am guessing that the cable chip chose a com port and that was that. When I connected it to the asiair I am again guessing that as a new connection to the asiair it assigned a com port and all was working as it should. Then I reconnected the eqmod cable back to my laptop and it could not find the mount? A computor buff suggested that I look at devises / comports and see where t was connected. The comport was noted / I entered it in eqmod toolbox and I was connected and all worked. Now later I use the asiair again an need the only eqmod cable I have but the com port is now changed and the asiair connected to start with but after going to a target it would not park. Sometimes it work all as it should and then I lose control of the mount and it may move to the target but it looks like it is still moving slowly as the 10 sec image has massive star trails. DO INEED TO BUY another eqmod cable solely for the asiair as I have no way of assigning the com port like in the laptop?
  8. Thanks for replies but the eqmod cable I am using is the correct one for the eq5 mount and I was using it prior to this issue. The cable finds a com port and uses it all the time which ever port you put it in. So if I was in the asiair control box is that different from my laptop and the chip has got confused (like me)
  9. I have an EQ5 goto and its been working with eqmod on my laptop with windows 10 fine. I brought an asiair last year and swapped between that and a cable using different scopes and all has been fine. Now I take my portable setuo to Haw Wood Farm star week and using the asiair the mount was fine. THEN I swapped the scope and used a eqmod cablle to my laptop an to my horror it would not connect. SO if the asiair is controlling the mount using the same eqmod cable from the control box to the asiair and then I remove the cable from the asiair and put it in the laptop why is it that all of a sudden the laptop can not find it/ The devices section in windows shows the cable connected and says its working? The handset works the mount but if I use an old serial cable from the handset to the laptop in pc mode that does not connect either. I have tried a new eqmod cable but no joy. I am at a loss as I want to use sgp. ANY IDEAS OUT THERE??????
  10. Is the 130 still for sale? If you replay later an I do not reply it because I have gone to a star party for the week. Jay
  11. As new Sky Watcher AZGTI head only. I brought it as something small to travel with but in all honesty I have hardly used it so it needs a new home. All info on FLO site. In its original box with packing. It costs me £260 but their price has dropped to £215 so I am asking a fair £160 as it is mint.
  12. Hi, I have a celestron 9.25 scope and a 6.3 reducer . Using my ZWO1600mm with a ZWO OAG what is the back space required as I can not get the OAG in focus an I have shadows on the corners of my images using the suggested distance of 105mm jay
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