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  1. Hi Chaz, many thanks, will Email you back here. Rick
  2. As per title, please feel free to get in touch. Best wishes, Rick
  3. Hi all, bit of a niche query, thanks in advance for any help! I was having some inconsistent results with maintaining collimation, so though I’d check the secondary mirror collimation springs are all correctly operating. Upon (carefully...) removing the secondary and inspecting it I discovered it doesn’t actually appear to have any springs.... http://www.bobsknobs.com/resources/Literature/M6screwinfo2.pdf The link above shows the spring configuration, however mine appears to just be sitting flat on the secondary holder. Wondering if it’s worth refitting any springs? Or
  4. Please feel free to get in touch if you can help. Open minded as to longer or short focal length. It must have capacity for 2” visual back though. Ideally achromatic or semi-apo in terms of budget available, Many thanks, Rick
  5. Many thanks to both, that’s cleared things up a bit!
  6. I managed to get a relatively cheap second hand one of these. Can anyone advise me as to what the original fixing bolts/epoxy for the base are? The instructions allude to “Then bolt the base to the concrete using the supplied fixings”. Intend to buy some polyester resin, but any guidance as to the original fixing bolts, or anything of that nature would be appreciated. Many thanks, Rick
  7. *SOLD* Optically sound, however rubber at eyepiece has a tear, so has to be used in the down position. Good eyepiece for SCTs, especially as a cheap alternative to a 41mm panoptic. I have a 40mm Maxvision which is marginally superior, so no longer require this. Priced accordingly at £50 including UK postage.
  8. I bought this a few weeks ago from ENS for a 10” LX200. I’ve since upgrade to a larger scope. It’s plain black, and does not have any branding visible. Will try to put a photo up shortly. Selling at a loss for £40, which includes UK recorded postage
  9. Managed to get a 31mm Nagler, so selling my 28mm UWAN as it covers the same focal length. These are thought to bring 90-95% of the performance of the Nagler, but in a much less expensive price bracket. Comes with caps, and original box, in superb condition £135.00 Price includes UK recorded postage.
  10. Does not need to be mint, or include original diagonal etc. Please get in touch. Many thanks, Rick
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