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  1. Another vote for the fourth John. Lovely sight, but the four of them are superb. Good job earth doesn't rotate as fast as the illusion the image gives We'd all be falling over giddy. Any plans to do Lunar work? Ron.
  2. Welcome to the SGL Astronomy knowledge centre Dave There are experts covering many of the sciences astronomy consists of. Are you an observing only guy, or is imaging the skies wonders also in your ambitions? Whichever you aspire to, there is always instant help should you need it. Ron.
  3. It is a fine Image too, so well worth pursuing the problem to correct it. Ron.
  4. Nothing angers me more than the common thief. My blood boils when I hear stories like this. The trouble is, most of are trusting soul;s, and want to believe the same of everyone else, unfortunately, real life experience tells a different story. It is better to remove temptation away from the common thieves. Hopefully you might recover the Laptop, the thief will no doubt be known to the Police. We all sympathise with you, it leaves a bitter taste for sure. and hopefully they can track him down. Ron.
  5. Just like a giant Catherine wheel Ant. And a Bonny picture it is. Taking advantage of the decent skies we've been having of late. Keep going. you'll get the bug again. Ron.
  6. The reason you have this happen is your supply to the mount was the wrong polarity. Unfortunately the EQ6 Pro's are not self protected against this. If your cable is connect by leads to a battery for example, you must ensure that the leads are applied to the terminals correctly or you will blow out the scopes Motherboard. It is unfortunate, but you will need to replace the motherboard, which is quite easy to do. A new board can be bought from First Light Optics, roughly about £135. Take good note of the connectors on the board before you remove them, so you don't get them wrong when fitting the new one. I don't know of anyone who repairs these, so buying new is your only option. Ron
  7. Loads of Info here. Read at your leisure of course there is a lot of it. Pictures do speak a lot more clearly than words. Ron. https://www.google.com/search?q=difference+between+superior+and+inferior+conjunction&safe=strict&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB876GB876&sxsrf=ALeKk013HnV0hc5UiYWBNy6Flo8nTXd6LA:1587374153365&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=k6eogyHKlXyOkM%3A%2C-tVVqg8o8chQnM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kQqNTfXto04z3ZaeG23WODzRb4Svg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjUvaXE1fboAhUBThUIHUxEAZIQ_h0wAHoECAoQBA#imgrc=k6eogyHKlXyOkM:
  8. Many thanks gentlemen, I will certainly get a good conclusion to this from all the alternatives you have supplied. The focuser works great manually, but It will be a lot better from the computer chair. Ron.
  9. I was looking at focus max 4 to compliment my newly acquired Lakeside focuser. After visiting ccdware's website. (having had to exclude their website via my Malware Prog.owing to a Trojan warning. ) I was a bit staggered by the price of $129. Not sure the advantages of the software will justify that price, which will be around £105 I reckon. I'm not a mean Git, so If anyone using it will give it a 10/10, then I will re consider. Ron.
  10. Look for the Double Cluster in Perseus, binoculars show it well, too much magnification in a telescope kinda spoils it a bit. Just lay back in a Deckchair on a dark night, and just trawl through the skies. You'll be awed by the wonder of it all. Ever changing, do it once a month should the night skies permit. Telescopes are too limited to drink all the splendour in. Ron
  11. @Norniron I've no Idea what your budget is, and you certainly don't need to reveal it here. I can suggest you look at the used market for a decent instrument. There are many decent bargains to be had. and If you are in the early stages of amateur astronomy, then you should consider that route. Often expectations can be too great, and disappointment could lead to abandoning your ambition altogether. Before you make a decision to buy any particular telescope, If you are unsure, ask for advice on the forum here. Ron.
  12. Don't confuse the Sun with the Moon. Never look at the Sun through a telescope, it will severely damage your sight. Ron.
  13. Sky at Night magazine gave this scope a good write up. Saturn should be viewable, but rather small. Work progressively through your eyepieces from low magnification, to high. Make sure the sky is good, and seeing is steady. The moon is a good target, and some good details will be available to see. It is a neat telescope, but not a miracle worker. Have patience, observing can take a bit of time to master. Good Luck Ron.
  14. As to balance, are you unable to move your OTA further forward in the dovetail, and or the tube rings. A picture of your setup might help with further suggestions. Ron.
  15. Could fitting a diagonal help? If you could still achieve focus that is. I assume you are using a refractor of course. Although a Newtonian would not give you that problem. Ron.
  16. Do you know what condition the telescope is in? Might not be so cheap if the mirror needs deviating for example. The the OTA should be easily detached from it's mounting. If you know the focal ratio, then the tube length can be reasonably worked out. At f5, the length could be around 50 inches, but perhaps a little less, as the light path has to pass through the focuser. If you are buying this scope blind, you need to get as much information you can before committing any money. Ron.
  17. barkis

    Back for good

    As the song goes,. "Never Give Up On A Good Thing". Astronomy and SGL are inseparable, you may take break occasionally, but you are gravitationally bound, and escape is not possible. Pick up your instruments, and enjoy the good skies that await you. In other words, Welcome Back. Ron.
  18. Incredibly fine capture, brilliant giant size too, Mercury becomes a disc, and the aircraft comes out very well too. It's an exciting image to look at, and you ought to send this to your local press, their readers we be amazed by this, and you will become famous. Well Done indeed. Ron.
  19. Pleased to see you back in the imaging saddle Ant. Great looking result from 22 subs. Splendid detail too. Who gives the Moon those weird names? Do you intend to build your imaging rig up again? You ought to, you turned out some good DSO's before you sold up. Ron.
  20. A quote from an article on the sun. "The grainy appearance of the Solar Photosphere is produced by the tops of these convective cells, and is called Granulation.. A typical Granule has a diameter of 1500 Kilometres, and lasts 8 to 20 minutes before dissipating. At any one time, the Sun's surface is covered by 4 Million Granules." So safe to say you have caught a whole lot of detail Ant. Ron.
  21. Welcome to SGL, That is a plethora of equipment you have listed here. I guess your California Skies afford you plenty of opportunities for both observational and imaging. It's sad that the current virus outbreak is playing havoc with so many aspects of people's lives at present. We only hope the nightmare ends sooner rather than later. Looking forward to your forum input. Your Outreach work must have some interesting topics you may wish to share. Best Wishes. Ron.
  22. In HG. Wells 'War of the World's, it was Earth's microscopic life forms that overwhelmed the Invaders, now there is another army of the little blighters trying to remove us from our World. Doesn't add much to this threads topic, so apologies to John. I quite enjoyed the original movie, but not the Tom Cruise remake. Ron.
  23. So much detail visible considering sunlight is almost directly down onto an almost full Moon. Very attractive image, and a well put together mosaic. . Ron.
  24. It may be something as simple as cataracts, They play havoc with distance vision. I know this from experience. I recently had my left eye repaired, one year after my right eye was corrected. Believe me, the difference even with one eye sorted was brilliant, with both now done, I feel reborn. The wait for procedure one. was very long, the second appointment came one year later. The waiting time for these procedures are a nightmare, the second event was at a different hospital in Cumbria, but only an hours travel by rail. Believe me, I would gladly have walked there if that was the only option. The drawback now of course, is how will this virus outbreak affect things such as this. Ron
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