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  1. It's Title gives an impression of a very sophisticated software package. Be interesting to see this demonstrated, and will attract a large audience I'm sure. The sample Images bode well for APP. Ron.
  2. barkis


    Superbly captured, it looks fantastic, and I like the dialogue supplied with this object. It adds much to the value of the image itself. Nice indeed. Ron.
  3. Terrific piece of work Bryan. you put the time in on this, and with perseverance and and a quality lens, produced a very fine result. Well done sir . Ron.
  4. Launch delayed again due to work stoppages re the pandemic. Put back until October now. Will this Nine Billion dollar wonder ever get off the ground? Patience needed . Ron.
  5. Many Thanks Jeremy, I've made a note of that, should be interesting for sure. Ron.
  6. It astonishes me how so much can be gleaned observing suns so far back in time. I still wonder about Betelgeuse, this big fellow intrigues me. Will he Won't he ? Will we observe his demise tomorrow, or should I say 650+ Light Years ago. He did develop a lump, and that must have been painful for him. Very sad. Ron.
  7. Just hope any slew speed glitches don't qualify your mount for Centrifuge duty at Nasa. Ron.
  8. My apologies, I'm so sorry I had to miss this one. Unexpected visit. I'll watch the recorded one. though.
  9. Splendid Bob, that is a very attractive scene. You did good matey. Ron
  10. Wow! That's splendid Michael. PmProbably the best show since Hale Bopp's visit to our skies. Ron.
  11. Nice to see you getting something back at last Ant. You have had a lot of frustration over time, but a new lease of success is beginning . Best Wishes. Ron.
  12. You'll only feel worse if you give it up. It is never easy for someone new to astronomy, who acquires a GoTo setup. It can be very frustrating initially, but slow down, and don't look for immediate success. You will come to terms with the equipment, if you are a programmer, then you will have the ability to decipher all the instructions provided to get on top of it all. Most importantly, your Son is the important ingredient here, he wants you to master it, and you have to stick with it for his sake. Fortitude and Stickability is the way forward, and the day will come when you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Stay with it. Best Wishes. Ron.
  13. I suppose he regards the Sun's behaviour similar to a human's rebellious nature, such as the late James Dean. Unpredictable. Ron.
  14. You missed a superb talk Helen, be sure to watch the recording if you can. This chap really is very knowledgeable on our star. Ron.
  15. We've had a feast of good talks from all the guys who have contributed so far. What a great addition to SGL this is proving to be. There is much to be gained from this new platform, and the possibilities are endless. Perhaps we can get linked to the Observatory being commissioned in Spain, An evening of Imaging for example. Not sure how possible that might be. Ron.
  16. Hi. Rideway, just a shot in the dark here, but worth a look see. The centre bolt which serves to spread the tripod legs via the legs plate, also has the top thread containing a combined ferrule and hand wheel to help the tightening. If the bolt has been removed for any reason, the plain washer may have slipped off the bolt, so possibly it might make a difference when tightening, as the bolt may contact the mount base before full tightening can occur. However, if there is no chance that bolt was ever removed completely from the tripod assembly, then this post can be ignored. I know the washer is a thinnish one anyway, but adding another might allow complete matching of the two parts. if it is down to surface irregularities, then that's a different kettle of fish, and I apologise for wasting your time . Ron.
  17. I was an avid reader in my early teens and well beyond. I liked nothing better than visiting the local library. Endless shelves filled with books of all genres. Time has changed that though, my concentration is not a patch on those early years, a product of both the aging process, and Google .
  18. Oh I'm sure you are right Ray, it makes sense to me. Obviously a tribute the man's contribution to a great asset to mount control. Cheers matey for your fast response. I can cease worrying about it now .
  19. I've been reading the Eqmod document, and boy, is it an in depth read or what . The heading for the Home position read has a bracketed expression that I don't understand. Perhaps someone can explain what it means to me. Thanks in anticipation. Ron. Technique 1 for setting the home position (from Mon) I just know I will have to kick myself when it is revealed.
  20. Flo will weather this storm, she's making all the right moves, and quite unthinkable to think otherwise. Stay strong Flo people. All will soon be calmer. Ron.
  21. Should prove to be a big attraction, there are many on SGL interested in our star. They're sure to learn much from GP. I'm not a solar guy, but I will still be very attentive to what Gary has to teach us. Ron.
  22. Locate star that will transit your local meridian at your intended observing date and time. Look for the declination of same star, and compare it with that of the planets you wish to observe. You could get a good idea if you will get a decent window of observing time, or otherwise be limited short sessions either side of your local north south line. Much could depend upon the height of your southern obstructions. Ron.
  23. Some half wit tried to get me to reveal paypal details in order to verify my credentials. The clown is still waiting. I sent some info to PP security, who subsequently confirmed it was bogus. The would be thief obviously has the brain of a Nit Ron. (I think I'll start a campaign to introduce death by firing squad for all convicted thieves.)
  24. What an extraordinary collection of hardware. What are all those ribbon cables servicing? You must be blessed with a great deal of perseverance and no small amount of skills to blend all that equipment into image producing robot. I say well done, you must have overcome much adversity to achieve this, and the prize is, the fantastic images this engineering miracle has pulled down from the sky. Just incredible. Ron
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