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  1. Two interesting talks to look forward to tonight. Mark is an Avid Observer, and will no doubt have many reports to convey. Ian is well known for his knowledge of Double Stars, and apart from the colourful beauty of many of them, others have interesting characteristics to reveal. It's gonna be a good-un folks. Ron.
  2. The Universe looks so serene from here, but it really does include some deadly and dangerous inhabitants. Steve T. gave many frightening scenarios In his talks. Fascinating, but fearful too. Ron
  3. I don't have enough knowledge to comment in any sensible way on your processing. All I can comment on is what I am looking at, and that is simply a stunning Image of what I believe to be difficult Galaxy for Astro. Photographers t o Image It is a lovely sight, and as for your long post, make them pages long if they include Images as good as this. Ron.
  4. A very interesting build of the equipment over there. Certainly lots of room in the Observatory. Is it built at ground level, but on a mountain perhaps ? I haven't been following this venture, but it has got my interest now. I'm looking forward to first light and beyond. I am sure it will be a big success, and well done to the guys who are putting all this together. I can volunteer to keep the Obs. Clean and tidy if ever that position becomes available. Anyway, much Kudos to All involved in this project, we are totally spoiled on SGL.. Ron.
  5. Good to see these additions to the Flo. Empire. Has to be recognised World Wide now, and with a well deserved reputation to boot. Well done to all concerned, a good staff is paramount, and that is firmly in place. I have witnessed this growth almost from it's birth. Congrats to.all concerned.. Ron.
  6. A frightening title, and ought to give us food for thought. Plus, Steve's passion for perusing the sky with Binoculars will hopefully provide the inspiration to more folks to adopt this very rewarding method of sky surfing. Telescopes are great tools, but binoculars bring so much more to the eyes in any one place in the sky, giving a true impression of the immensity of the Universe. Ron.
  7. I stuck a TeleVue sticker on my TV. It sharpened the picture no end.
  8. The Observing Fraternity will be delighted with this presentation Dave will be an Ideal speaker, and will some interesting experiences to present to an eager audience. Ron.
  9. Oy! Less of the old, I'm only 28 don't you know. . Patricia is fine Daz. Give Tracey a cuddle for me. Heh Heh!
  10. Well, we couldn't wish for a better start than Steve R. and Nik S. The first two showings have been superb, and illustrated just how valuable this system is, and how much more so it is going to be. Thanks in no small measure must also go to the architects of StarGaZine. Grant, Steve G, and others, not forgetting Master of ceremonies Daz. I'm sure more recruits will sign up as a result of this. I would hope so. There must be many more budding Astronomers out there just needing a nudge. Ron.
  11. Text book launch. Fantastic. First stage landed on the platform. Got to admit , they did this very well. Those two guys on board must have a squeaky bum time knowing a test launch earlier had exploded. Back to la Lune soon, then the Red Planet. Might yet realise a boyhood dream of man on another planet. Ron.
  12. I'll keep everything crossed for you Carole, l ordered a Microphone from eBay, but it hasn't arrived yet, so, all I can do is watch and listen. Looking forward to it though. Ron.
  13. I concur with John and Stu. on Info for Observers, there are many of them on SGL, and imperative they included in this new innovation. Back to the Imaging side again, I'm sure there are many who would benefit from tuition on the various software applications that successful imaging results greatly depend upon . These talks need not delve too deeply, and consist of a question and answer format. Sequence Generator Pro,. Maxim DL, PDF giiding, and others that make up a list. The audience can contribute of course, as many folks will have a sound knowledge of many of the Software packages concerned. I realise these topics will likely eat up some time, so limits would need to be set. Un reconciled questions could be concluded in other sessions. Perhaps Graphic assistance as useful tools could be employed too I realise this might asking too much, so feel free to ignore. Ron.
  14. I was going to suggest to the OP that the controller has to have supply connected too, not just the usb. I'm sure he would know that though. Ron.
  15. I have to say that the modern Astro. gear of all types looks what I can only call, Pretty. Perhaps this plays a huge part in the attraction to buy these days. Of course I'm guilty myself, having bought a couple of Astro century 21 bits, nothing very expensive. Those Primalucelab rings look smartish. I am presently considering a Red Cat 51, but the Postie needn't get too excited, I haven't fully committed. I'll rephrase that, the Wife hasn't released the debit card yet . Ron.
  16. Agree that groping around looking for Venus when it's so close to the Sun can be a risky undertaking. However, success favours the brave, and you have a lovely outcome here. The Image in this setting is a splendid achievement. You must have persevered to get this. Well done. Ron.
  17. That Battery is not for shipping according to the site I looked it up on. Did you purchase it locally Michael. It's a Biggie for sure. Weighs half a hundredweight . Certainly a Beefy beast, Ron
  18. I reckon you'll be busy for a while Tim, people will be eager to get their gardens ship shape for summer. Zoom is fantastic perhaps you might consider doing a presentation, Steve's was very good starting with a basic intro to imaging. It will get more in depth later though. Hope you and family are all well. Ron.
  19. I had to leave before the end, but it was a big success, and I look forward to more in future, it certainly takes the sting out of having no Star Party this year. Must get myself a Microphone. Also, Would my Canon Video recorder do as a camera? Many thanks to Admin. for bringing this to SGL, and a big Thank You to Steve R. for an excellent performance, and look forward to more on the Imaging theme. Ron.
  20. Many thanks Paul, that's simplified it for me. This new innovation could provide a great educational tool. Ron.
  21. Well I've registered and Zoom is installed on my Smartphone. Looking forward to Steve's presentation. I was informed I should type in an eleven digit number after the installation, but does that mean to access the meeting. I'm a bit puzzled by that, I may have it wrong, Perhaps that was intended for a pretend meeting. Ron.
  22. Here's a picture of that splendid Comet that might interest you. Taken from the floor of Caldbeck Quarry in Cumbria. It was circumpolar at that time. Ron.
  23. I just hope this incident hasn't ocurred on SGL. Obviously you don't have to reveal where. Good luck with the outcome. Ron.
  24. The wind caught many of us by surprise today. I had earmarked today to give my fish pond a good clean out. If had been somewhat neglected, and the algae was getting out of hand control. The wind was making a damned nuisance of itself, and making a difficult job even moreso. However, that compares not one Iota to the sad event that has befallen you Stu. Even though the Optics escaped harm, it is still a heartache seeing that lovely instrument's body grotesquely twisted like that. Must have endured a hefty clout. The Optics really deserve a new overcoat matey, Get a new tube if there is one to be had. Sorry for your loss. Ron.
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