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  1. I would have thought the spreader would have wing nuts, of course they can fly off too. Which scope have you got, the Skywatchers usually have a spreader running up the long central mount bolt, with a large knurled threaded hand wheel to thread on and push the spreader on to the tripod legs. The spreader has shaped portions that fit neatly onto the legs. You obviously don't have that kind of telescope. Nuts don't undo themselves without something influencing them, such as vibration, and even then, they loosen only if they haven't been sufficiently tight. Ron
  2. We hope to buy a Jack Russell puppy when this Virus agony is under control. Best to Mike.
  3. Thanks a lot Helen, there is a vast amount of material there, and absolutely Magnificent Imagery. I shall be visiting that site a lot. Cheers and Best Wishes. Ron.
  4. Welcome to SGL Dafydd. If astronomy is your love, then you couldn't have better that join this great group of learned people. Your knowledge will grow quickly here, and all the help and assistance you might need is right here for you, all you do is ask your questions, and the answers will follow quickly. Hope you enjoy your new way of life. Ron.
  5. Re con No.2 strike it from your list, this is no time to harbour negative thoughts. From my pov you are adequately equipped to complete this project, and with flying colours. Ron.
  6. Nothing turns my stomach more than a common thief. Especially when they do so much damage trying to get at something they probably have no Idea what they may be stealing, and likely to pass on to someone for a meagre fraction of the value of the item/s. true worth. In this case, they got nothing, but the wreckage they often leave behind them can be soul destroying to the property owner/s. I would deport all guilty thieves to an Arctic Island prison for 10 years, regardless of nature of the theft or ensuing damage. Pickpockets, fraudsters, all of that Ilk to be likewise cold stored. Brutal?, of course it is, but there are enough bleeding hearts to prevent such punishment,s being introduced, so the plague will continue. Ron
  7. Just imagine having all that lovely equipment around you, you'd be so excited, you will forget the job you're supposed to do. I'm sure one to be chosen is filling in His / Her application right now. Congrats to the person selected, what a dream job. Ron.
  8. HehHeh!! Nice one. You're name will be further out than mine, I only got to the Moon Nowt wrong with having dreams either .
  9. No looking back now then, that is the Image of a veteran AP. If it passed muster with Olly, then you're now in the premiere league . Well done on your come back.. Ron.
  10. I can remember the A&E name, I didn't purchase any item from though. I like the look of that build, it looks classy. I must have bought around half a dozen of those stepper motor gearbox combo's during my own machinations. Only when I could work out what would produce the final sidereal rate though . Ron.
  11. Yeah! Really looking forward to that, as you say, we'll see the surface from a whole new perspective.
  12. Fullerscopes stir up much nostalgia for me, I can get a bit emotional over specific times in my earlier years. I had many dreams, some materialised, some haven't as yet. I would find it difficult to by pass First light for any future purchases. I've used them for most of my needs, and see no reason to change. Their service and communications are very good. I'm not being a flag waver here, just voicing my own opinion, born of experience. Ron.
  13. To be launched in July. The latest Rover/s I believe there are two sections to this one, to be released separately on the descent to the surface. Let's hope for some exciting revelations from this package. Ron.
  14. I'd award astrobiscuit an Oscar for that video, and certainly one for his star role. Ron.
  15. I remember BCF. so well. Every London visit had to include the Trek down Farringdon Road to browse around and dream one day I would buy one of those monster telescopes. never happened though, I remember buying an illuminated guiding eyepiece once. The thrill was just being in there drinking in those wonderful instruments. Those days are gone now, I miss it a great deal. I tried the Widescreen Centre just off Regent street, but there was no magical feeling generated in there, sorry chaps, no hard feelings. Flo. when is your showroom going to get born?. Ron.
  16. I went back to your original thread Chris. You got some good input there for sure, and you can certain on plenty of encouragement on your progress. You will get there, and we'll all be waiting for your first light post. I won't wish you luck, you don't need it, just plain old determination diluted with a sensible approach. Ron.
  17. @Lockie I'm pleased you are re motivated. It would be a great shame not to finish the task, especially as you have already made substantial progress. The Sagitta may be shallower at f6.7, the figuring may seem an easier proposition, the only other consequence, is the shadows under the knife edge when figuring will be a bit fainter that a faster mirror. Nothing daunting though. My biggest headache proved to be the diffraction round the edges of the Coudre mask apertures, the can be quite bright . I resorted to the Everest method at times. That method uses fine pins or headless nails pinned at the positions of the various mirror zones (ie) 30%, 50%, 71%, and the edge, the very crucial bit. Don't get worried about the dreaded turned edge, the mirror makers nightmare. With care, easily avoided. I take it you are working with the aid of a book on mirror making. I still have my Howard book if you wish to borrow it. I sold my Texereau one, which is a more in depth one. Ron.
  18. I made a number of Newt. Mirrors way back in my younger days. I just got addicted to the process, and enjoyed so much. I worked with NE Howard's Telescope Making book, and my testing and figuring was done with the aid of a home made Foucault tester, and Coudre masks. My first project was also with a 8.75 Mirror kit, bought from a Charles Frank shop in Glasgow. It was a long task, as many mistakes were made but as with any other task, mistakes are how you learn. It also was an F6, which is a good photo visual instrument. SGL has quite a number of guys who have made their own mirrors, some are in the very large category too, so we all wish you well on your project, and should you need any help or advice, you will get a good response here I'm sure. Ron.
  19. I've cut a couple of diaphragms for fun's sake, but I enjoy the full aperture on the moon. I've used it a number of times on Doubles which I enjoy a great deal too. This scope is no Rolls Royce, but I'm very satisfied with what I get out of it. It's quite a heavy lump, but the EQ6 is more than a match for it . I must add, I have not used it since I had my cataracts sorted, so aperture reduction may more advantageous now.
  20. What size blank are you working Lockie, are you still in the polishing stages? Ron.
  21. I own a Long Perng 150mm. f8 Frac. Sure it's CA is poor, but the lunar detail is so good, I can make the aberration disappear by just not thinking about it. Ron.
  22. It does look very nice, and the seller probably is quite genuine, and I've no wish to pass any doubt on his integrity. I'm sure someone will buy it, and be very satisfied with it. Along with the extras, it does seem a tempting bargain. If your home site is not conducive to good seeing, then it certainly is no Grab and Go telescope.
  23. You could ask a few relative questions of the seller, such as how long has he owned the telescope, was it new at purchase, does he belong to any Astronomy Society for example. If he was, was the scope offered for sale to any colleagues of the Society. Sometimes knowing more about the seller, is as important as the item he's selling. This might seem intrusive, and I wouldn't like you to miss a bargain, but the more you know, the safer you might feel about going ahead. As already intimated by John and Gaz. Good stuff does come along occasionally, and hard to resist. Ron.
  24. Cracking job you've on these, a lot of time collecting the data, and the processing has produced excellent results. Well done. great scope the MN190. Ron.
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