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  1. Chaplin

    WO zs73 2019 edition

    Fingers crossed you'll find one
  2. Chaplin

    WO zs73 2019 edition

    You've seen this one? https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=161968 More expensive though I think
  3. Chaplin

    WO zs73 2019 edition

    Yea, I wouldn't be too keen on that either... Those WO ones are sexy though!
  4. Chaplin

    WO zs73 2019 edition

    Someone's selling 80ED on ABS by the way
  5. I've only just started using ASIAIR v1 and it's bloody brilliant!
  6. Ha, I had fogotten about mosquitos when living in the UK. And I'm a mosquito magnet! Do you have any recommendations for the filter
  7. Hi John Thanks for your recommendation I'll pm you about the mount with some very good news
  8. Hi fellow enthusiasts I'm a complete novice who's got the bug of AP during this lockdown. We are about to move to one of the Scandinavian countries where as you know, it doesn't get too dark during those summer nights. Some advice would be really appreciated so I could pick up my collection of useful filters before we move. Additionally to bright summer nights, I might be in quite light polluted area as well where at the other end of the town is a huge greenhouse what emits a lot of light across the sky (that might be mostly during winter though to keep plants growing) I will have a modded Canon 600d on AZEQ6 GT mount and my targets will be DSOs. I've also just purchased SkyTech CLS-CCD clip in filter - no idea if that was a good idea actually Which filters would you suggest I have in my collection for those bright summer nights and long and dark winter nights (keeping in mind that greenhouse and other city light pollution)? Thank you very much
  9. Thanks but hoping to get something a bit cheaper, around £100 mark hopefully
  10. Hi. Interested. Do you still have the original focuser?
  11. Hi I'm after some kind of a power management system, something like Pegasus Pocket Powerbox. Will need a couple of USB ports and 2 channels for dew bands. Second-hand preferred. Thanks
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