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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks very much for the helpful replies, I've ordered a filter and looking forward to trying it out!! Thanks a lot! Alan
  2. Hi there, Just using a LifeCam to capture my first few images of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars this week, it's fantastic! I have a Celestron C8 Newtonian and wondering if I need an IR filter for the camera to improve the images? I was guessing I might need it if the Barlow is attached, but would it be needed if there was no glass in front of the CCD? Thanks in advance and here's to some clear skies and maybe warmer nights! Cheers, Alan
  3. Thanks very much everyone for the helpful replies! The highly elliptical orbit sounds like what I guess I saw! 35000 km altitude is incredible and to able to see little satellite moseying across the eyepiece was fairly funny! I wasn't tracking it...just had it pointing near Cassiopeia and then timed it traversing with the phone. Amazing how much stuff is up there in orbit! Thanks again! Alan
  4. Hi there, Just last week saw what looked like a satellite near Cassiopeia.....but not like the Usual fly past in the eye piece! I had a 32mm eyepiece in a 8inch Newtonian. It took 3 minutes for this object/satellite to cross from one side of eyepiece to the other......it was moving very slowly from south to north. What sort of high orbit would this involve? Just thought it was a strange one! Cheers Alan
  5. Thanks a lot Lee that's a great help, I'll check that out, cheers!
  6. AlanThorpe


    Thanks very much! Ah great, cheers for that, I recently bought the Atlas, it's great and Turn Left is a good one too, both are getting plenty of reading!
  7. AlanThorpe


    Thanks very much for the welcomes!! A few nice clear nights lately, happy days/nights. Only seen Andromeda so far, trying to find more fuzzy stuff, but failing miserably! Had great views of Jupiter and moons lately and Orion Nebula looked unreal with 8" compared to my old scope, so all good so far! Hoping to try a bit of photography next! Great forum, plenty of help here!
  8. Hi there, Just looking to get an RA drive for a CG5 mount. Hoping to try some photography soon, so a motor might be handy! Any ideas which would be the best bet? I've found one on Ebay, but not sure about it.......it's here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Single-Axis-D-C-Motor-Drive-for-EQ5-CG5-/251365735448?pt=UK_Telescope_Mounts&hash=item3a8690bc18 I've a C8 Newtonian mounted on the CG5. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Alan
  9. Hi Tony, Just wondering how you setup your camera with the scope. I also have a Powershot, it's a powershot 260, so possibly similar. Just wondering how a non-slr setup works for you... Great photos by the way! My camera also only has 15 second max exposure. Thanks a million, Alan
  10. Ah Pollux!!! Thanks very much for that, I'll check it out. Meant to download that ages ago, will have a gander. Cheers!
  11. I am jealous, some going that!!! i'd be happy with just one of those views please!
  12. Hey there, Finally a clear night here last night, if a bit to bright with the moon, but was still good! I'm still trying to find my way around the sky, so plenty of searching with not much in the way of results! But had some great views of Jupiter and it's moons, at least it wasn't hard to find!! Just wondering what was accompanying Jupiter as it made it's way across the sky, it was up at an angle of maybe 60 degrees from jupiter and maybe 2 finder scope views away (5 degree field of view). I presume it was a planet following along the elliptical but I have no idea what it was! Had some great views of the Orion Nebula too and for first time could actually see the dust and gas cloud shape, amazing! I spent most of the night trying to find 2 objects with no luck at all.....any hints or tips would be much appreciated please!! I was searching for M51 and NGC 891, each seemingly just a bit off to one side of Alkaid and Almach.....I had no luck at all! I was using 32mm EP, with 8 " Newtonian, with a fairly bright moon. Really looking forward to finding these, but witll have to give another bash soon, maybe with 16mm? Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Alan
  13. Hi John, Ah great, thanks a lot for your reply there. Yeah, sure it will help a to point in the very general direction of what I'm looking for, once I've aligned it accurately......looking forward to trying it out anyways. At least the scale is a lot larger than on the EQ1 that I have!! Sure it's a bit of craic anyway! Thanks again and sure I'll let you know how I get on! Cheers, Alan
  14. Hi there, I have just joined the forum the other day and must say it's a great source of information! A few weeks ago, I upgraded to a Celestron G8N 1000mm 8" Newtonian and am hoping to find much more objects in the sky.....if the clouds ever give us a break! My other scope is a SkyWatcher 5 inch Netwonian, which has very basic setting cirlces on the EQ2 mount. The CG-5 mount seems to have a much more substantial scale, so I'm hoping to have some luck and arrive at near enough the right spot in the sky. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on using the setting circles with this mount. Whenever we get a clear night again, I was planning on polar aligning the scope, then find an easy target like Polaris, or one of the stars in the Plough to calibrate the setting circles. Looking forward to hearing your views on this, thanks in advance for your help! Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else previously. Thanks a million, Alan
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