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  1. Welcome to SGL. Most be incredible to live in a location like that! Best Regards Frank
  2. Hi Sven, it depends on where you live. Mr Boxdoerfer does not sell his controllers into EU countries anymore. I believe this is because European manufacturers have an obligation to take back and recycle their products at the end of life. As he is a one-man band its is difficult for him to do that. There are some used ones around though. These controllers are virtually indestructible. Made of metal with industrial grade push buttons and cable connections, at the same time they are extremely compact. You can also connect an autoguider and a pc via the adapter cable... one other advantage of this solution is that the motors slew extremely quietly at 32/64x. Best Regards Frank
  3. Hi All, sorry to dig out this slightly old thread. There is in fact a workable GOTO solution with the MT-1 motors! It uses a Boxdoerfer MTS-3SDI controller, the skywire cable and an iphone/ipad with Skysafari. Maximum speed is however limited to 32x (for 12v power) or 64x (for 24v). This seems slow compared to most modern units, but it is actually very usable! You can simply push the mount manually to a near bright star, press align in skysafari and then use the graphical interface in skysafari to choose your object and goto... The beauty of this solution is its simplicity. No requirement for inputting date/time or multiple star alignments. just make sure your mount is Adequately polar aligned - which is a 2min job with a vixen mount. I have used this solution for a while and it has transformed my 30year old SP-DX. Best Regards Frank
  4. Froeng

    Messier 74

    Very nice indeed!
  5. Great report Neil and a very inspiring follow-up discussion! I am kicking myself as I have spent the whole of the bank holiday weekend shored up at home with a bad cold! I must have missed 30% of this year’s observing opportunities as it’s been brilliant weather! Your skies seem to be extremely dark. What bortle class is it? CS, Frank
  6. Great report, sounds like an incredible night!
  7. Nice report, cannot wait for the next clear summer night sky...
  8. Hi Littleguy80, Ngc7008 is indeed a beautiful target. Unlike other planetaries, it does show detail and shape even in small scopes. A nice field star seems almost embedded into it. One of my favorites! An O3 Filter helps as well. CS, Frank
  9. Incredible detail for 8”! well done... Frank
  10. This is brilliant! Crossing the line between science and art. Should be nice in a frame on the wall...
  11. Great report. You must have a nice clear view of the Southern horizon from your dark pad... Clear Skies!
  12. Fantastic sketches!
  13. Great report! A very nice challenge. Will have to give this a try at some point as well!
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