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  1. Hi All, has anyone had a chance to see this? SkySafari says its -1.6mag!!!
  2. Just realised this is the imaging forum . Can this be moved to the observing discussion, please?
  3. Just saw this in SkySafari: SkySafari also says is -1.6mag!!! Does anyone have a clear sky??? This sounds like Hyakutake mark2... Frank
  4. Agree on the Heritage. I use it as a grab and go and its incredibly capable...
  5. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, but given their expected lifespan and nos of cycles, this should be the last battery I buy! 2000 cycles, Each of which should be able to accommodate 4 four hour observing sessions = 8000 nights. (Mount uses ~0.5A/h) If I achieve 20 observing nights a year (which I usually don’t due to weather, family and work), this battery will last me 400 years...
  6. Excellent! Love those sketches... Regards, Frank
  7. Hi All, i have been running my Vixen mount off a Halfords jump starter battery for about 6 years. Just recently it started to show signs of ageing ( not enough output!). hence, I bought the below battery a couple of weeks ago. Have tested it indoors, but not under real conditions, yet. although the amphour rating is only 10 amphours (rather then 17), the discharge output is supposed to be very even, ie the voltage stays above 12v much longer than the jump starter. It is a LiFePo4 type, which is safer than LiIon...
  8. Very nice report! I need to try some of those coloured doubles... Hope your back recovers fully! Sounds like horrid pain... Frank
  9. Froeng

    Orion Nebula

    That is a very nice sketch indeed! Looking forward to M42... keep sketching - you will see more and more... Best Regards Frank
  10. Hi Gav, I am in Singapore quite regularly. Light pollution is comparable to central London. However, there are some places which are not too bad. Eg, East Coast Park, where you have a clear view of the Straits to the South (there are only lights from the hundreds of ships and the Indonesian islands opposite). there is also the science centre which has a free stargazing session, i think once or twice a month. They have a nice 40cm Pentax Cassegrain on an English mount, in an air-conditioned (!) dome for public viewings. They also have c11 in a separate dome. Definitely worth a visit. Make sure you bring a bottle of water as they have no drinking fountain or vending machine once you are inside the compound https://www.science.edu.sg/whats-on/workshops-activities/stargazing The weather can be difficult to predict, but at least its not freezing! Although there is light pollution, there is nothing like seeing the planets straight overhead. Unfortunately I have so far not been able to try any of the Malaysian islands, but Tioman should be good. There are also some astrotours from Singapore to Mersing http://www.celestialportraits.com/cp_expeditions.html Hope this gives you some hints... Best Regards Frank
  11. Sounds like fun ! A great report of two memorable nights... what size of Dob were you using? Best Regards Frank
  12. Hi Odd, if you have the flat adapter cable to connect the MTS3 to a PC (serial connector), you can just plug the Skywire into the end of that same cable. Then choose the LX200 protocol in SkySafari and connect - that’s it! No soldering needed! Best Regards Frank
  13. Is it Christmas yet? . Looking good. Incredible what 1min exposure can capture at f2... Have fun with your new toy! Frank
  14. Welcome to SGL. Most be incredible to live in a location like that! Best Regards Frank
  15. Hi Sven, it depends on where you live. Mr Boxdoerfer does not sell his controllers into EU countries anymore. I believe this is because European manufacturers have an obligation to take back and recycle their products at the end of life. As he is a one-man band its is difficult for him to do that. There are some used ones around though. These controllers are virtually indestructible. Made of metal with industrial grade push buttons and cable connections, at the same time they are extremely compact. You can also connect an autoguider and a pc via the adapter cable... one other advantage of this solution is that the motors slew extremely quietly at 32/64x. Best Regards Frank
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