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  1. Great suggestions here. One of my absolute favourites though has not been mentioned. NGC7008 - the foetus nebula - highly recommended. One of only a handful of planetaries that reveal detail and structure even in an 8” scope under light polluted skies. It is also placed almost overhead during summer. Bring an OIII and an observation cloth to shield away stray light... Easily takes magnification between 150-200x. clear skies!
  2. A nice classic telescope. These used to be very popular in the mid-80s. I have the 60mm f/15 version of the same focal length. On mine, the lens cell is actually fixed in the dew shield, so when you unscrew it, the cell would come with it. This is necessary if you need to remove the tube rings. Yours looks like new condition from the photos!
  3. I agree - the seeing was exceptional here on Friday evening, too. Lots of nice doubles on display!
  4. Fully agree with the above statements. O’Meara’s books are indeed very well written. The first two (Messier and Caldwell) cover the brighter objects. The second two volumes (Treasures and Deep) go deeper and are for more advanced observers. I have the 2nd edition of the Caldwell objects, which is updated and - most importantly - includes a whole sky map of Caldwell objects. One thing that is missing from the other volumes sadly (this is the only minor criticism!). It would be great if someone could print a map with objects from all four books shown... Hidden Treasures does not seem t
  5. Thanks Wouter. It does look amazing! I hope you can get a good clear sky to try it out properly soon!
  6. This looks very nice! It arrived very quickly also. Can you give any feedback on operation yet? I am particularly interested in the slewing noise of the mount and stiffness of the carbon tripod... Thank you!
  7. Don’t get me wrong - I love SkySafari! A really powerful tool, especially as it can drive the mount. But sometimes you want that haptic experience of a good quality atlas. I had the Tri-Atlas printed and bound in A3. At that scale it is a magnificent experience to use. And perfect for desktop exploration and preparation for the nights to come. Again - Skysafari complements this well... note: pencil added for scale
  8. Nice one Wouter! please keep us in the loop with photos and an experience report. The AXJ really seems to be the perfect portable mount. Which tripod will you be using? Best Regards Frank
  9. Incredible report! Sounds like an amazing night. As always - you don’t need a bigger scope, you need darker skies... or BOTH!
  10. Thank you Alex! I will have a look at this. Frank
  11. I am also a big fan of the iphone triple click! However, I have been wanting to try a film on the phone’s screen for a while. Does anyone know of a good product to use? Thanks! Frank
  12. Thank you All for the kind words! I will try again next time it is clear - hopefully this spring - NOT 2022! ;-)
  13. Thank you Peter. i have to say, I was surprised myself it was so clear! Frank
  14. ...another one of the "simple astrophotographs". Not really a "pretty picture", but the proof that even supposedly faint objects can be quite rewarding with little effort! Unguided C8 at f/10 on Vixen SP-DX with 20x1min exposures using an old Olympus E-PL5 I wasn't sure this was going to work - but I did manage to capture the jet coming out of the black hole...! Next time, I will try maybe 10sec subs and see if this would produce more detail. Best Regards Frank
  15. Another excellent free pdf atlas is “Tri Atlas”. I have printed this in A3, all three parts. The third part is hardly used as it is too detailed https://allans-stuff.com/triatlas/ this is a mirror site. Cannot recall where the original was...
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