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  1. Hi folks, good to see some dobs will be there and some visual observers as i dont have the patience or skills for the great things some people can do with astrophotography. Ill be bringing my 16inch dob along with some simple 10x50 bins to keep packing the car simpler. I must admit ive lost my enthusiasm for the past 18 months so this will be my first proper outing - so im going to keep it simple and just take my biggest scope. So for me im after a few planets, some dso, im gonna try for the the horsehead too which has evaded me for years.... im also gonnna take my trainers and get in a run or two if i can. Kielder is always a friendly starcamp so im really looking forward to it and aim for friday to sunday. Cheers
  2. Well then folks.... what has the sky turned out like. Looking at the pics from earlier it looks like its going to be a good one . Cheers
  3. Hi all, Kielder starcamp oct 2018 is nearly here so wondered if anyone else was going ,and if so , what kit will you be bringing and what you intend to observe? Cheers
  4. You can easily make and insect "pooter" which is how those interested in these critters catch them for studying. Ive used one many years ago and they were really effective and remarkably basic. Ive not tried one with the really big spiders though. If you do make one though, make sure you remember to add the pice of fabric to the end of the suck tube or youll end up with a six legged supper !
  5. Arrrrgh..... cloud ! I went out at 12.30 and there was cloud. Soooooo frustrating
  6. Given the disrupted viewing storm brian caused im taking advantage of the clear spell behing the weatherfront and have the scope out cooling. Cloud is forecast qbou 2-3am so im hoping to get a few hours in. Havent decided wht to view .... any suggestions ? Cheers
  7. With kielder being so high i decided not to make the journey given the winds and towing a caravan and then setting up a large dob to act as a sail might have been tempting fate. I emailed lynn on friday morning asking her to reallocate my hard standingmornin so i hope someone managed to make use of it. At least my kit is all sorted so it will be a good excuse to get out in the garden tonight if it clears. As for the horsehead there is a sickle shape of stars that seem to tightly frame the shape of the head and i use these as a guide to where to look. This helps give some indication of the size of what you are looking for especially when switching eyepieces to alter the exit pupil but changing the mmgnification at the same time. For me a 4mm to 5mm exit pupil would be with an 18mm to 22.5mm eyepiece so should work with the 17 and 22mm naglers i use. Cheers
  8. Ive attempted the horsehead for quite a few yeaws but even from kielder and galloway its evaded me due to the sky conditions just not being 100% .... i find even the slightest amount of moisture in the air just steals the contrast on this object. Theres often talk of an optimum exit pupil size for this object to get the right contrast ..... is it about 4mm .... i cant remember. I suppose a mix of aperture, dark skies, suitable exit pupil and a h-beta filter might put the snout in range.... it will be interesting to see if anyone has managed and what their setup was. Cheers
  9. Kielder is usually wet under foot this time of year so have a hardstanding booked and will be warm in my caravan
  10. Hi folks, Less than a week now til kielder star camp begins so i wondered who was going and what you hope to see ? Im still hoping for a visual view of the horsehead but havent managed for the 5 years ive been trying ! Cheers
  11. Hi all, I need to buy some rca/phone leads, an aaa battery holder, a few plugs , battery connectors, inline fuses etc and wondered where the best place was to buy these. They are to extend my dew leads and for a few other projects im doing. Online would be good but not ebay and im wanting to avoid maplin prices, Thanks in advance,
  12. Well done on having your photos used in a presentation ..... mine are never worth sharing ! Its your hobby so enjoy it however you wish, and dont worry about what he thinks
  13. Thanks everyone thats been really helpful. I m going to try to keep the existing polarity and i hqve a multimeter so should be able to check. Out of interest does the centre pin ultimately lead to the posotive terminal on the battery or the negative ? Thanks
  14. Hi , hopefully this will be a simple query but I have some dew srips and i want to make their leads shorther. Is there any polarity in these things or can any of the two wires be connected to posotive ? Im thinking that they are just some sort of resistor so the direction of the current shouldnt matter but i wanted to check first. Thanks
  15. Hi Ade, Looks like a lovely project you have found yourself. After close looking at the pics of the secondary it looks as if the flat is rotated 180 from how it should be fitted as this will mean the flat sides of the secondary will then be parallel to the main tube. This would suggest that in its lifetime someone has had the secondary off and refitted it upside down which gives it a huge offset . Others will be able to check my thinking on this though aand give their thoughts. Cheers
  16. Hi and welcome to SGL Which scope do you have by the way, there is likely to be an owner on here who can fast track your learning about your new piece of kit, Cheers
  17. THanks Bart, I Didnt know that so ill have a look. CHeers
  18. FOr an alt az mount id be tempted to have a 6x4 shed for storing the scope which i could then use as a warm room when the scope is lifted out for use. With the mount not needing permament alignment this would give plenty of flexibility and as different parts of the garden often give views of different parts of the sky you could move the scope to suit the part of the sky you are observing. Cheers
  19. Yes the accuracy is about 0.1 degrees so i tend to use a widefiled eyepiece with about a 1 degree field and if my scope is level , with accurate location and time then i can usually get the object in the fov. Cheers
  20. Hi, I Tend to use the alt az coordinates given by either Mobile Observatory or Sky Safari but free programs such as Stellarium will do the same. As I sqid though your base meeds to be level and the time qnd location needs to be accurate and make sure you use the current time as some apps freeze the time and coordinates once the object is selected. CHeers
  21. I Use a wixey and a rotary encoder as the push to system on my 16 inch dob and have never had any problems. There are some basic things to get right though ie as long as you have an alt az mount as with an eq mount it will get difficult. With an alt /az mount imagine your scope as a big cannon, with an up/down and left/right and the wixey will deal with the up/down bit as this is the Alt reading that you mention ...... completely different to declination , which with a wixey you dont need to worry about. FIrst off , download a bubble level app and use this to get the base level ... try to get within 0.2 degrees of level , and I manage to do this 75% of the time. Next , amd THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT ake sure your chosen app has an accurate location for you and an accurate time.... even a small difference here has a big impact. Next , pick a known star and check its alt from your app and get it in the centre of the fov and zero the wixey .... then lower the tube in alt until it reads the same alt as the object , but with a minus figure, then zero again.... you will then be dead level. So as an example, find polaris, zero the wixey, then lower the tube to read -56degrees and zero again .... this is your artificial horizon. Now go hunting, choose an object and point within the rough direction as best you can, now find the current alt of the object and raise the scope until the reading is the same as the target abject then sweep left and right til you hit the object. This is easier when the object is to the south as it is not rising or settimg so the alt angle isnt changing very quicky, SO, tHe concept is simple and accurate, if an object is 35degrees above the horizon and your levelled scope is pointing towrads the sky at a 35degree angle, as long as it is in the right direction then you will see the object. Using a low powered eyepiece will help iron out any minor inaccuracies though. Cheers
  22. I wear glasses and wear them when observing with an f4.5 dob. I found the delos have great eye relief along with the T4 naglers at 22, 17 and 12mm. I also have a 28mm WO UWAN than works well too. Id pick three eyepieces an look for them second hand
  23. I wear glasses and wear them when observing with an f4 dob. I found the delos have great eye relief along with the T4 naglers at 22, 17 and 12mm. I also have a 28mm WO UWAN than works well too. Id pick three eyepieces an look for them second hand and with 500 you might just be able to do it. Cheers
  24. I think with a 4inch mak you would be able to see a lot of the brighter objects and if you cover the wider coma virgo leo area then you would be able to get a reasonable haul. If you have tracking and goto then that would help too along with a decent star chat so you can confirm you are in the right place. A dark sky will also add greatly and this helps give some contrast to the dimmer objects that get lost in a light polluted garden. Cheers
  25. Hi Scarp There was a bit of a milky haze due to the moisture in the air and some sky glow from Nescastle but the air was stable with no wind. For this reason i waited til virgo was high and away fron the Newcastle glow. CHeers
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