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  1. I've just tried re-stacking and at 9% threshold, DSS detects 1870 stars when when I go to stack, I now get an error saying "only one frame will be stacked. You should check/change the star detection threshold to detect more stars..." I use the CR2 RAW files straight from the camera. I'll have another look at my exposure settings next time I go out but for the moment, I seem to be struggling with the stacking process.
  2. Thanks for the link. I was already at 60 seconds unguided on a star adventurer so any longer at 400mm was creating star trails. I’ve just preordered an ASiAir Plus with guide scope and camera though so I hope to increase that exposure time in the near future.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies and help. I did keep the dark files but assumed I couldn’t use them. That’s good news then so I’ll re-stack using those files. I added all the image in the correct place in DSS (Double checked) and the image above is the auto save TIFF file with absolutely nothing done to it. Re: ISO… anything less than 2500 was clipping the blacks. I can’t remember what bayer pattern I used but I will have used all default settings as I’m new to DSS. All images were shot in RAW. I’ll re-stack and try all of your suggestions tonight. Thanks again guys. I’ll report back when I have a chance to take another look.
  4. I had a couple of unsuccessful nights of trying to image M31 and would be grateful for any help or advice as I'm a little stuck. Here is my setup Sky watcher star adventurer, Canon 5D Mk IV with Sigma 150-600 @ 400mm. f5.6, ISO 2500, 60 seconds. I made a mess of the darks (f6.3) so had to discard these, forgot to do flat frames but did remember the bias frames. I thought I would try to salvage what I had so stacked the good lights and bias frames in DeepSkyStacker. I had 52 light frames and 20 bias. I set the star detection threshold to 64% (108 stars) and the below screenshot shows the result. First off, I'm not sure why the image is so blue or why there is a huge blue haze from the right. Also note the histogram. I can't even start stretching this as the data is all on the way to the left. I've obviously made a few errors here but can't figure out what (aside from not having any darks or flats). Is anyone able to advise? Many thanks in advance!
  5. How should I deal with this? Create flats, darks and bias frames for each session or just once use for all light frames?
  6. Thanks Steve, I’m definitely proud of this one but mostly inspired i absolutely am. Can’t wait to get back out there!
  7. Here is my first ever attempt at any kind of astrophotography. Shot on Friday under a Bortle 5 sky. Canon 5D Mk IV with Sigma 150-600 contemporary lens at 400mm Sky Watcher star adventurer 30 seconds, f6.3, ISO 3200 (Approx 80 frames) Stacked in deep sky stacker & then edited in Lightroom & Photoshop. I found the processing particularly challenging but any advice on improvements in any area would be much appreciated. Next time I’m going to try and get 1 minute exposures.
  8. Thanks. The shop section of that website doesn't work so I'm not sure if it's still an option. I'm planning on buying an AsiAir Plus with guide scope and camera when the plus has been releases so I think that will solve the problem then so an external shutter release might be the best option until then.
  9. Thanks Alan. Looks like I’ll have to get a remote shutter. Was hoping to get 1 min exposures on a star adventurer.
  10. Unfortunately, you can’t use the internal intervalometer in bulb mode
  11. Hi. Does anyone use a Canon 5D Mk IV and the built intervalometer to capture images that are longer than 30 seconds? Not sure if this is possible?
  12. Oh nice, I’ve always wanted to get a Raspberry Pi (such a geek) but I’ve never found a reason to do so. Will look into this next. Understood about the RA tracking only. I’m just getting started so just trying to dip my toe in and see how I go without spending thousands. I’ve also got the Canon 24-105 f4 L Mk2 so I’ve got a good range of focal lengths to play with. I also have a Celestron Travel 70 so will have a go with that as well. I appreciate all the great advice here, the community here seems so friendly!
  13. I think the tracking scope, camera and ASiAir Pro will be next on my list but I’ll see how I get on with the mount first. Just need the clouds to clear now. ASIAir pro seems to be out of stock everywhere at the minute anyway.
  14. Well, my wallet has taken a sigh of relief tonight after discovering that the £300 mount is the better choice than the £1000 option for me at the moment. Just need the clouds to clear now, which isn’t going to happen today.
  15. Thanks for the quick replies. That’s makes perfect sense about the EQ5 vs HEQ5, I’m not sure how I missed that as it seems glaringly obvious now. Sounds like the Star Adventurer is the recommended option. And if I don’t need the guide scope & camera, that will save some more money. So If i buy the star adventurer, take multiple fairly long exposures with a 600mm focal length using a full frame DSLR and stack them, I should get some decent results that inspire me to keep going?
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