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  1. Hi, The following surplus equipment for sale: Orion Solar Filter to suit Meade 10" LX200 (little used). £100 plus postage. Atik EFW2 (used, but in good condition). £300.00 plus postage. Lumicon 1.25" OIII filter (little used). £90 plus postage. Baader 2" NT Steeltrack (unused). £180.00 plus postage. SOLD Celestron Axiom 23 mm eyepiece (unused). £200.00 plus postage. I hadn't a clue what t ask for these items, so I searched the internet for guidance. I hope the prices asked are realistic. Happy to provide further images and details. Regards, Herrman
  2. Fozzybear and Wandering Eye, many thanks to you both for your replies. I like the idea of taking the DIY route, and the rpi4 is readily available through Amazon. Could I please ask if the rpi4 would require a degree of configuration, or is it ready to go out of the box (allowing for the need to download Astroberry or Stellamate OS)? I'm able to find my way around most software programs, even PI (well almost!), but have no experience dabbling with programming or tweaking motherboards. If this is required it might be best for me to hold-off until Stellamate Pro arrives . Thanks again. Regards, Herrman
  3. Hi, I've been pondering the possible purchase of ATIKbase. However, I see operation relies on Stellamate's softwear, with this in mind I wondered if purchase of the Stellamate equivalent to ATIKbase would be a better prospect? I'm not sure if ATIKbase works with Atik equipment only? If so, Stellamate might offer greater versatility. It would be great to hear you thoughts, or accounts of experience with either system. Best wishes, Herrman
  4. Hi Stash_old, Many thanks for your thoughts. XRDP, KStars, Stellarmate et al... you've all opened-up a whole new universe for me this afternoon- lots to look into! I'm very happy with my EQMod/Cart Du Ceil/SGP set-up, it took me a while to get to grips with it all, but it now runs very well and I'll be sticking with it to work with my Atik equipment. My plan is to use the ZWO gear with a second mount and scope, ultimately to use this as a mobile rig, so the apparent flexibility of the Air system appealed to me. I'll see how I get on once I have the Android is up and running. Best wishes, Herrman
  5. Hi Grierson, Many thanks for your reply. I do have an iPad, and did wonder about blowing the dust off it, but its a very early one (must be about 10 years old) which I think Apple have disowned when it comes to OS upgrades. I've therefore taken the plunge and invested in an Android, which I'm looking forward to playing with. Thanks again, Herrman
  6. Hi Mick, Many thanks for searching Windows Apps. A rhetorical question; I wonder why there's not a Windows App for Air??? Thanks for the thought about buying a cheap Android tablet, I've checked them out on Amazon- I'd not realised how relatively inexpensive the lower spec ones are, so I've ordered one! Best wishes, Herrman
  7. Hi Julian, Many thanks for your reply. I like the idea of not being constrained to use the ZWO/Google App, although I'm wary of corrupting the AIR by trying to install XRDP; I know from bitter experience- when it comes to computers, if there's a way to cods it up, I'll find it! I wasn't aware of KStars, I've just taken a look at their website- very interesting, I'll certainly investigate further. Thanks again, Herrman
  8. Hi, I have a Windows-based tablet that I'd like to use for controlling ASIAIR. I'd assumed I could download the required App from Google Play, but have been unable to do so. Is it possible to control ASIAIR via a Windows tablet, or must this be done using a smartphone or similar device? I've been happily plodding along with EQMOD etc for years now, so this is a step into the dark for me, therefore any advice and guidance you can offer will be much appreciated. Regards, Herrman
  9. Hi Ian, Many thanks for the link, I'll have a read. Best wishes, Herrman
  10. Hi Ian, Many thanks for your reply, and research on my behalf. Your comments about the robustness of the Epsilon does make me think removal of the mirror and cell from the tube may not be such a daunting prospect. Having been warned that these instruments can be difficult to collimate, I was pleasantly relieved to find the scope was accurately collimated straight out of the box. Experience has taught me the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mantra is a sound one, so I try to not fiddle with things unless I have to- hence my initial thoughts about trying to clean the mirror in-situ. However, I think you're right to say mirror removal may not be too intimidating, so I may well give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Herrman
  11. Hi Nigel, Many thanks for your reply. In the first instance, I'm thinking of removing the mirror from the tube, and washing with soap and RO water. If there's still a residue after washing I'll go down the Photonic route; but at £100 for a small bottle, I'm hoping soap and water will work! I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again, Herrman
  12. Hi Peter, Many thanks for your reply. I did a Google search on snail secretions, there doesn't seem to be anything corrosive in its composition (in fact medicinal benefits for eczema and toothache are suggested!), so I think soap and water may work; if I'm bold enough to remove the mirror from the tube. Thanks again, Herrman
  13. Hi, A snail has managed to get onto the mirror of my Epsilon 180, and coated it with a residue. Not sure how it achieved this- the scope was pillar-mounted with the top end around 1.8 m from the the ground! Anyway, I need to find a means to remove the residue, but because of the difficulty with collimating these scopes I'm reluctant to remove the mirror from the tube; if at all possible. Would anyone have thoughts on how to achieve this? I wondered if this product would do the trick: Photonic Red First Contact Cleaning Solution Astronomy STARTER Kit? There's sufficient space between the spider vanes for me to reach the surface of the mirror by hand. I do have Baader optical cleaning solution, but I believe this is not suitable for mirrors. Any thoughts, or advice gratefully received. Thanks, Herrman
  14. Hi, I control my Lakeside via Focus Max. Mount Hub Pro, and Moonlite's focusing software has also worked. Regards, Herrman
  15. Hi Rob, Many thanks for your reply. The message has got me baffled too! It stating something's wrong, but no hint what to do about it! It's certainly implying a calibration issue, but at this stage I'm trying just to stack light frames; no darks, flats, or bias included. When I do this with FITS files obtained with a Atik 383l, this is a fairly painless procedure, all that's required is to select one image from the stack for registration (I did this with the CR2s too). From you reply I get the impression I could be missing out a fundamental step in the process. You say the image should be opened, and settings checked, I think this possibly is what Graham describes above. I'll have another shot at this tonight, and let you know how it goes. It would be good to get this cracked, as I've a backlog of images that I'm itching to process! Thanks again, Herrman
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