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  1. B4 backyard sounds awesome. I live in B8-9 =|
  2. Latest DIY project, a cup of concrete to help stabilize the Tupperware tripod my Explore Scientific refractor came with...
  3. Is there a chart or some way to figure out which objects you should be able to see given the Bortle number of your location and the aperture of your telescope? For instance, I'm at Bortle 8-9 and have an 8" dob. I *think* I located and saw M10 the other night (hunting around with an angle gauge on the OTA), but it looked like a barely visible circular fuzzy dust smudge. I wasn't able to see it at all in the finder scope (8x50 RACI). I was very excited thinking I had found it after 10-15 minutes of hunting, but also surprised at how difficult it was to see. Thanks!
  4. That's amazing. I can only see 3-4 stars from my backyard with my eyes. What's your approximate location? I was trying to get my bearing in the image and expected to see the Lyra double double at 7 o'clock underneath Vega but I think that's them at 9 from Vega.
  5. Hi Everyone, Just registered, coming from west Houston at Bortle 8. I have an Apertura AD8, binos, and a small ExploreScientific achro. Thanks! Jacob
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