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  1. NINA is a great bit of kit. I have not used my gear for at least the last 6 months and within minutes I was up an running. NINA is very much like sgpro but in my opinion has some better options. I just use stellerium to find a target and then use the search in NINA to get there. I also use cdc and connect this to my mount so I can see what is doable in my location.
  2. Just found this tutorial on affinity photo and I must say its seems impressive for the price. I'm not a PS person so not sure how alike affinity is to PS.
  3. Hi Dave and welcome. I too am local to you. Just outside Langport. My advice is to not get involved with astrophotography....
  4. Have a look at the link below. I am just about to follow the same path.
  5. I think this will be the next thing I do to my little 130. Just need to find someone who can print it for me.
  6. I found my copy of SGP had connection issues when using the asi1600 and asi120 then started having platesolve issues. That is why I switched to NINA.
  7. Can the camera name not be changed in the driver? Sorry not able to access my gear at the moment.
  8. Not sure how thick the adapter is but maybe a oil filter chain and cloth or a steel lid remover. The lid remover has got me out a bind more than once. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Multifunctional-Stainless-Steel-Can-Opener-Bottle-Jar-Lid-Remover-Kitchen-Tool/174360716808?hash=item2898b56608:g:Rf0AAOSwHfBfGnz0
  9. I have a similar set up minus the zero backlash mod. I usually use the target most in phd. I would say try shifting the ota back or forward a touch and see how the RA reacts (looks it may be east heavy). I normally find it is either balance or slight backlash. Normally get 0.7" ish, but have had it as low as 0.5" on a good night. Of course I could be totally wrong but that is where I would start.
  10. Possible worm gear binding too tight/loose?
  11. @sagramore I have belt modded my neq6 and found it worth doing, picked it up cheap from ABS (still in packets) but would happily pay full price for a new one. I have seen it guiding as low as .5 so tracking will be improved. I also used the time the mount was stripped to replace my bearings. The hardest thing is getting the worm gear set up correctly which can take a few attempts. Once done you will see a massive reduction in backlash. For about £100 pounds it get my vote. You will find a dedicated camera with set point cooling much easier to use and it means gathering calibration is much, much easier. Processing is a learning curve but not horrendous. Remember that even in Ha imagining under a full moon cannot be 100% full proof and O111 and S11 really benefit from a darker sky, just not as much as broadband.
  12. Would that be politically correct by leaving out the coffee drinkers??
  13. I think due to the fact that you can find very few reviews on the new eq8 says allot. I think it would be wise to make do with what I have and keep on saving towards something like a mesu (which would be my main goal). I know one is available second hand but due to work conditions I cannot spend that type of money on a hobby at this moment in time. If one comes up later and I have the cash then it would be a no brainer..
  14. Sounds like you need to make adjustments to the focuser as @Stub Mandrel has mentioned. Shame it has not performed that well. I have been meaning to buy one for months now.
  15. Thanks for all the replies and info. I have seen the mesu on abs and really would have considered it. Unfortunately I do not go back to work until October (if I end up having a job to go back to) so will have to wait to see how things pan out. A second hand mesu would be my first choice but a brand new eq8 would be a close second. I think for now my old neq6 is doing okay and generally guiding at 0.7" so not awful.
  16. If you have a local engineering shop you can get them to cut a slot in a length of aluminium bar. Bolt this to the top of your tube rings and then use a weight with a hole in it and use a bolt and butterfly nut so it can be moved up and down the bar as needed.
  17. Although startools is not free it has unlimited usage time (but you cannot save). It has more to it than meets the eye. I usually use pixinsight but always run my image through startools first. I too looked as have it installed for NINA. Got a bit lost and as you say its not the easiest to understand and I struggled to find any helpful info/videos.
  18. Sounds like a possible ascom thing or a usb issue. Have you made sure it is all up to date. I had this a while ago in sgpro then it just stopped happening. I is the image capture software that tell phd to dither and when, it then waits for the dither to finish and guiding to settle and then continues imaging.
  19. How did you stack the images? That looks like what I get if I forget to use a ref frame in DSS.
  20. You can reduce the amount needed. If you can get your hands on a auger (I used a 8" auger) and dig in each corner of the hole and in the middle for the pipe/ mount support. This effectively casts a concrete table in the ground. You might be able to have the main slab only 500mm thick.
  21. Looks like all previous threads are just talking about the new style mounts or complaining about DEC backlash in the older ones. I am going to have to agree with @Freddie. There must only be a handful out there. I have trawled the forum and seem to find the older ones are guiding anywhere between 1 and .5". I am fully aware of weights balance and all the other things to take into consideration and understand its not a mesu. But it would be nice to have a end users opinion on the new mount just for a little info.
  22. Most people say 1m3 but I only went about 700mm3 it depends on your ground. If you use wood it will warp so you want something that is not prone to movement, steel or aluminium. Are you going to leave your mount outside? I would say permanent power and connections to the mount will really help. If you do it do it right or at least do the best you can. You really do not want to have to redo it. You cannot beat a pier as you can be up and running in minutes (cooling the camera is the longest part). It helps you grab the chance to image at times you would not if you have to set up from scratch.
  23. Depends on what mount you have. You can always use a car brake disc as an adapter. The todmorden will be quick and easier to build but need to be a permanent structure but I guess this is the point of building a pier. I used 8" plastic pipe, sunk two feet into a concrete base with about four feet above ground. This then got filled with concrete.
  24. Hi All, I am just wondering how good these mounts are when guiding. I now the newer ones have belts on the RA and DEC so the backlash issues should now have been resolved. I have a eq6 that performs around 0.7-0.9 on average (sometimes better, sometimes worse) but how would going up to an 8 improve things. Will I just get a more solid rms or would you expect the 8 be below the 0.5 rms mark? The neq6 is belt modded and has the upgraded wedge so other than spending a few hundred on the zero backlash worm mount there is not allot to improve it. Would the jump to the eq8 be worth the money? I guess the next step would be a mesu. Any experience of these would be helpful.
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