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  1. Thanks @Alien 13 I'd have thought that I'd have seen DC voltage, not AC... but ho-hum. Rather than earthing everything I think I'll have better luck with a battery, or a linear PSU.
  2. I've been rebuilding my EQ6... and when I put everything back together I was surprised when I felt a little electric vibration on the Dec Scale... and again on the counterweight shaft. Being curious as I am, my multimeter has a NCV function... If I point it at any part of the mount or tripod when it's plugged in, it detects voltage Now, it's only supposed to alarm when there is > 90VAC... I was expecting it to be a grounding issue, but if I take a measurement from the mount or tripod to ground, I get a reading between 25VAC at basically 0.01mA I'm at a bit of a loss as to wher
  3. I considered sending my mount to DFO but instead opted to do the work (stripdown, regrease, belt mod) myself. I've learned a lot... but I've easily spent £50 and probably 12 hrs over the last 4 weeks... and I'm still not done yet. On balance, when I emailed Dave and asked about the current lead times during the pandemic I was told 5 weeks... and negative reviews outstanding I do wonder whether I'd be better off. While I can't comment on the work done by DFO, remember that running a business is hard at the best of times, let alone in the middle of global pandemic. Honestly, I'm n
  4. This is not my work, but I saw this in the news today: https://astroanarchy.blogspot.com/2021/03/gigapixel-mosaic-of-milky-way-1250.html?m=1 It took 12 years, but the result is gorgeous
  5. The postman brought me this rather tasty 102mm f7 ED Refractor. Hot off the SGL classifieds. First light will have to wait until FLO ship my rowan bearing removal tool so I can get my EQ6 ready for action... and a cloud free night of course.
  6. I'm I'm the same boat as I've just bought a case. My local foam shop appears to offer CNC cutting so I might have a go at that. I don't trust myself to produce a decent result with a bread knife.
  7. I echo that sentiment. Her EQ6 guide has been an invaluable reference for me. I've saved some PDFs from web.archive.org but there are some images missing unfortunately. I hope so too.
  8. There is a download link to the exe on this page that seems to work. http://www.hitecastro.co.uk/index.php/support/item/hitecdcfocus2-software-download-version-1-3-copy.html
  9. Oh also worth checking what the PowerBox is rated for. Once you've added up to see what your draw is you might still need to power the mount separately.
  10. One of these: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/nevada-psw-30-25-30a-switch-mode-power-supply.html It depends what you are hoping to connect to it. Take a look at all your equipment and see what the current draw is. If it's more than 5A you'll need a bigger power brick. Above 10A you'll be looking at the ham radio type of power supplies linked above.
  11. Selling my 150P and EQ3-2 because my wife won't let me have both an imaging and observing set up.... and my heart lies with imaging. Bought from FLO new around 4 years ago. A great 150/750 newtonian (excellent reviews in the astro mags) that has served me well. The views of Venus and Saturn through this scope are breathtaking. Good condition. There is a a minor dent (1mm or less) in the tube but this is just cosmetic. Both mirrors are in good shape and working well when I tested it last week. Includes all original accessories, eyepieces and the 9x30 finderscope. £250 c
  12. You can get great widefiields shots with just a tripod, DSLR and 50mm lens! Even the 105mm will work. Likewise you can see a lot of the night sky with the naked eye... and more with a pair of binoculars. I' wish I'd learned that before I bought my first scope. Both those books have a lot of good info on that! My advice would be to see where you passion lies (AP or observing)and invest accordingly as an good beginner setup for each is quite different.
  13. Bought from FLO a few years ago and has seen minimal use. Much better quality than the original EPs that came with my scope. Includes: - 2x Barlow - 6mm,8mm,13mm,17mm,34mm plossls - Red, Green, light Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and Moon filters - Flight case and instructions £85 collection from outside Taunton. £90 posted Royal Mail Special Delivery
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