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  1. You were spot on. I worked out what was going on and I'm going to need a focus extension tube to make it work. Would have been helpful for RVO to know this, so I could have bought one at the time!
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I shall give it another go in daylight and see how I go.
  3. Last month I bought an Anteres Versascope 10 x 60 and a ZWO ASI120MM Mini to step in to the work of guiding... Cue several weeks of cloud. Tonight was the first clear night where I've had chance to set up so given the full moon I thought I'd give it go because I wouldn't be imaging anything. Anyway, installed PHP2 and SharpCap but I don't seem to be able to get anything out of the camera except shades of grey through white and for the life of me I can't work out what I doing wrong. So my question is, can someone talk me through a setup and how best to test this please?
  4. DanLXIX


    Various DSO's that I've attempted to image
  5. So I'm now planning to make the move to guiding, and I was hoping some of you may have experience of the kit options to help me make a choice. FLO have two options: Sky-Watcher EvoGuide 50ED Guidescope & ZWO ASI120MM - £290 ish Startravel-80 and ZWO ASI-120MM - £300-400 ish RVO have : Antares Versascope 10 x 60 & ZWO ASI120MM - £250 ish The Startravel is the largest and can be mounted piggyback or side by side so there is additional cost with mounting options but is the most powerful, the other two will sit in the guidescope mount which makes it easy to set up. I'm thinking the Antares is the better option as it is larger than the EvoGuide, has the twist lock adaptor and the prism, and is also the cheapest - but cost isn't the main factor. I was in RVO today and the Antares looks a nice piece of kit. Any thoughts and experiences?
  6. DanLXIX


    Solar system objects
  7. Is this still available? Can't find this on the web (looks like they no longer exist) so I'm wondering how it fits on the tube when it's on a mount?
  8. Brilliant, thank you. I can't remember what my t-piece is but I could get the Baader corrector and if it isn't compatible with mine then I could get this. Sounds like I'm about to spend some more money ?
  9. So is the distortion I'm seeing on the image coma and not field? Both those correctors need 55m back focus, and I think (and I'm not 100% on this) my D7100 is 46.5mm. Would that mean that I'd need a spacer in there too?
  10. This shot of Andromeda is my second imaging target, having first had 3 goes at Orion to try and improve each time. I made a few basic errors so I'll probably give the a second attempt to see if I can improve it. Looking at the image the distortion into the corners is quite noticeable, so would it be a good idea for me to invest in a field flattener? Are there any issues with using one that I would need to consider?
  11. Yes, I currently run my EQ5 mount and an auto-focuser off it. Amazon's couriers wouldn't let me send it back which is why they gave it me, however I have just found out that it can be sent via Royal Mail which will cost about £8.
  12. That's really useful, thank you. Going on that info I've been way too high on ISO.
  13. I would add to that I use one of these and one of these to run things off the jump start port, and it works perfectly and then leaves the switchable output free for other things
  14. Thanks for all the responses. This is the image that has got me thinking about the ISO and it does have quite a lot of noise in it so am I better backing off to say ISO400? Then is the compensation more light frames (this picture was (57x60sec), because I'm not guided at the moment so I'm probably not going to get much more than 60 second exposures without some trailing starting?
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