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  1. So is the best way to deal with this is not shoot the flats with a custom white balance, but shoot them in monochrome?
  2. I can easily correct this in camera - I just need to adjust the white balance so no post processing will be needed.
  3. WhiteCal sounds like the WB selector tool in Lightroom, which gives me the same results, so it looks like if I adjust the colour temperature in camera before shooting the flats I shouldn't have to do anything after.
  4. No, the camera is on the telescope. Is that not correct?
  5. I'm using the stuff in my signature with no filters. Looking at the histogram on the RAW file, the colour temperature is well off and I have to drag it right over to bring the histrogram back into line, so I don't know if that will cause any problems?
  6. I've just bought one of these light boxes to have a go at creating flats. Haven't used flats yet in the couple of attempts I've had and I know I really need them. I've just quickly done a test. I used the wrapping to diffuse the light and shot it in aperture priority at ISO800 (which is what I've been shooting at). Is this what a flat should look like or have I made a rookie error somewhere?
  7. DanLXIX

    First Deep Sky Pictures

    Yep, I know I need to start using flats - my next bit of the curve. I'm also aware I need to up the total exposure time so that means more of longer shots. I will keep trying on Orion seeing as I have something to build on.
  8. DanLXIX

    Tracing light box for flats

    Thanks, I might give it a try then. Is paper better than a white t-shirt? I like your mounting box - I'm going to borrow that idea
  9. DanLXIX

    Tracing light box for flats

    Does yours have a mesh on it, like this?
  10. So as I move along the learning curve I need to start creating flats to improve my stacking. I've seen the t-shirt method but I don't have the option to hang around for dawn to shoot them, so I was thinking about using an artificial light source alongside a shirt. Is anyone using a tracing light box like this one? They seem to have a mesh in them and I don't know if that will mess up the results.
  11. Over the last two nights I had my first go at a DSO. Last night was a tough one because I had a real struggle to get aligned so it was tracking poorly and it was windy. The result was less than satisfying. I spent some time today knocking up something to help the PA and had a second go this evening. I think the result is much better. Question is, can I improve on this without going guided, and if so what should I try? I shot 20 x 15s at ISO800 tonight. I used Sequator to stack them and Lightroom to post process.
  12. I balanced up my scope the other night with an eyepiece in but later that session switched to my DSLR and completely forgot about re-balancing it, probably because I'm using the Synscan app and once I've set up I don't like to touch the tube. What do others on here do to deal with the imbalance caused by switching to a camera? Am I better balancing for the camera as imaging needs better balance than viewing?
  13. DanLXIX

    Feedback Please

    I believe you are helping me spend money here
  14. DanLXIX

    Feedback Please

    All good points, and you've made me realise I balanced the scope prior to putting the camera on, so that won't have helped. I want to go guided, but I view this as learning the ropes so I want to see what I can do with the kit I've got before jumping ahead into a guided rig. I'm also not sure if the EQ5 with the 150PDS on might be a little overloaded with a guide scope as well and if so that's an expensive step up to a new mount .
  15. DanLXIX

    Feedback Please

    Brilliant, thank you. I'm going to have to learn this stuff properly.

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