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  1. Could it be done using "irfanview"?
  2. I'll conclude it was a ground sourced electrical event or unusual lightning event as there are no reports. I can't emphasise how bright it was, I even have a camera facing that direction but it's for live view not recording
  3. Hi Jonk, anything on your all sky cam 23:55 03/10/21?
  4. No idea what I saw as I only caught what seemed like a very bright flash in the sky towards the plough but it was bright enough to light up the surrounding area, I only caught it in my periphal vision by the time I looked in the correct direction I saw what initialy looked like a small lightning bolt then a flash, no noise at all. This could well have been a ground event and close to my house it lasted no more than a second, I did stare in the direction for a little time but didn't really think to look hard for a smoke trail . So if your in my area and have an all sky cam check your data.
  5. I did see that but I thought the 45 degree angle of the mirror may have drawn it down and under .
  6. I've never removed a secondary mirror but from memory I think I've read about using a guitar string or fishing line to saw/rasp behind the mirror....take that advice with caution
  7. Where that tiny grub screw is on the focus wheel in BinocularSky's images!!....I'm currently working on a pair very similar but I have 2 grub screws on the focus wheel, 1 is close to the objectives like the images above and the 2nd is closer to the occulars, if the grub screws have slipped you may have a similar problem to mine, it seems as though when foccusing they slip and expand until they bind up, try releasing the grub screw-s and see if you can wind the inner part back in. Looking at your 2nd posted image suggests the same have happened to yours.
  8. Hope you don't mind I had a little go with your image in Gimp. Duplicated the image and set the top layer to Multiply. Not a great difference but a little more colour and slightly reduced contrast/exposure.
  9. Mine look the same, the pair I have where left outside by the previous owners and where gifted to me, they cleaned up ok but not great. The views are still good.
  10. It's a good job I didn't finish on "Japanaese Swallow".
  11. I met a fella in a car park on Monday 2:45pm and bought some Japanese Swallow 15x80 binos (£20 bargain) literally as soon as i got out the car it started to spit rain.....drove home in biblical rain.
  12. Try a filter if you have any, you could use sunglasses/tinted film to reduce brightness as a test.
  13. If you imagine that through the night everywhere will cool then when the sun hits the roof in the morning there will be a temperature difference between the top of the metal roof sheeting and the underside this "may" cause some condenstaion on the underside but should burn away quickly if it's a hot day, another scenario at night time is that as you breathe your warm breathe will rise to the underside of the metal sheeting and condensate on the cold roof, good ventilation may be enough to minimise/stop it. Dramatic changes in temperature/moisture are the main culprits....your roof looks to be quite airy so see how it goes would be my advice.
  14. Not sure, using Nexremote if you right click the floating handset there is an "Always on top" option, there is a utility AutoHotkey which claims to give you that option on any window but I've never used it.
  15. From memory if you use Nexremote this info is automaticaly entered from your laptop/pc.
  16. My best lunar shot taken with a iphone 4s in panorama mode attached to an old 9" Darkstar dob.
  17. As someone else says above, your barlow may have a removeable lens cell...if so then unscrew it and see if it will screw directly onto your eyepiece barrel you may be able to gain focus then, what this will do is reduce the barlow effect from 3x to a lower factor. If you can gain focus on a roof/tree of in the distance and still have some inward travel you will probably also have the possibility of infinity focus.
  18. Correct, it only loads the firmware, I thought it might help troubleshoot your problem if you had the necessary cables. It does help in the way that if you run it from a PC you don't always have to enter time/date etc as it gets that info from your computer automatically.
  19. If you can connect the mount to a laptop or pc and use Nexremote you can load firmwares in a virtual enviroment. Not sure how helpful that info is for your problem! The lower video demostrates what I mean.
  20. I think a common mistake is contaminating a cloth/wipe with skin grease, I use disposeable gloves.
  21. Theres some discussion here, I don't own an spc so am not qualified to say much on the subject.
  22. I haven't done alot of testing, using a standard computar cctv lens I managed to get the image posted below...it's a live stack of around 30 seconds showing a little milky way structure and the Andromeda galaxy lower center. A quick attempt on the Orion nebula dissapointed but I think that could well be user related, I'm also testing a very inexpensive Samsung cctv camera for a wide field view that's giving fairly good results using the standard lens. I use a video grabber to connect it to laptop/sharpcap, the highest resolution is 720. Theres a few youtube videos using the scb 2000.
  23. I don't know tbh, you could try taking them to a hardware shop and seeing if they have something suibtable, I have no idea on the thread size all I can add is that it needs to be a fairly slim washer/nut and would benefit with some type of thin rubber washer between the binos and plate. Good luck. I'll have a check tomorrow and see if I have anything suitable...are they celestron 20x80's ?
  24. The part circled in red, this gives a bigger footprint for the binos to sit on the plate.
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