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  1. An inspiration and a Gentleman. R.I.P Bill
  2. RIP Kev. My sincere sympathy to Kev's family. Bill£
  3. Hi Alex, Another vote for the Maplins cases. I've got a couple for DSLR & lenses and astro eyepieces, etc. Never paid that much so watch out for the special offers - often half price ! HTH Bill £
  4. Great idea - will also stop for sale section turning into discussion threads and the many "I wish I had the money" or "I wish this came up last week as I've just bought a new one" type posts. Bill£
  5. Hi, I think we are spoilt for choice in our area. With your location in mind I'd be heading for Nayland, Dedham, etc. However, one SGL member used to image at Orwell park in full glow of Ipswich, Felixstowe and Harwich Docks!! Futher afield the world is your oyster - I am further North so often take binos out to Stradbroke, Eye areas. Some friends live at Otley near Woodbridge with no immediate neighbours - very jealous of their dark sky and Tal 2M !! Mersea is a good idea but if you get Bradwell 'B' then I expect the area will be lit up during construction - but that's a few years off yet? S
  6. Hi, I know of a few people who have been members and have spoken to the organiser (Roy) a couple of times. OASI tends to be a little "arm chair astronomy" orientated but they seem a nice enough bunch. Just don't count on spending your club night observing (that's if we ever get some more clear nights!) All the best Bill£ (in Woodbridge area)
  7. Me too Seedy - I've sent you a PM (Seedy's details say Hertfordshire)?
  8. As Brian says, the Clean Air Act in 1956 did a lot to remediate the air pollution in the UK (smog) and as other posts have stated, they are virtually non existent these days. Over fifty years later, you can look a lot closer to home to still find "smog levels" of aerial pollution ! EPA aims to tighten Bush-era smog rules - U.S. news - Environment - msnbc.com Bill£
  9. Thanks for posting Steve, I was also very sad to receive this news via the BAA. However, it has lightened my mood to see you back on SGL Bill£
  10. No worries M. Given the amount of work you and others are putting into this then I would say that it deserves consideration - sounds like a good idea to me. Bill£
  11. Bob was looking for definitions of such terms as focal length and eye relief. As you say, these are not abbreviations so I simply pointed him in the right direction. Bill£
  12. Glossary of Terms - Stargazers Lounge Check this out Bob. HTH Bill£
  13. If you copy and paste a generic section of the email into Google, you get this as the top hit. Astronomy Buy The section I copied and Googled was "I can recall that they informed me that they have more of these same" HTH Bill£
  14. Hi Andy, Welcome from me too (near Woodbridge, Suffolk) Cheers Bill
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