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  1. An inspiration and a Gentleman. R.I.P Bill
  2. RIP Kev. My sincere sympathy to Kev's family. Bill£
  3. Hi Alex, Another vote for the Maplins cases. I've got a couple for DSLR & lenses and astro eyepieces, etc. Never paid that much so watch out for the special offers - often half price ! HTH Bill £
  4. Great idea - will also stop for sale section turning into discussion threads and the many "I wish I had the money" or "I wish this came up last week as I've just bought a new one" type posts. Bill£
  5. Hi, I know of a few people who have been members and have spoken to the organiser (Roy) a couple of times. OASI tends to be a little "arm chair astronomy" orientated but they seem a nice enough bunch. Just don't count on spending your club night observing (that's if we ever get some more clear nights!) All the best Bill£ (in Woodbridge area)
  6. Me too Seedy - I've sent you a PM (Seedy's details say Hertfordshire)?
  7. As Brian says, the Clean Air Act in 1956 did a lot to remediate the air pollution in the UK (smog) and as other posts have stated, they are virtually non existent these days. Over fifty years later, you can look a lot closer to home to still find "smog levels" of aerial pollution ! EPA aims to tighten Bush-era smog rules - U.S. news - Environment - msnbc.com Bill£
  8. Thanks for posting Steve, I was also very sad to receive this news via the BAA. However, it has lightened my mood to see you back on SGL Bill£
  9. No worries M. Given the amount of work you and others are putting into this then I would say that it deserves consideration - sounds like a good idea to me. Bill£
  10. Bob was looking for definitions of such terms as focal length and eye relief. As you say, these are not abbreviations so I simply pointed him in the right direction. Bill£
  11. Glossary of Terms - Stargazers Lounge Check this out Bob. HTH Bill£
  12. If you copy and paste a generic section of the email into Google, you get this as the top hit. Astronomy Buy The section I copied and Googled was "I can recall that they informed me that they have more of these same" HTH Bill£
  13. Hi Andy, Welcome from me too (near Woodbridge, Suffolk) Cheers Bill
  14. Nice image John - not one we see very often ! According to SGL Member "Themos" that is the correct (ish) pronunciation. See the penultimate post on the first page of this thread: - http://stargazerslounge.com/primers-tutorials/52481-pronunciations-astronomy-terms.html I still pronounce it the same as you - the "rude" way Cheers Bill£
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