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  1. Arrived packaged in a manner of which I myself would be most proud, from the true giant among gents that is @Alan White
  2. I often find that 120x is most pleasing for Jupiter and Saturn. The view is great, and I always try more magnification, but most often I'll return to 120x to enjoy that less-magnified, but nicer, view. So based on my own experience, I'd suggest getting a 5mm first. That will make you happy and wanting even more...and when you eventually try something below 5mm, you may well find that you're glad you have the 5mm to fall back on most nights.
  3. This particular one is excellent and will bring luck and happiness to those it serves.
  4. PM sent (proposed partial trade for 7mm DeLite).
  5. Well, the best I can measure gives a result of 3.8 cm added to the path, perhaps 1-2 mm more. Not exactly compact...but, as stated, the added length is a feature for me, not an issue.
  6. Apologies for the delay. I will only be able to measure approximately (hopefully tomorrow), so I hope that will be of use. Alternatively, you could wind some narrow isolation tape around the eyepiece to fill in the undercut just enough (I understand if you don't want to do this, it's just a suggestion). I think other SGL friends have done similar things to solve this problem.
  7. I'm travelling abroad for a few more days; will do my best for you when I get back. Off hand, I assume the shortest light path would be obtained by just using the diagonal without any additional parts? Do you actually need the Baader bits? I need them to lengthen the path for use with my Borg refractor.
  8. Having used the Ercole and having read a few less than positive reports on SkyTees in the wild, I dearly wanted an AZ8 and have enjoyed it immensely. Thing is, I'm not convinced it actually does anything more than a SkyTee. Granted, the AZ8 will not fall apart - which is quite a boon for those who have gone through a few SkyTees - but if you do manage to find a good SkyTee and keep it in working order, the price of an AZ8 is very tough to justify...
  9. Excellent build quality and views, certainly the clearest, sharpest high-power views I've enjoyed. The eye relief somehow seems more than specified, so they're more comfortable in use than you might expect. The only real drawback for me is the FOV, which is important as I only use undriven AZ mounts. So when it came time to thin the herd, I let the HRs go in favour of Nagler Zooms and DeLites; views nearly as nice, with more FOV and/or flexibility in use. If I used a driven mount, it may have been a different story. If orthos are your thing, you'll absolutely love the HRs.
  10. Bump - a friend on SGL asked for the particulars concerning the use of a Baader adapter to lengthen the path and avoid using the Tak prism's clamping mechanism; I've edited my post above to share with anyone interested.
  11. It can... ...and it is. I always check Clear Inside before checking Clear Outside. So, permission granted to stay in, but feel free to join me / us outside tonight, if it may get your mind in a better place.
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